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The Best Solar Flashlights to Pack Before Your Next Trip

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar flashlights

There’s no denying how thrilling, revitalizing, and exciting hiking and camping activities are. Nonetheless, since these activities are performed outdoors, we need to prepare the essential gear and tools to keep us safe and protected in case of unfortunate incidents.

One of the most vital camping and hiking items that we must invest in is a dependable light source.

These days, more buyers opt for the best solar flashlights. This is primarily because such items can offer several benefits, making them very cost-effective and worthwhile investments that are worth buying.

This article contains most of the top-notch solar flashlight models on the market. We hope that you’ll take a closer look at the reviews, buying guide, and FAQs discussed here. This way, you can choose the most reliable alternative for your preference and applications.


Best Overall


✅ 700-feet range
✅ 7 working flashlight modes
✅ Ideal for rugged applications


Premium Choice

JMADENQ Solar Lantern Flashlights

✅ 2-in-1 lantern flashlight design
✅ Five to six hours of light
✅ Collapsible and lightweight


Editor’s Pick

PrimalCamp Solar Flashlight

✅ Can fit all types of budget
✅ Compact and lightweight
✅ No electricity necessary


Top 6 Solar Flashlight Reviews

1. NPET T09 Solar Car Flashlight

  • Weight: 0.68 Pounds
  • Quantity: 1
  • Brightness: 268 Lumens
  • Material: Aluminum

Our family found this NPET T09 solar flashlight an innovative and practical investment for our car. With a powerful magnet on the torch head, users can instantly fasten it to the vehicle or other metallic surfaces. It can function as a camping lamp, work light, or emergency warning light. This hands-free feature is undeniably convenient and practical.

What is more, we are impressed by this torch’s rechargeable emergency power bank. It contains a built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery. Users can charge it using the included USB cable for roughly 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, you can also charge it with solar power for 30 hours.

Another outstanding feature is this solar-powered flashlight’s emergency escape tool. This guarantees more safety during unfortunate incidents. You see, investing in a self-defense solar-operated LED torch could help you escape from tough situations. You can also use this flashlight for camping, working, or hiking since it could combat extreme abuse.

Additionally, the NPET T09 solar flashlight is designed with seven working modes. This includes side red light (6 to 7 hours), medium and flashing, headlight (4 to 6 hours), High and Medium, High, Side White Lamp (4 to 7 hours), Flashing, and Slow-flashing. Surprisingly, the beam of this torch can be focused and it can throw an illumination reaching 700 feet.

Regardless, the drawback we have experienced when we started using this NPET T09 solar flashlight is that recharging with solar energy seriously tests our patience because it takes a very long time. Luckily, the satisfaction we get whenever we use this solar flashlight outweighs this weak point.
  • Use as camping, work, or emergency warning light
  • Includes a rechargeable emergency power bank and two charging methods
  • Ideal for rugged applications
  • Constructed with seven working flashlight modes
  • Engineered with car emergency escape tool and magnet
  • Focused beam and 700-feet range
  • Recharging with solar energy seriously takes a very long time
All things carefully examined, this tactical solar flashlight is a worthwhile investment for car owners out there. All the functions work excellently and guarantee more safety and lighting.

2. JMADENQ Solar Lantern Flashlights

  • Weight: ‎1.41 Pounds
  • Quantity: 2
  • Brightness: 20-60 Lumens
  • Material: ABS

This solar flashlight USB charger is made with a side switch or foldable design. So, you can utilize it as a torch or lantern. You can simply hang the lantern on a camping tent, or take it out with the aid of the stainless steel handles. This 2-in-1 lantern torch design is truly impressive.

If you prefer a solar flashlight that is versatile, bright, and portable, this is a great purchase to consider. Built using matt ABS material, it is sturdy enough to endure extended usage. Not to mention, its collapsible design makes it lightweight and a great space saver.

We’re glad that we made a good decision buying this solar torch. The emergency backup phone charger feature allows us to charge our cell phones and other USB-operated devices when necessary. This torch is ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications, making it one of the most versatile survival tool options on the market.

