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The Best Solar Heat Lamps for Your Winter Coop Problems

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar heat lamps

The best solar heat lamps are the most suitable option whenever you prefer to keep your poultry or pets warm at dusk without spending lavishly.

Although most buyers perceive solar-powered lights as inept as dim lights, the truth is the opposite. They are more energy-efficient, eco-friendly and can ensure consistent and reliable lighting where needed.

Most solar heat lights are capable of offering superb brightness. Hence, they can serve as excellent solar heat lamps for dog houses and chicken coops that might require lighting and external heat at dusk.

In this article, we aim to help you make the best selection among the chart-topping solar heat lamps available on the market today.

Please take a closer look at our top choices and carefully compare each product’s essential features, advantages, and disadvantages. The list we prepared below includes the top-rated solar-powered heat lamps.


Best Overall

KK.BOL S-1200

✅ High-quality lithium battery
✅ Extended lifespan & energy-efficient
✅ Adept at supplying sufficient brightness


Best Value

Bemexred Solar Lights Outdoor/Indoor

✅ Easy to install
✅ IP65 waterproof grade
✅ Guarantees extended service time


Most Budget-Friendly

JACKYLED Solar Powered Lamps

✅ Well-improved contemporary design
✅ Environmentally-friendly
✅ Built with an upgraded solar panel


Top 3 Solar Heat Lamp Reviews

1. KK.BOL S-1200 Portable Solar Led Light Bulb

  • Material: ABS
  • Color Temp: 6000-6500K
  • Work Time: 4-5 hrs
  • Brightness: 130 lumens

This great little solar powered heat lamp for chicken coop can ensure lots of light. It is small yet it is functional for various uses, such as for outdoor activities and emergencies. We find it so convenient to utilize when blackout, and it is practical to be utilized as a night light or torch.

It is furnished with a portable hook for more convenient use.

As you might already know, solar lighting solutions are eco-friendly, dependable in supplying a continuous supply of power, and helps you save more on electricity costs. This solar-powered light bulb comes with 12 pieces of 2835 LED beads. And, the system is primarily composed of a high-quality lithium battery, light source, and solar panel.

If sufficient brightness is your priority, this is worth a shot. This item can be used practically anywhere with the aid of a portable hook. The hook makes it easy to hang the lamp where light is required.

We find this useful not only for outdoor lighting but also for household lighting.

As for portability, convenience, and multipurpose use, this version is first-rate. Apart from this, it is built with an extended lifespan, designed as rechargeable, and guarantees low power consumption.

Be that as it may, while this solar-powered heat lamp can be safely utilized in any type of weather, it is not designed as waterproof. Hence, if you intend to use it outdoors, extra caution is required.
  • Can be practically utilized anywhere using a portable hook
  • Primarily composed of high-quality lithium battery, light source, and solar panel
  • Guarantees portability, convenience, and multipurpose use
  • Adept at supplying sufficient brightness
  • Extended lifespan, low power consumption, energy-efficient, and rechargeable
  • Can be utilized in any weather; however, not rated as waterproof
Overall, this solar powered heat lamp for greenhouse is reasonably priced, dependable, and convenient to use. It’s definitely worth the price and ideal for various uses.

2. Bemexred Solar Lights Outdoor/Indoor

  • Material: ABS, Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Color Temp: 6000-6500K
  • Work Time: 18 hrs
  • Brightness: 500 lumens

What makes this solar powered chicken coop heat lamp a great deal is that it can guarantee an extended service time. This shed light can run for more than 18 hours so long if fully charged for over 8 hours.

It is furnished with a high-quality 4400mAh rechargeable battery that also works dependably to ensure continuous lighting where needed.

This solar pendant light can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, like for the balcony, yard, garden patio, and chicken coop. Such a shed light is incredibly durable with IP65 waterproof grade and comes with an outstanding rust resistance feature.

