About us

Avasolar provides users with professional advice in choosing renewable energy solutions. With years of experience in the field, we, as a team, put together guides and reviews on the best products that ensure mechanical and electrical sufficiency.

We are committed to solve the problems of every buyer and provide only the truthful suggestions. Get to know us and explore our accumulated information to get the best support.

Meet Our Team


Jesus Fussell (Founder)

As the founder of the Avasolar team, I aspire to solve the problems for households in selecting, installing, and utilizing solar mechanical devices. 

I have been working in Solar Engineering for eight years, and it’s a delight to see more and more people opt for solar-powered products to protect the environment. We can expect this to be a growing trend on an international scale. So I feel the urge to put my knowledge to good use and share it with people who want to make a change.    

With other two dedicated members in the Avasolar Team, you can rely on us to get honest and well-informed reviews on solar-powered devices. 


Brad Nehring (Content Production)

I am Brad Nehring from Avasolar, with three years of experience in content design for various websites. 

After settling with the team, I am in charge of developing and creating all blog sports for Avasolar. To deliver great content that meets readers’ demands, I intend to do thorough research on the current market. My purpose is to find out the best service and products in the myriad of choices available.

We build the knowledge on the solar-powered device using the experiences in the solar engineering field, thorough research, testing, and buyers’ opinions. Hopefully, in the progress of developing our content, we will receive much feedback from readers to further improve the content quality.  


Kathleen Miller (Staff Writer/Reviewer)

I am Kathleen Miller, staff writer and reviewer of the Avasolar team. Working with the team has been a pleasure for me so far, as I can join with two experienced people in the field and support them to produce quality content. In addition, I hope to bring readers useful information by creating detailed and easy-to-follow contents.

All the guides provided here are also the result of my thorough research, consulting the opinions of both professionals and consumers. After all, no one knows better about the products than the one who actually utilizes them. So hopefully, such effort can provide you with the necessary help in selecting and installing and operating solar products with much joy and ease. 

If you have any further information and feedback, you can send any suggestions and comments about this website via contact page.