To add, you can charge this indoor and outdoor light through solar energy or a USB port. So long as this lantern is in full charge, it will provide you with adequate lighting for approximately 5 to 6 hours.

The only minor glitch we found in this outdoor solar lantern is its small size. But, luckily, its small size does not in any way affect the functionality and reliability of this solar torch.

The small size is beneficial at times since we can carry this lantern around wherever we go without any inconvenience. We found this item a great gift option for our loved ones and friends as well.
  • Constructed with 2-in-1 lantern flashlight design
  • Designed with an emergency backup cell phone charger
  • Provides sufficient brightness for indoor and outdoor use
  • Charged by using solar power and USB port
  • Five to six hours of light
  • Collapsible, sturdy, lightweight, and space-saving
  • Smaller than expected
To conclude, the best feature that we uncovered about this solar flashlight with phone charger is its dual power supply design. Such a feature guarantees that you can rely on a dependable light source.

3. PrimalCamp Solar Flashlight

  • Weight: 0.19 Pounds
  • Quantity: 1
  • Brightness: –
  • Material: Plastic

Are you looking for sun flashlights sold under $10? Well, you can end your search now. This option is lightweight and small yet it works exceptionally. With this hand crank torch, 6 minutes of cranking or winding can already provide an hour of light.

This rechargeable flashlight is equipped with a super-radiant LED bulb that unfailingly shines brighter compared to other small torches available today. Since it does not require electricity to operate, this helps you save on electric costs, and you can also protect the environment.

Also, this solar-powered rechargeable flashlight comes with an easy-to-use and convenient carabiner that you can fasten on your belt and backpack. As you can see, this torch is convenient to carry around and a great travel gear that you can invest in.

We found this small torch a great investment because we are into rock climbing and backpacking. Since it does not require a battery, it is ideal to add to our survival gear, emergency earthquake pack, or bug-out bag. Because it is compact and handy, it is easy to travel with, and you can also hook it on a keychain.

As for the price, this option is one of the most affordable choices. So, even if you’re short on budget, this is a perfect alternative for your needs.

All the same, the inconvenience we experienced using this crank torch is its fragile handle. We hope that the manufacturer can fix this issue the next time they upgrade this version.
  • Equipped with super bright LED bulb
  • Features portable, compact, and lightweight design with a carabiner
  • A few minutes of cranking or winding provides an hour of illumination
  • No electricity necessary
  • Can fit all types of budget
  • Excellent addition to your safety tools, survival gear, or bug-out bag
  • Handle is fragile
By and large, this crank flashlight is small but terrific. For under $10, you can already have a reliable backup that won’t fail to provide you with enough lighting whenever necessary.

4. Swiss Safe Rechargeable Flashlights

  • Weight: ‎1.21 Pounds
  • Quantity: 4
  • Brightness: 3 Lumens
  • Material: Plastic

We picked this solar rechargeable flashlight because it is multipurpose. It is great for camping and other outdoor applications. In the same way, we found this item a very practical emergency light source and survival tool.

If you are like us who also prefer a solar flashlight that is engineered with a secure, multipurpose, convenient, and versatile design, you don’t have to search further. All these attributes are found in this model. You will find the glow-in-the-dark design of this torch appealing and serviceable.

Manufactured with high lumen LEDs that come with a hundred thousand hour lifetime, there is no need for us to replace the bulbs often. The package also contains a solar charger that can diffuse 2 hours of light on a full charge. Furthermore, this version includes a built-in battery that would charge quietly with the solar cell.

Apart from these, this solar-powered flashlight comes with a hand crank dynamo. Users need a minute of cranking, and from there, they can enjoy roughly eight minutes of illumination. This product can also serve as a useful gift for any occasion because it is packaged individually in top-quality gift boxes.

Also, this torch is designed with a carabiner clip that is convenient to use. It can be fastened to a camping bag, backpack, or other accessories. This makes your torch easy to access and carry around.