This option is also smooth sailing to install. All you need is to fix the fixture and affix the panel to the areas where it could collect more sunlight. Linked with waterproof connectors, you can instantly install and remove this metal pendant light. The kit comes complete with mounting hardware required for affixing the solar panel.

Furthermore, users can adjust the brightness level: 50%/75%/100%. The powerful LEDs brightness is similar to that of a 50-Watt incandescent light. Since its energy source is the energy coming from the sun, you won’t need to spend extra on electric bills.

However, it would have been better if the manufacturer provides clearer instructions when operating this product, specifically where to point the remote control to operate. Strangely, the shed light does not function during daylight hours in a cloudy shed unless the solar panel is wrapped with an opaque cover.
  • Guarantees extended service time
  • Reliable for many different uses with IP65 waterproof grade
  • A piece of cake to set up and perfect for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Adjustable brightness to help conserve more energy
  • Includes a wall mounting kit for affixing the solar panel
  • Requires an opaque cover to work during daytime hours in a dusky shed.
As a whole, this battery powered heat lamp for chickens is easy to install, great for multiple applications, and does a great job of conserving energy.

3. JACKYLED Solar Powered Pendant Lamps

  • Material: ABS, PC Plastic
  • Color Temp: 6000K
  • Work Time: 6-10 hrs
  • Brightness: 260 lumens

For those planning to buy a solar powered heat lamp for reptiles, you can add this option to your list. This solar-powered pendant light is made with a well-improved solar panel with instant charging capability and can ensure a higher conversion rate.

This version, with a 5500mAh large battery capacity, can illuminate for roughly 10 hours when fully charged.

As you can see, this solar-powered pendant light features a well-enhanced contemporary design with a dual lamp. The body of the lamp and the solar panel are designed separately; therefore, one solar panel can link the two lamps. This showcases practicality.

The black retro metal lampshade and the elegant design also make this item a great catch for shoppers.

Sure thing, buyers prefer eco-friendly, multipurpose, and economical choices. So, this item is perfect for you. You can set it up in indoor or outdoor areas where you need or prefer to add sufficient lighting. This solar pendant light also works excellently in heating and lighting up your pets, poultry, or other animals.

You will also be impressed at how durable the overall construction of this solar lamp is. It comes with an IP65 waterproof grade, making it an all-weather-ready item to go for. It is not prone to premature aging, can resist heat, and sturdy enough to withstand rugged elements outdoors.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a solar heat lamp that is designed with a motion-sensing function and remote control, this alternative does not have all those features.
  • Built with an upgraded solar panel
  • Can be installed in areas where you need adequate lighting
  • Environmentally-friendly, multipurpose and economical choice
  • Engineered with incredibly durable built with IP65 waterproof grade
  • Features well-improved contemporary design with dual lamp
  • Not designed with motion-sensing function and does not come with a remote control
In general, this product is a worthwhile investment because of its durability, well-upgraded features, and cost-effectiveness.
Outdated Products

FEIFEIER ZSJH0355/ZSJH0357 Solar Light Blubs (Outdated)

This solar powered heater for chicken coop is dependable and ideal to use for several indoor and outdoor applications.

It is built with a highly efficient solar panel and powerful 3600mAh batteries that can ensure a long working time. If you want an item that’s effortless to set up, flexible and energy-saving, you don’t need to search further.

This solar-powered heat lamp does not require electricity to operate. It comes with a separate switch for each lamp for manual on and off function. Hence, there is no need to supervise it since it automatically switches on at sunset and switches off at sunrise.

You can switch it on at night and switch it off at daylight automatically if you especially require lighting the bulb during the daytime. Just make sure that you cover the solar panel with black cloth. Best of all, this shed LED light bulb’s lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours, making it a smart investment worth considering.

The delighting news is that this alternative does not limit your use, you can also use it for the garage, barn, chicken coop, balcony, stairs, patio, greenhouse, yard, and storage shed. Likewise, it can be your companion when fishing and camping.

