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The Best Solar Chicken Coop Lights to Get Ready For Winter

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar chicken coop lights

Winter can be a tough period for most chicken owners. The winter months bring with it shorter days and longer nights that could dissuade hens and lead to the lack of egg production.

Hence, to avoid ending up with empty crates and experiencing eggless breakfasts, one of the most effective solutions is to invest in the best solar chicken coop light.

In this article, we will cover some of the most top-picked brands and a list of the most trusted solar chicken coop light models for your reference.

There are numerous types of chicken coop light sold today; however, solar-powered chicken coop lights are deemed as the most practical and efficient option.

Hopefully, you’ll find our product reviews and shopping guides useful in making the most appropriate decision for your needs.


Best Overall

KK.BOL S-1200

✅ Rechargeable
✅ Sturdy and portable hook
✅ Long life


Premium Choice

 Afoskce Solar Powered Light

✅ Energy-saver
✅ Versatile & efficient
✅ Exceptional choice for various uses


Editor’s Pick

Flyhoom H70-S1

✅ Built with a USB input port
✅ Enables multipurpose use
✅ Ideal gift to give away


Top 8 Solar Chicken Coop Light Reviews

1. KK.BOL S-1200 Solar Led Light Bulb

  • Quantity: 12
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: 130LM
  • Color Temp: 6000-6500K
  • Cable Length: 3.5 meters

Are you looking for a high-quality solar lighting solution? This solar lighting for chicken coop heavily depends on solar energy which is why it can provide an endless and clean power source. Such a device consists primarily of a light source, solar panel, and battery. You can recharge it, and it won’t make your electric bill steep.

Many poultry owners prefer this model because it is superb at ensuring sufficient brightness. It is useful for different purposes such as night market lighting, home lighting, reading, emergencies, camping, cooking, blackouts, and working.

This solar-powered chicken coop light features long life expectancy, energy-efficient, rechargeable, and low power consumption attributes. Its power sources are home electricity charge and solar panel. It has all the essential features you look for in a solar lighting device.

What makes this option a smart purchase is that aside from lighting your chicken coop, it is particularly useful during emergencies and can be utilized as a night light or a torch. You can use this lamp anywhere by utilizing the hook to hang the lighting device.

This product is sold at a reasonable price. Even buyers with a limited budget can afford it. On the cons, while you can utilize this solar chicken coop light under any weather; it is not built as waterproof.
  • Long life expectancy and energy-efficient
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Designed with a sturdy and portable hook to ensure convenience
  • Adept at providing adequate brightness
  • Rechargeable and low power consumption
  • Not waterproof
Overall, this is your safest bet if you prefer solar lights for chicken coops that come with a long life expectancy, energy-efficient, rechargeable, and low power consumption.

2. Afoskce 130LM Solar Powered Led Bulb Light

  • Quantity: 2
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brightness: 130LM
  • Color Temp: 5500-6500K
  • Cable Length: 3.5 meters

If efficiency, versatility, and energy-saving attributes are a few of the features that you’re searching for in a solar-powered light for a chicken coop, this is the perfect bet for you. It includes a battery, light source, and solar panel. Besides using it to light up a chicken coop, you can also use this for several other purposes.

We find this item quite handy and convenient because it can also function as a mobile lighting lamp. Its size and capacity are adequate to produce a decent amount of light output. We no longer have a difficult time whenever we check the chicken coop at night and when harvesting eggs.

Not only that, this solar lighting device serves as our savior whenever there is a power outage in our area. Since this item is designed with environmentally-friendly build and functions, it is safe for everyone and it does not add any harm to our planet. We don’t even have to worry even when our kids use this solar light for their activities.

For the price, the kit is a reasonable purchase considering it comes in two packs. However, please take note that while the solar panel of this lighting device is built as waterproof, the LED solar bulb is incapable of resisting water.
  • Primarily comprised of a battery, light source, and solar panel
  • Can be utilized as a mobile lighting lamp
  • Exceptional choice for various uses
  • Provides a decent amount of light output
  • Versatile, efficient, and energy-saver
  • The LED solar bulb is not designed as waterproof.
By and large, we find this solar-powered chicken coop light practical for general uses. It is also safe for everyone to utilize and carry around.