However, if you prefer a solar-powered flashlight with a wide light range, this might not be the ideal pick for your requirements. Please take note of this downside before getting one.
  • Comes with a secure, multipurpose, convenient, and versatile design
  • Designed with high lumen LEDs that last 100,000 hours
  • Can serve as a well-known safety gift for any occasion
  • Features glow in the dark design and hand crank
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Includes a solar charger with a built-in battery
  • Light range is not wide
In summary, this LED solar flashlight is an economical alternative because it has a long lifespan. The crank is superb, and the solar features are impressive.

5. Serjur Solar Powered Flashlight

  • Weight: ‎1.52 Pounds
  • Quantity: 1
  • Brightness: 200 Lumens
  • Material: Aluminum

This solar powered flashlight with phone charger is worth every single dollar you spend on it. It can serve as a vehicle emergency flashlight. There was one time when our car broke down in the middle of a dusky road, and this solar-charged torch saved our lives. The alternating blue and red lights it has are more than enough to capture the attention of passersby and the rescue team.

As you can see, its overall appearance reveals its convenience of use. It is designed with an easy-to-grab and non-slip handle; it comes with a compact size, and the operation buttons are quite easy to recognize.

The strong magnets equipped with it make storing this torch easier. We often hang it in our car or glove box. This solar flashlight can also work as a tactical torch whenever we go hiking, camping, and other thrilling outdoor activities. You can also consider giving this item as a special gift on any occasion.

More importantly, this car flashlight is prominent for its multifunction purposes. You can reliably use it as superb night lighting, for repair or work lighting, enjoying wild adventures, and for various sorts of emergencies. What makes it a standout choice among others is that it is designed with 7 illumination modes that could light up your way amidst the darkness.

What is a bit annoying is that it is not waterproof. Hence, try to avoid soaking it, or you’ll end up with a faulty light.
  • Features convenient, compact build with recognizable operation buttons
  • Equipped with strong magnets for easy storage
  • Practical to utilize for various thrilling outdoor activities like hiking or camping
  • Suitable for emergencies and gift-giving
  • Repair and work lighting
  • 7 lighting modes to light up the darkness
  • Can not endure water
On the whole, you can consider this solar flashlight because it is ideal for wild adventures and has many other functions that make it a practical investment to go for.

6. ThorFire Solar Flashlight

  • Weight: ‎0.38 Pounds
  • Quantity: 1
  • Brightness: 100 Lumens
  • Material: Plastic

This waterproof solar flashlight is surprisingly affordable. If you want a light with a crank, this option is the best bet for you. It is built with a small design yet is adept at generating a generous amount of light. There is no need to keep cranking its handle for too long; with just sixty seconds, you can rely on a great illumination for an hour.

This model comes with a solar charging option that provides users with 120 minutes of illumination after an hour of direct sunlight. You also won’t require electricity or a battery.

As for its waterproof rating, this is engineered with IPX6 waterproof grade. It is tough enough that you can even submerge it by up to 45 feet. This torch is a handy device that you could carry around so that you’ll remain safe during power outages and other emergencies.

Moreover, if you prefer solar flashlights that are small, bright, and portable, this is worth a shot. Its compact size is great for fitting in the tiny compartment of your backpack, or into a glove box. This solar torch is manufactured using sturdy plastic, so it won’t be prone to get damaged easily.

This ThorFire Solar Flashlight is designed with 3 light modes (3 LEDs mode, 1 LED mode, and SOS mode). Hence, if you love manual devices and have different light needs, this option is a great purchase for you.