Please note that although the connecting cable and solar panel can be waterproof, it is not advisable to utilize them underwater.

On the flip side, this solar-powered shed light seems merely practical for small spaces or rooms. If you intend to use it for larger areas, probably, you need to buy more of them.
  • Built with highly efficient solar panel and powerful 3600mAh batteries
  • Reliable and practical to utilize for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Switches on at sunset and switches off at sunrise
  • Product lifespan is roughly 50,000 hours
  • Straightforward to install, flexible, and energy-saving
  • Appears beneficial to use for small spaces or rooms
Lastly, if you opt for a battery-powered heat lamp for chickens that are super bright and equipped with a battery that does not fail being charged even on cloudy days; this is a smart alternative to consider.

AIYEGO YG-311SL Portable Solar Lights Outdoor (Outdated)

For buyers looking for a solar heat lamp for dog houses, this option can serve that purpose. It is quite handy and can be used as a mobile lighting lamp. This comes in ideal size, is portable, easy to store, and even designed with a shockproof feature. Compared to other similar alternatives on the market, this is priced right.

Also, this model is built with three dimmable modes. You can enjoy 7 hours of full brightness, 12 hours of half brightness, and 15 hours of SOS flickering. As for charging methods, you can charge this product via a 5-8 Volt charger or solar energy. The maximum brightness of the bulb is equivalent to a 3-Watt incandescent lamp.

To ward off oxidation, the PCB pad is wrapped with tin solder. It is also equipped with a metal hook where you can instantly hang the solar-powered bulb in the tents or into your bag when camping, hunting, or hiking.

Crafted using durable ABS plastic material, this option is shockproof, and the light cover is frosted, so it isn’t prone to get easily scratched.

On the weak point, this solar bulb appears not the most suitable alternative for lighting up large areas brightly. Even so, it works excellently as a solar powered heat lamp for goats. If you intend to use it for small areas, it will work fine.
  • Guarantees continuous & effective lighting time if fully charged
  • Manufactured with two different charging techniques
  • Can be utilized as a handy and mobile lighting lamp
  • Portable, easy to store, and shockproof
  • Designed with three dimmable modes
  • Seems not ideal for lighting up large areas
In a nutshell, this product works fine in illuminating small animal coops and is ideal as a mobile lighting lamp. It is so handy that you can take it with you anywhere.

LOZAYI YL008-1 Solar Lights Outdoor (Outdated)

This lightweight and adjustable solar panel heat lamp is perfect for outdoor use and chicken coops. It is easy to install and hang anywhere light is required. But, you need to ensure that the solar panel is positioned in a spot and angle where it could obtain more sunlight.

Additionally, this solar-powered heat lamp is equipped with a top-quality 3.7V/2000mAH lithium battery and a two-core Edison light bulb.

As for its built, it is made with a durable stainless steel lampshade and is shielded with an IP65 waterproof rating. So, it seems to last for a long-standing use and safe to use outdoors, regardless of the weather condition.

Designed with an auto on and off switch and light control functions, it requires minimal supervision. You can turn it off manually by switching off the switch on the back portion of the solar panel if you don’t prefer the light to be on an entire night.

This solar lamp can also serve as a gazebo light, path light, and backyard light.

Aside from being used as a heat lamp for our chicken coop, this item works wonders when we have events at home. It can accentuate light for more color and enjoyment during special gatherings with family and friends. When the battery is fully charged, it could endure 16 hours of superb brightness lighting.

On the cons, we were surprised to see that this solar heat lamp is smaller in person. It is about the size of a cereal bowl. Luckily, it performs well and does not fail in providing the necessary lighting and heating for our chicken coop.
  • Built with an easy-to-adjust solar panel
  • Lightweight and ensures an easy installation process
  • Equipped with a 3.7V/2000mAH lithium battery and two-core Edison light bulb
  • Comes with IP65 waterproof rating and stainless steel lampshade
  • Designed with on and off switch and light control function
  • Smaller than expected
In summary, this solar power heat lamp is small but mighty. We are amazed at its capability to diffuse a sufficient amount of light.