3. Flyhoom H70-S1 LED Solar Camping Light Bulb

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brightness: 120-1200LM
  • Color Temp: 3000-5000K
  • Cable Length: 1.82 meters

If you haven’t found reliable and functional solar lighting indoors for a chicken coop yet, this alternative is a must-try.

This model allows multipurpose use. It is built with 4 distinct lighting modes that could satisfy different lighting needs. Users can select the mode they prefer through a remote, or an on and off button.

Also, this solar-powered chicken coop light is ideal for emergencies and camping activities. It comes in a small size, is designed with a USB port, compact, and easy to store in a backpack. There are two methods to charge this solar device: via USB cable or solar panel. This item can also serve as a unique gift to give away.

Such a solar chicken coop lamp is equipped with a highly efficient and waterproof solar panel. This is why the charging period is minimized for roughly 4 hours. This item can fit anywhere. Regardless of the weather condition, this solar light bulb can light up an area measuring 100 up to 150 square feet.

The bright illumination of this solar chicken coop light is reliable and lasts longer before it needs recharging. So, this helps users save more on electricity expenses. It comes with a hook, so you could hang it anywhere. Their remote control ensures the convenience of use as well.

On the other hand, you will need to purchase the USB cable for charging since this is not included in the kit once bought. In my opinion, this is an additional expense, but not a serious deal-breaker.
  • Built with a USB input port
  • Highly recommended for camping activities or emergencies
  • Equipped with a highly efficient and waterproof solar panel
  • Enables multipurpose use
  • A unique and ideal gift to give away
  • The kit does not include the USB cable.
Ultimately, this solar light with a timer is a great choice. Its bright illumination lasts for hours before it needs recharging.

4. AGPTEK SY-SYDJ032 Solar Powered Shed Light

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: PC, ABS
  • Brightness: 800LM
  • Color Temp: 5500K
  • Cable Length: 5 meters

Allowing a more effortless setup process, this solar-powered chicken coop light with timer is an outstanding pick for buyers who do not want to hire an electrician to install this solar lighting device. Such an alternative is equipped with superbly sturdy and powerful LEDs. This solar light can ensure maximum brightness if fully charged.

Likewise, you will be impressed by its remote control and auto mode functions. This shed light does not solely operate at dusk, but also functions in the daylight.

Switch it on and off using the remote control as you wish anytime. Meanwhile, the auto mode could automatically switch off during the daytime and switch on at sunset to light up dusky indoor and outdoor spots.

In like manner, you can adjust the brightness. This model offers multiple settings for the timer, and for dimming the light. In short, you can adjust the time and brightness as preferred. If you’re going to inspect this unit, its three-leaf style LED lamp is far larger compared to other bulbs.

Indeed, the light panel enables users to instantly modify the angle to tilt in the manner they prefer. You can also hang this solar shed light wherever light is required. Just ensure that the solar panel is placed where it could collect an ample amount of sunlight.

However, the minor glitch you can unveil when you start using this solar chicken coop light is that the nuts used on the solar panel are prone to get lost easily. So, you better handle them with extra caution.
  • Designed with adjustable brightness and convenient-to-use timer
  • Equipped with incredibly sturdy and powerful LEDs
  • Engineered with remote control and auto mode
  • Allows a more straightforward setup method
  • Built with three-leaf style
  • The nuts on the solar panel can be lost easily.
In general, you can consider this alternative as one of the best options given its versatile and practical features and functions that make the unit worth purchasing.

5. Afoskce Solar Light Bulb

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Brightness: 75-300LM
  • Color Temp: 5500-6500K
  • Cable Length: 3 meters

This chicken coop LED light with timer is a piece of cake to assemble and operate. We positioned the solar panel in a window for charging. It works great in that the light stays on for several hours with a full charge.

We find it specifically functional during power outages, outdoor camping, emergencies, home lighting, fishing, hiking, and many other applications.

Synchronously the charged bulb can be utilized as a mobile lighting lamp. This solar chicken coop light is more practical to utilize for cabins and it worked as a reliable sun-powered flashlight during one unfortunate incident we have experienced in the past. There are two ways to charge this lighting device: through the solar panel and USB cable.

This option is a good catch because it is reliable, functional, and safe to use. It’s certified by ROHS, CE, and FCC and is supported by a one-year warranty offer. Like other more expensive options, this version is designed with a lighting sensor function and four lighting modes. This makes it a more useful and convenient alternative to go for.