On the cons, it would have been better if the manufacturer of this solar flashlight considered designing this torch with a charging indicator.
  • Highly recommended for power outages and emergencies
  • Submersible up to 45 feet and comes with IPX6 waterproof grade
  • Can immediately generate sufficient power
  • Bright, affordable, and portable
  • Sturdy plastic build with three light modes
  • Does not require the use of battery and electricity
  • Does not come with a charging indicator
Overall, there are so many excellent features and functions to love about this Thorfire solar flashlight. It is functional, reliable, and recommended for buyers with a limited budget.
Outdated Products

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight (Outdated)

If you are wishing for long-lasting illumination performance, this solar panel flashlight can be your dependable companion. Its operating time is approximately 7 to 48 hours. This torch is equipped with a USB port and advanced lithium 4400mAh battery. We’re glad to invest in this first-rate solar torch.

What’s amazing about it is that it helps us save more power since it offers bright and half-bright modes. Its multiple illumination options enable us to utilize the 250 lumens as a floodlight, flashlight, or red emergency light.

Looking at it closely, you’ll see that it is engineered with an integrated solar panel, hand crank, and USB charging cable. Hence, regardless of your situation and current location, you can have the illumination you require.

This device is very energy-efficient. It might be a little more expensive than other options, but it is a great choice.

Apart from all these, we found the USB port a very practical feature in that we can also charge other mobile gadgets. Compared to other solar-powered rechargeable flashlight alternatives sold on the market, this item ensures extended run time and does not fail in meeting our requirements.

Adversely, the only thing we dislike about this solar flashlight is that it requires an extended time for it to recharge with its integrated solar panel. Fortunately, it works satisfactorily after that. So, somehow the way this torch works overshadows this minor flaw.
  • Designed with multiple illumination options
  • Run time amounts to 7 up to 48 hours
  • Advanced lithium 4400mAh battery
  • Includes USB charging cable, hand crank, and integrated solar panel
  • Helps users save power with its bright and half-bright modes options
  • 250 lumens, energy-efficient light
  • A little expensive
  • Takes a while to recharge with its integrated solar panel
Lastly, the reason why we bought this solar power torch is that we find it very efficient as a red light or flashlight. Likewise, it is superb at saving more power.

Operkey LED Camping Lantern (Outdated)

For shoppers on the hunt for top-quality solar LED flashlights that you could also utilize as a lantern, this model is for you. Designed with a 2-in-1 function, you only need to hold it with your hand when maneuvering, or position it on the ground. This is highly recommended for various adventurous activities due to its super durable built.

This solar torch allows users to take advantage of two different charging methods. You can charge through the upgraded solar-operated design or by using the charging cable. It’s a good thing that the charging cable is already included in the kit.

Furthermore, its incredible brightness and extended operating time allow users to feel safe. We adore this torch’s flexibility and portability; it is convenient to carry around because it’s quite lightweight.

The manufacturer designed this solar-operated flashlight with an upgraded COB LED that is efficient at diffusing more brightness. It is built with an integrated 1800 mA battery. In addition to this, the flashlight operates for over 10 hours and contains 12 high-quality LED bulbs.

Compared to other traditional LED lights, COB LEDs are superb at giving off brightness. Hence, you can enjoy sufficient illumination in the dark.

We also love that this solar flashlight is easy to store. It is small when you fold it, and this helps us save more space. Since we are often out for various outdoor adventures, this item is an outstanding addition to our survival and emergency kit.

On the flip side, the grip of this solar LED torch feels slightly awkward. Other than that, this option would have gotten a perfect rating.
  • Highly recommended for rugged and adventurous outdoor application
  • Equipped with well-improved COB LED that diffuses more brightness
  • Portable, flexible, foldable, and lightweight
  • Allows two different charging methods, charging cable included
  • Guarantees extended run time
  • 12 bulbs and 1800mA battery
  • The grip feels a bit awkward.
In general, this is a second-to-none solar-charged flashlight at a bargain price. We consider this torch quite practical for our adventurous outdoor use.

Hybrid Light Journey Solar Flashlight (Outdated)

What caught our attention are the outstanding features and functions of this Hybrid solar flashlight. We are surprised at how well it works each time we pick it up and click. If you are planning to buy a solar torch that is engineered with a solid construction, waterproof, and functionally radiant, this is the one for you.