LISOPO LED0023 Solar Remote Control Lights (Outdated)

If you think that a solar powered heater for shed is a great investment, give this option a try. This is highly recommended for outdoor camping light, emergency light, and for lighting and heating animal coops.

What’s more, for an eco-friendly version with clean and continuous energy sources, low power usage, and can be used for several purposes, this is a perfect choice. This offers two methods for charging, such as placing the solar panel towards the sun or using the primary AC power.

We find this 22 LED solar heat lamp practical for camping, hiking, or when there is a power outage. It did not fail us during emergencies, and we could see that it seems built to last. Equipped with a hanging hook and a long cord, you can easily and conveniently install it wherever you like.

Other best applications for this solar heat lamp include horticultural lighting, commercial lighting, and home lighting. Interestingly, the charged bulb can be utilized as a mobile lighting lamp.

This product is second to none for its capability to offer superior performance for multiple purposes. So, it is not a waste of money if you invest in this item. It is not even expensive as other similar options.

The minor gripe is that the remote control comes with two buttons. But, I am wondering if it is for when both buttons do the same thing. The remote for one light functions on both lights. Well, anyway, what matters the most is that this does not affect the solar heat lamp’s performance.
  • Ideal to use as an outdoor camping light, emergency light, and for animal coops
  • Offers environmentally-friendly, continuous and clean energy source
  • Rechargeable, low power usage, energy-efficient, and long lifespan
  • Two options for charging
  • Equipped with a hanging hook for easy and more convenient placement
  • The two buttons in the remote control execute the same thing.
By and large, this is one the top-tier solar powered heat lamps since it is eco-friendly, energy-saving, ensures consistent performance, low power consumption, and superb brightness.

AMORNO L01 Solar Adjustable Led Shed Light (Outdated)

Are you in search of a suitable solar powered heat lamp for pigs? This solar shed light is worth considering.

It is a breeze to install. Remember to check the indicator arrow of the connector cable when you set it up. If the connector isn’t properly connected, this might not activate the light to work. This solar heat lamp charges at daylight and lights up automatically in the dusk.

Indeed, designed as rotatable and adept at ensuring extended operating time, this version is a practical companion. The panel is rotatable at 270-degrees and is capable of taking in an adequate amount of sunlight at different angles with a superior solar power energy conversion rate.

As long as it is charged for 7 hours under extreme sunlight, it can work for approximately 16 hours at dusk.

This solar-powered shed light is convenient to utilize both for indoor and outdoor applications. The warm solar lights come with a 3-meter extension cord that enables users to utilize them in various indoor and outdoor areas or during special gatherings and events. Plus, it is engineered with a premium quality 2200MAH solar-charged battery.

It seems sturdy enough to stand the test of different weather conditions. The shed light is designed with an IP65 waterproof grade, so you’ll have no worries even if there is heavy frost, storm, or heavy rains in your area. Best of all, there are five distinct brightness for you to select from, such as 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

Regardless, the remote control works strangely. Sometimes, it is reliable; sometimes it is the other way around. It appears not intended for extended and rugged use.
  • Designed as rotatable with an extended working time
  • Features easy-to-adjust brightness using the remote control
  • A cinch to set up and operate
  • Built with super sturdy overall construction with IP65 waterproof rating
  • Equipped with warm shed lights and top-quality 2200MAH solar charged battery
  • The remote control seems not meant for long-lasting use.
To wrap up, this solar-powered shed light is a sterling choice in terms of durability, easy installation, and excellent features.