Equipped with a high-quality quality LED solar bulb and a remote timer, this item is a great investment that won’t fail in satisfying your expectations. It is shaped like a standard light bulb and comes with a diffuse that excellently spreads out the light.

The drawback of this solar chicken coop light is that it is not designed as waterproof. Hence, it’s unlikely to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Practical for various types of application
  • Designed with lighting sensor function and four lighting modes
  • ROHS, CE, and FCC certified with a one-year warranty
  • Equipped with top-quality LED solar bulb with remote timer
  • Charged by using USB cable and solar panel
  • The bulb is not waterproof.
This solar-powered coop light with timer is highly recommended for buyers who may require light in an area without a nearby power source.

6. SOLVAO SL260 Solar Motion Detector Light

You will be amazed at how functional and great for the money these solar-powered heat lamps for chicken coop are.

Featuring a well-enhanced design, the light this solar lamp gives off can sufficiently illuminate dusky spots. If you wish to catch sight of your pets outside at dusk, you only need to place this solar sensor motion light in your outdoors to solve that problem.

Even novices will find this solar chicken coop light quite easy to install and utilize. The installation process will only take a few minutes. It works instantly out of the box. We like its compact body, and its IP65 weatherproof rating allows you to remain worry-free even if you put the solar lighting device outdoors all year round.

The LEDs provide a suitable amount of light to light up dusky spots around your residence or backyard. This latest solar chicken coop light version comes with three modes: steady mode, dim sensor mode, and sensor mode (sunset to sunrise). It is good to note that the sensor modes can now stay on for roughly one minute.

This item’s motion sensor can guarantee more additional security. The well-improved PIR motion sensors can operate within 10 to 12 feet and start working as soon as movement is discerned. You can also install this solar lighting device along your stairs or steps to add more safety and motion detecting.

The minor gripe is that this item isn’t as bright as the SL160, but it can still provide sufficient lighting.
  • Comes with a compact body and IP65 weatherproof grade
  • Manufactured with more upgraded design to ensure more safety and security
  • Comes with 3 lighting modes
  • Plain sailing to install and operate
  • A great value for the money
  • Not as bright as the SL160
Primarily, this is a practical and affordable choice if you prefer to light up any other outdoor location that requires some bright illumination at dusk.

7. Kyson Indoor Solar Barn Lights

If you are fishing for a practicable DIY solar chicken coop light, this alternative won’t disappoint you. Its classic and stylish look does not only light up dark areas but can also add a more appealing appeal to where it’s installed. This solar lighting device can serve as an excellent accent light.

What convinced us to get this solar chicken coop light is its ability to guarantee portable and serviceable usage. It is our first time to get one for our chicken coop, and fortunately, we made the right choice. The pull cord and remote control allow a more effortless usage and operation for first-timers like us.

Please remember that you need to point directly at the housing of the device when using the remote control. Having a solar lighting device enables you to save more money as it does not require electricity. Using solar lighting solutions like this will certainly help preserve the environment.

Thankfully, the light is not extremely bright, but good enough to illuminate the inside of the chicken coop at dusk when we are closing it, and when collecting eggs. This shed light includes wall mounting tools required for fastening the solar panel. And, you can enjoy more versatile options where to install the unit.

One possible problem that you may encounter when using this indoor solar-powered chicken coop light is that cold weather conditions can intervene with the manner it operates.
  • Ensures more efficiency and eco-friendly means of lighting up outdoor areas
  • Comes with a pull cord for easy usage and remote control
  • Features a more stylish look that can embellish the area where it’s installed
  • Guarantees handy and serviceable usage
  • Can also serve as an accent light
  • Cold weather conditions can interfere with the light’s operation.
To sum up, this solar chicken coop light is not only efficient and stylish but also ideal for illuminating gloomy outdoor areas.

8. Lampelc TK562 Solar Lights Bulbs

Easy to set up and operate, this battery-powered chicken coop light is a good value for the bucks. The kit includes two top-quality solar-powered bulbs that come with a hook. The hook is meant to allow easy setup and you can hang it wherever light is needed. If necessary or preferred, you can also utilize it as a mobile lighting lamp.

Besides, this portable lighting lamp features a super sturdy build. Hence, it is durable enough to be utilized for 500,000 hours. Since it can combat stormy and rainy seasons, you won’t have any worries about having this solar lighting unit installed in outdoor areas. If you prefer just the right amount of brightness level, this option is for you.