This hybrid solar torch is charged by incandescent lighting (indoors), solar panels (outdoors), or a USB cable for a quick charge. You can also connect the USB cable to charge mobile phones and other mobile gadgets during a power outage, or while you’re away from your residence.

The hybrid solar-powered flashlight is engineered with dual modes — low and high beam. The extremely radiant LED illuminates for up to 7 hours on high beam and 25 hours on low beam.

This rechargeable flashlight generates 300 lumens of radiant white light. Surprisingly, it holds a charge for several years.

Since my friends and I love to go camping, backpacking, and hiking, we found the hybrid solar-powered flashlight a great addition to our survival kit. I remember I also bought one for my brother who is into adventurous outdoor activities as well. This is practical to use for emergencies too.

If you’re a clumsy user like me, this choice is durable enough to combat frequent and accidental drops. I think this is why it is perfect for rugged applications. But, that does not mean you should drop it more often. If you want it to work and ensure excellent light output, you’ve got to take proper care of it too.

As for the price tag, this is more expensive than other available options.
  • Waterproof and features incredibly sturdy construction
  • Smart option for any emergency, camping, or backpacking
  • Built with dual modes and 300 lumens
  • Charged by incandescent lighting (indoors), solar panel (outdoors), or via USB cable
  • Can charge mobile devices
  • Holds a charge for years
  • Priced higher than other options
This solar flashlight is unquestionably one of the most preferred flashlights for all-around applications that exceeded our expectations.

igadgitz Rechargeable Solar Flashlight (Outdated)

This premium quality solar power LED flashlight is engineered with an excellent set of features that make it worth buying. It is designed with high, low, and emergency settings with a 4-hour battery lifespan. It comes with 3 super bright LED bulbs that radiate with intense power.

Additionally, this solar torch is also manufactured with a crank dynamo and efficient solar panels. One hour of direct sunlight provides an hour and a half of illumination.

Meanwhile, the very efficient cranking mechanism feature of this hand-cranking solar-powered torch allows a minute of cranking to operate the torch for at least an hour. We are stunned when turning the charging handle because it allows solid resistance. This is more reassuring than the slack loose feel of other rechargeable flashlights.

Did you know that this option is considered one of the most convenient and easy-to-use models? Well, this is probably why it is one of the most popular alternatives to date. Sure thing, this is an eco-friendly option that won’t disappoint you.

Moreover, this solar flashlight is also waterproof up to 16 feet. Wherever your feet may take you, this torch can serve as your companion and provide you with adequate illumination you earnestly need. Primarily, this is a smart investment that you won’t regret.

Unfortunately, this solar flashlight doesn’t have the widest range. It is very bright in a three-feet area, but beyond that, the light seems a bit dim.
  • Convenient, easy to use, and eco-friendly
  • Built with crank dynamo charging capability and sturdy solar panels
  • Furnished with 3 LED bulbs that illuminate outstanding light output
  • Waterproof up to 16 feet
  • High, low, and emergency settings with 4-hour battery lifespan
  • Not very wide range
To wrap up, this hand-cranking solar-powered device is bright enough, capable of throwing reasonable illumination, and it is quite handy and convenient.

SOS Solarlight Solar Flashlight (Outdated)

This sun-powered torch was particularly designed for various outdoor applications and emergencies. Since it purely gets power from the sun’s energy, there is no need to use electricity, no need to buy batteries, and you can help save the planet we live in. If you prefer using renewable energy, this is your safest choice.

This solar tactical flashlight is engineered with two backup 2032 lithium batteries that work automatically the moment you run out of solar energy. It is impressive to know that just by charging this torch once, you can already enjoy 8 hours of illumination. So, if you are meticulous about exceptional backup energy sources, this version won’t fail you.

Luckily, the SOSSolarlight flashlight is straightforward to operate. It is designed with a raised textured on and off switch that you can simply press when it’s dusky. Meanwhile, the superbly radiant LED light will let you see amidst darkness over a 40-ft. radius. Plus, the color indication feature allows users to discern when the batteries are being charged.