Uponun-SPL Dual Head Solar Pendant Light (Outdated)

Check out the amazing features of this premium-quality solar powered heating pad. This double head solar-powered pendant light can create a more soothing and pleasant atmosphere wherever you install it. You can use it for several different purposes, such as illuminating barns, sheds, and for special occasions.

This solar indoor and outdoor light is equipped with dual lamps. You can install them together to sufficiently light up indoor and outdoor areas.

It comes with two extension cords or you can separate them into distinct areas depending on your preference or requirements. The pendant light can be hung anywhere, while the solar panel can be fastened on a wall or a roof.

Users can instantly shift between warm white and cool white color by simply pressing the remote control. The solar-operated pendant lights switch on at dusk and switch off automatically at daylight. This option is famous for allowing users to adjust the timing, color, and lighting brightness.

The aluminum casing and IP65 waterproof grade make this item resistant to frost, water, and heat.

As for the price, this product might not be ideal for buyers with a limited budget. Anyhow, it is still a great option since it is supported by a lifetime warranty offer.
  • Designed as double head and capable of supplying sufficient brightness
  • Comes with an IP65 waterproof grade and includes a smart remote control
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty offer
  • Good for lighting up barns, sheds, or can be used during special gatherings
  • Built with switchable dual-color design
  • Priced higher than other brands
To conclude, this solar heat lamp is one of the best options available nowadays. What we love most about it are its adjustable color, timing, and lighting brightness.

Crybeno SL001 Solar Sensor Lights Outdoor (Outdated)

Are you still fishing for a gilt-edge solar powered heat lamp for dogs? If yes, you can stop your search now. This solar-powered wall light is equipped with a 360-degree adjustable panel and three operation modes. It does not fail in delivering superb illumination to ensure a secure and safe environment.

The ingenious motion sensor and optical control features of this solar wall light are superb. It lights up any area for roughly 10 hours at dusk, and it charges for approximately 6 hours in the daytime automatically.

The integrated motion sensor can be activated by vehicles, humans, and animals. The motion detecting distance is about 3 to 5 meters, while the sensing angle is 120-degrees.

Crafted using superbly durable and top-quality materials, this solar wall light can combat heat, frost, and water. Hence, you can be at peace knowing it can operate without any trouble in all types of severe weather conditions. This item is also furnished with 100 LED beads that make it brighter compared to other solar lights available at present.

This energy-saving split wall light comes with a 16-feet extension cord, which is designed as waterproof making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor application. This model is deemed as more convenient compared to integrated wall lights. It comes with separated and integrated installation methods, so it enables you to set the solar panel up where it could absorb more sunlight.

For all that, it is highly suggested to look for this item online because it is sometimes unavailable in local stores. Check out Amazon to ensure that you won’t run out of stock.
  • More convenient to use compared to an integrated wall light
  • Equipped with a 360-degree adjustable panel and three operation modes
  • Designed with innovative motions sensor and optical control
  • Allows two separated and integrated setup methods
  • Engineered using durable and premium quality materials
  • Sometimes unavailable in local stores
With certainty, this solar wall light is an unrivaled option due to its amazing features and functions that you won’t find in other similar products.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Heat Lamps


When purchasing the best solar heat lamp, there are several features and functions to look for. Keep in mind that this product specifically exploits energy coming from the sun; however, it might have an alternative option, like a battery backup.

This means that it is necessary to figure out how much heat is diffused from the lamp before you come up with your final buying decision. Take note that you’re purchasing the product for a particular purpose, such as to keep your plants, poultry, or pets warm.

Thus, it is a must to ensure that the solar-powered heat lamp you pick gives off the appropriate amount of heat.

Here are some of the solar-powered heat lamps buying factors you need to look into:

Battery Backup

There are solar heat lamp models that are built with a battery backup. The concern remains that when you have a heat lamp, it is more aptly to be required all through the day and night.

For instance, on sunless days, the solar panel might not have accumulated sufficient power to operate the lamp the entire dusk.