We love how convenient and flexible this solar-powered bulb is. Apart from using it to illuminate the outdoors, position the solar panel where it could obtain sunlight, and from there, you could hang the light bulb inside your residence. The wire is long enough, measuring three meters.

Best of all, sized as a standard solar LED bulb, its brightness is at 110 lumens and contains 12 LED beads. The light will remain on for more than 48 hours if the battery is fully charged.

On the weak point, we noticed that the wires of the solar panel appear frail.
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Features a portable design that can be hanged easily
  • Can be used as a mobile lighting camp
  • Ensures good amount of brightness
  • Can withstand rainy or stormy seasons
  • The solar panel wires seem flimsy.
Generally speaking, this solar-powered bulb for a chicken coop is a smart purchase. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and holds a charge for several hours.
Outdated Products

AIYEGO YG-311SL Solar Lights Outdoor (Outdated)

With certainty, chicken owners prefer solar-powered chicken coop lights that are ideal for a broad array of uses. Fortunately, you can end your search now because this model is specifically designed for that. Moreover, its solar panel is durable and built with protective housing. You can fix it on a roof or somewhere with adequate sunlight.

Furthermore, this item allows two different charging methods. You can charge it either through a 5-8 Volt charger, or solar energy. To ensure reliable and continuous lighting time, fully charge the device for roughly six to eight hours. This way, you can utilize the solar bulb for more than seven hours.

Additionally, this model is manufactured with three dimmable modes: SOS flashing for 15 hours, half-brightness for 12 hours, and full brightness for 7 hours. It is also possible to use this solar bulb as a mobile lighting lamp.

Furnished with a metal carabiner hook, you can instantly hang this solar-powered bulb in tents, or wherever fitted. This item is made using ABS plastic material, so it is sturdy and shockproof. Likewise, it can resist scratch because the light cover is designed as frosted.

Nevertheless, this solar-powered chicken coop light appears not that stellar when it comes to holding up to various outdoor elements. This is probably because the lamp is not designed as waterproof.
  • Practical to use for a broad array of uses
  • Designed with 3 dimmable modes
  • Allows two different charging methods
  • Equipped with a metal carabiner hook
  • Solar panel comes with a protective housing
  • Seems not exceptionally holding up to outdoor elements
Assuredly, you won’t get disappointed investing in this LED chicken coop light. Built with amazing features and functions, it’s a practical lighting device to have.

Jior 1T2 Solar Pendant Lights (Outdated)

If you require a dependable battery-operated light timer chicken coop, this product is worth a try. Even if it is your first time installing a solar chicken coop light, this won’t give you a hard time. Since it is designed with IP65 waterproof grade, there is no reason for you to worry about terrible weather conditions.

Plus, this option appears more durable compared to other less waterproof-grade lights on the market. This solar lighting device does not require electricity. For a fact, the built-in shield circuit, as well as the actual capacity, can prolong battery life. Users can easily adjust the lighting direction to make the area brimmed with sufficient light.

This alternative consists of super bright 16 LED lights that can light up a vast area. Engineered with a well-improved solar panel, it can illuminate for at least ten hours. Built as a double head with a single battery, this is convenient to use. It comes with a long extension cord, so this could aid in several mounting options.

If you prefer a solar lighting device that is ideal for different indoor applications, this product is suitable for that. You can rest assured that there are no harmful lights, so your chickens can stay safe and healthy. The soft and mood-enhancing glow that the light emits can help your flock enjoy sufficient illumination.

Notwithstanding, this solar chicken coop light’s remote control does not have a far range. You nearly need to be right up on the light to control it. Luckily, this does not cause any serious problems when lighting up our chicken coop when necessary.
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Built with IP65 waterproof grade
  • Energy-efficient with a long-lasting battery life
  • Powerful enough to light up a large spot
  • Particularly ideal to use for different indoor applications
  • The remote does not have a distant range.
As a whole, this solar-powered chicken coop light is easy to set up, comes with a durable build, and reliable enough to provide illumination to a large area.

Viewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED Bulb (Outdated)

This solar chicken coop heat light is undoubtedly a versatile, reliable, and energy-efficient option. You can charge it in different methods: via USB device, power bank, and solar panel. In addition to this, it is even equipped with a superior-performing 18650 rechargeable battery that exceptionally executes its function.