You won’t regret buying the right solar flashlight because it can last for extended usage. Its waterproof design makes it solid enough to combat rugged conditions. The hardened plastic it is made of is sturdy and resistant to shock. So, it won’t easily get cracked or damaged even when accidentally dropped. I am at peace because I know I can always depend on a powerful light source.

However, this device does not support USB charging. Other than this minor demerit, this solar energy torch is a good catch for all shoppers out there. For sure, you won’t think twice about getting one again in the future.
  • Built to last a long time
  • Provides a reliable backup energy source
  • Smooth sailing to operate
  • Color indication feature
  • Recommended for outdoor activities and emergencies
  • Economical and eco-friendly option
  • No USB charging
All in all, this solar-charged tactical flashlight is the real deal. It is built with reliable and functional features that ensure dependable light output.

Mesqool Ultra Bright Camping Lantern (Outdated)

There’s no question how challenging it can be at times to search for the best solar powered flashlight. In particular, there are uncountable options sold on the market nowadays. However, if you want a sun-operated flashlight that is ultra-bright and can guarantee an extended work time, this model is a sterling choice.

This solar flashlight is ideal to use for indoor and outdoor activities. You can also fully rely on it during earthquakes and power outages. Without any doubt, this is a practical addition to your survival or emergency kit. The package also includes a 3000mAh solar power bank with a USB charger.

Besides, this solar torch allows you to opt for three distinct recharging methods. It is crafted with a solar panel and integrated 18650 rechargeable batteries. Aside from charging it through a standard 5V USB charging cable, you can use solar energy and hand cranking. You will find the dynamo crank useful because you can use the windup power for weather-related emergencies.

Constructed with an IPX4 waterproof rating, you will be worry-free regardless of the weather conditions in your area. You have nothing to ask for if you prefer an emergency flashlight that features a portable, compact, and easy-to-operate design. As for the price tag, this is a cost-effective alternative since it is reasonably priced.

Nonetheless, I observed that this LED camping lantern does not have an indicator light when charging with a USB cable. So, it is difficult to tell when it is fully charged. Fortunately, this is not a very serious deal-breaker. Consider this minor flaw, though, if you prefer something with indicator light.

  • Equipped with 3000mAh solar power bank with USB charger
  • Features portable, compact, and easy to operate design
  • Ultra-bright, cost-effective, and built to last
  • Practical in emergencies, indoor and outdoor activities
  • Comes with IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Allows 3 different charging methods
  • Does not come with an indicator light when charging via USB cabl
All things pondered, this LED solar-charged lantern is a perfect companion when you seriously need sufficient light output in the dark.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Flashlights


When choosing the right solar power flashlight for your needs, there are several buying factors that you need to take into account first. We specifically advise first-time buyers to take a closer look at the most essential features and functions that you should look for in a premium quality solar torch.

The following factors must be carefully looked at when selecting the suitable solar flashlight:

Working Modes

The working modes of a solar-operated flashlight are a vital consideration. As you know, having a dependable source of illumination is also linked to the intensity and usage of such light.

Some lights are designed with working modes meant for low-intensity and high-intensity applications. The most valuable reference here is the lumens output.

In addition to this, some types of solar lights will be as radiant as 200 lumens while other types could be as soft as 3 lumens. This makes them identical to solar-operated camping lanterns.

Distinct lighting modes and emergency modes are also vital considerations that you should look at when buying solar flashlights for outdoor use.

Charging Method

Keep in mind that solar-operated flashlights should come with at least two charging methods. The most common options include hand cranking, USB charging, or charging via solar power.

Having several charging methods enables users to enjoy a more dependable light source that won’t fail when you need it the most.

While solar offers unlimited power sources, it is also reliant on weather conditions. This is why it is practical to have the potentiality to either utilize hand cranking, or a USB connection.


The overall construction of an emergency flashlight that you plan to buy must be carefully examined.