But, if your device comes with a battery operation feature, it would run on the battery when there has not been adequate sunlight.


Solar heat lamps are manufactured with different options and styles. In the same way, you can find various lighting alternatives like carbon infrared lighting, halogen bulbs, and LED lights.

Oftentimes, you could also find a long strip lamp that allows being tightened into place with the aid of an electrical cord that runs to the solar panel strip. This is installed on the exterior section of the building or your residence.

Alternatively, there are also stand-alone versions of solar heat lamps. The above portion of the device collects solar power, while the light is underneath and heats whatever is beneath it.

Meanwhile, the solar heating lights have an appearance similar to spotlights. They can be hanged from a nearby bar or ceiling. This way, you could direct the heat and light on a specific item.

This version functions better if you have one or a couple of baby chicks in a tiny space. Your chicks will have the freedom to move around, and they could also walk out of the heat or walk back into it, if necessary.

Additionally, there are available motion-detected solar-powered heat lamps. Such versions are useful if you wish to keep your animals or pets warm.

If your pets move out of the area of light, the lamp turns off to save power and automatically switches back on if an animal comes back into that area.

Nonetheless, please note that motion-detected heat lamps might not be the most suitable option. This is because animals do not often move at dusk since they are asleep.

Hence, they might get too cold since the lamp turns off when it does not discern any movement.

Remote Controls

Many solar heat lamp options are designed with remote control.

This is a beneficial feature if you don’t always prefer the lamp to be running or heating the area.

However, it is highly suggested to point out how remote you could be while still utilizing the remote control.

The reason behind this is because the remote system is not engineered to be utilized more than a few yards away.

Other Vital Considerations

It is crucial to ascertain where the solar heat lamp will be utilized. If you consider utilizing the device outdoors, you will require a waterproof model.

And, if you plan to move the solar-powered heat lamp around depending on the season, then you’ll need an option that is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to remain upright in the area you have selected.

Can a Solar Panel Run a Heat Lamp


Yes. Solar-powered heat lamps are lighting systems that consist of solar panels, charge controllers, LED lamps, and batteries, some of them might also be equipped with an inverter. The lamp runs on electricity from the batteries, charged through solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Run a 1500 Watt Heater

To know how many solar panels to utilize to run a 1500-watt heater, it is important to determine the usage hours and how many hours you run the heater.

For example, you are utilizing the heater for three hours a day. First, convert the watts into energy by multiplying 1,500-watt by 3 (hours per day). That’s going to be 4,500.

Then, divide the total energy by sunshine hours (note that this pertains to the number of hours the sun diffuses energy)

For instance, the sunshine hours in your location amount to 9 hours. So, 4,500 (watts) divide it by 9 (hours) = 500.

If you prefer to put a 100W panel or something higher than this, the decision is yours. But, for this example, we will use 100W panels.

So, that’s 500 divided by 100= 5 panels are required to run a 1,500W heater.

When computing, change the values according to your usage and current area.

Is It OK to Leave a Solar Heat Lamp on Overnight

There is no harm in keeping your solar heat lamp on an entire night so long as you keep the brooder at a specific temperature. Many experts recommend red light is the best. If you don’t leave the heat lamp on, small chicks might get cold.

Likewise, it is essential to ensure that your poultry or animals have adequate space in the brooder to get away from the circle of light when necessary, and they will regulate on their own.

The gist here is that as long as your light is high enough to sustain the suitable temperature and not get the brooder too hot, and small chicks can move away when they prefer, you won’t have problems to deal with.


In essence, buying the best solar heat lamps is not as easy as you could imagine. There are several shopping considerations to go over. By carefully comparing the features, functions, pros, and cons of each product, it will be easier for you to find the right match for your requirements.

That said; don’t forget to check out the buying tips we have shared in this article. You can save more and be guaranteed to get the most appropriate solar heat lamp option for your needs if you carefully evaluate the product reviews tackled here.

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