Ideally, you won’t regret using this solar bulb when camping, barn and shed lighting, fishing, and other indoor or outdoor applications.

If you prefer to be guaranteed that your mobile light illuminates after a gloomy day, charge it by using a USB, a plug-in charger, or a power bank. Hence, you can enjoy a reliable and decent amount of light output.

This solar bulb is engineered with two brightness settings and one flashing setting. Surprisingly, it can last long for approximately four hours between charges. Aside from illuminating what needs to be lighted up, this solar lighting device can also decorate the area where you install it. More importantly, you can also rely on it during emergencies.

This top-quality solar-powered bulb comes with 3 LEDs that are superb at providing adequate brightness for indoor and outdoor uses. You can choose your desired mode according to the distinct types of activities by simply pressing the rubber button.

On the flip side, this solar chicken coop light is smaller than expected. We just assumed that the solar bulb is the standard type. It’s slightly smaller, roughly 2/3 the size, but luckily, it executes its functions quite well.
  • Charged via USB device, power bank, and solar panel
  • Equipped with a superior-performing 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Two brightness setting and one blinking setting
  • Versatile, reliable, and energy-efficient alternative
  • Recommended for emergencies, decorating, and illuminating indoors and outdoors
  • Smaller than expected
To conclude, this is one of the top-rated solar chicken coop lights. It allows different charging methods and is practicable to use for several different applications too.

Kyson Solar Powered Shed Light (Outdated)

With two working modes, this solar-powered outdoor light with timer is a must-have for poultry owners. Just press the auto button and this device will turn into light sensor mode. It charges in daylight and lights up automatically at sunset. Then, press the on button and the light will turn into a constant light mode.

Crafted using top-quality ABS and aluminum alloy materials, this solar lighting device can resist high temperatures and rust. Moreover, it can guarantee an extended service time. It is uncomplicated to set up wherever you prefer. And, since it is purely powered by solar energy, there is no wiring required.

Besides being an energy-saver, this is also designed with IP65 waterproof grade. Thus, it is solid enough to be used outdoors regardless of rugged weather conditions. It won’t only provide an appropriate amount of lighting; it could also accentuate your indoor and outdoor areas. You’ll love how convenient, flexible, and versatile it is to use.

You can utilize the remote control and switch function to switch the solar light on and off, set lighting time within three meters, and adjust the brightness. You can freely adjust dimmable light levels to ensure the most suitable illumination for your application.

Nevertheless, it would have been better if the kit comes with easy-to-understand instructions on how to control the remote. Other than that, this option works perfectly fine for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Engineered with two working modes
  • Features solid construction and uncomplicated setup process
  • Works excellently for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Energy-efficient with IP65 waterproof grade
  • Equipped with convenient switch and remote control functions
  • Unclear instructions on how to control the remote
This solar-powered chicken coop light is the best bang for the money. Designed with practical features and functions, it can offer you an adequate amount of lighting wherever you require.

Should You Put a Light in Your Chicken Coop


People choose to raise chickens because they are smooth sailing to fetch up, are considered high-yielding livestock, and can ensure more notable economic efficiency.

Regardless, there is a need to invest in a few types of essential equipment for their healthy growth and development. Investing in a chicken coop light is one of the devices that you need to look into.

Chicken coop lights do not solely provide light for the chicken coop, but they also help your flock impede the attack of predators at night time.

Primarily, lighting the chicken coop at dusk is even more crucial since this is the period when dangerous predators do most of their activities. Lighting up the barn at sunset is a great means to safeguard your chickens from lurking eyes around.

In addition to this, solar chicken coop lights are eco-friendly and cost-effective options. They are energy-saving devices, so they won’t increase your electric bill. Such devices last longer compared to other electric lights. And, they merely require low maintenance.

Besides, they are safe for the environment since they don’t require you to utilize a conventional power source. You see this greatly minimizes carbon emissions; thus, you can share your part in reversing climate change on our planet.

Fundamentally, using solar energy also helps educate the younger generation of its significance in preserving the earth.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Chicken Coop Lights


Before purchasing any lighting device for your chicken coop, it is highly suggested to research it carefully to avoid wasteful and faulty investments.

If you buy hastily without giving it much thought, you’re more likely to end up with unsatisfactory results.

To assist you to get the best solar chicken coop light option for your flocks, we have prepared some shopping tips for you.

Here are some of the solar-powered chicken coop light buying factors you need to think through:

Capacity of the solar chicken coop light

First and foremost, take in mind that if you pick a lamp with a capacity too small for the chicken coop area, this would require buying a few other lights to ensure sufficient lighting for your chicken coop.

In the same way, a lamp that comes with too much power compared to a chicken coop can be a wasteful investment too.The capacity of the battery

It is necessary to check out the battery capacity of the lighting device.

Note that a sun-powered chicken coop light requires operating all night, so you must ensure that the battery lasts at least 8 hours.

You’ll end up regretting it in the end if you don’t pay attention to the lighting device’s battery capacity.

It is worth noting that a large battery capacity does not solely allow the device to work the entire night, but also helps make the device more stable.

The time it takes to fully charge

You also need to inspect the length of time the lighting device takes to fully charge. Please be guided that the average period that the solar chicken coop light takes to fully charge generally amounts to 8 hours.

Take note that this charging period relies on the device’s battery capacity; however, avoid picking options with charging time longer than the average.

Moreover, the charging period hinges on the intensity of sunlight exposure. This implies that it would charge quickly on a sunny day than it would on a gloomy day.

Flexible features

A solar chicken coop light typically does not have a long power cord. This is the reason why it is uneasy to set up flexibly. Then, what do we mean by flexibility here?

It refers to the device’s lightweightness and compactness, so it would be easier to move or hang up.

The flexibility feature of the device is also manifested in its lighting mode. Check out if it enables you to alter the light intensity to fit your lighting requirements.

Other additional unique features

What sets solar chicken coop light apart from other lighting devices are their excellent features. This is what will motivate buyers to decide to select among different products. Of course, the option that is designed with more useful and sterling features will win.

It is essential to select a device that is made with distinct lighting modes, activity sensor, timer function, a signal light, etc.

What is the Top-rated Light for a Chicken Coop

Countless chicken experts have revealed that red lights are the most outstanding means to light a chicken coop. The concept here is that the gentle light of a red bulb significantly aids in keeping the flock calm.

Did you know that hens do not perceive red light as daylight? This conveys that adding this light to your chicken coop won’t work for boosted egg production.

Since it is not perceived as daylight, your chicks can be exposed to red light 24/7 without any harmful effects. Studies have uncovered that red lighting inhibits chickens from distinguishing wattles and combs, this aids in warding off cannibalism and hen-pecking.

While these are unfounded, the probable upsides might dominate the potential adverse effects particularly because red light won’t have the other effects on chickens than white lighting devices have.

Do Chickens Need a Light in Their Coop at Night

Poultry owners can wield the egg-production cycle to bolster egg production in their flocks by providing artificial lighting in chicken coops.

Keep in mind the supplemental lighting must be set at a low-intensity level. The lighting must be applied in the morning hours so that chicks naturally perch.

Additionally, the lights must be situated above waterers and feeders. It is also necessary to have a few spots in the chicken coop that are shaded from the light.

Essentially, the type of bulb that you utilize to provide artificial light is a vital consideration to ponder on.

LED bulbs are ideal options because they are more energy-saving compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs even though they are more expensive.

Apart from these, they are more dependable in cold weather seasons compared to most fluorescent bulbs.

Please bear in mind that the consistency of light is quite critical. If you decide to manually turn the artificial lights on and off rather than purchasing a timer, make sure that you do this at the same time on a daily mode.

There’s no denying that light is a substantial factor for hens to produce eggs; nonetheless, utilizing supplemental lights is a personal decision.

Some poultry owners select a bulb to obtain a steady supply of eggs throughout the winter, while some prefer eggs as their seasonal food.

Whether to light your chicken coop or not, the decision is yours. Just keep in mind that the ideal lighting is 12 to 16 hours of light a day.


In conclusion, light is not merely required for lighting up the dwelling space of your chickens. This device is also intended to vitalize their egg-producing ability.

Not to mention, solar power is an innovative invention that is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient in the long run.

To help you find the best solar chicken coop light, this post has listed various types and styles of solar-powered lights designed for small and large chicken coops.

Surely, choosing the right option for you can be pretty easy if you consider the aforementioned buying factors. Are you ready to give it a shot? Purchase one for your chickens and see the difference!

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