For example, if you intend to use it for outdoor applications, say for hiking or camping, you need to invest in a model that can withstand rugged use.

You see, outdoor solar flashlights generally experience much more exposure to various elements. Hence, it is a must to opt for models that are built with submersible and waterproof design.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the solar torch for indoor applications — for instance, something that you hide in a bug-out bag or one that you utilize as an emergency backup, you don’t need to buy something as tough as the one you use for rugged applications.

Notwithstanding, if you feel an indoor solar torch might end up playing an outdoor role to some extent, then consider looking for features like waterproofing.

Size, Weight, and Activity

If you are planning to use the flashlight for camping or hiking, pick the one that is quite handy, small, and easy to access. This way, it won’t be too much of a burden to carry around when you’re in the wilderness.

For instance, you may go for a multi-tool/flashlight/lantern for various outdoor applications like fishing, buy a cranking backup alternative for standard camping, or you may consider getting clip-on carabiner-style options for hiking.

Additional Features

Lastly, aside from the specs of the solar flashlight, it is also beneficial to buy options that are made with unique and useful features.

For example, you may consider features like color, portability, design, as well as extra tools like magnets, color altering indicators, window breakers, waterproof ratings, seat belt cutters, etc.

All these additional features would certainly help you decide which the most outstanding alternative is for you.

If you need more information about solar lights, we have a list of solar post lights for your reference. Also check the solar dock light reviews for right choice

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a solar flashlight?

A solar charged flashlight utilizes energy from the sun, converts the solar energy into electrical energy through a photovoltaic panel, or cell that sits on the exterior of the flashlight.

Most solar flashlights make use of light-emitting diode lamps or LED lights instead of incandescent light bulbs.

LEDs are ideal since they take less electrical current to run, and they can ensure long-standing performance and usage.

As you might already know, incandescent light can only last for an average of a thousand hours; on the other hand, a LED light lasts for an average of fifty thousand hours.

Moreover, solar-charged batteries that are utilized in the solar-operated flashlight typically won’t call for frequent replacement. You see, this feature is better compared to other types of batteries.

Please keep in mind that rechargeable batteries are designed with a memory effect. As a result, if you continuously utilize the flashlight without fully discharging it, then it will, sooner or later, recharge to a lower memory level.

This means that it won’t go back to 100% of its available power. So, for maximum results, keep your solar-operated flashlight on a window sill when it’s not in use. This is where the solar panel is exposed to a considerable amount of sunlight.

Also, if you’re not utilizing it often, make sure to turn it on, and leave it on at least once a month. This is to properly maintain the battery.

How does it work?

The energy from the sun pertains to the heat and light that the sun generates each day.

Also referred to as solar cells, the photovoltaic cells in solar flashlights are positioned in a spot where they could absorb solar radiation.

The solar radiation we are referring to here is then consumed by the cells and transfigured into electricity.

After that, a solar inverter transfigures DC electricity into AC electricity that enables users to recharge batteries-operated electronic devices.

What are the different types of solar flashlights?

At present, there are different types and styles of solar flashlights that you could find.

Here are some of them:

  • Multipurpose. This includes the flashlight and other useful safety tools.
  • Flashlight or lantern in one. This is ideal for camping and hiking purposes.
  • Standard design. Solar with on and off function
  • Hybrid. This utilizes a battery, comes with a USB port charger, and is designed with a solar panel to operate.
  • Hand-crank backup. This includes the solar flashlight that is built with a hand crank backup intended for low-light days.
  • Clip-on. This is recommended for camping and hiking. It comes with a separate or built-in carabiner.
  • Headlamp. This is good for spelunking, and hiking in highly challenging spots.
  • Power bank. This type is designed to charge mobile phones and illuminate the path.
  • Pocket-sized. This design commonly has one function and comes with emergency light modes.

Why do you need solar-powered flashlights? (Benefits)

Solar-operated lights are good for different workplaces, leisure, and household uses. It is critical to acknowledge the particular advantages that solar energy provides for survival gears such as flashlights.

  • More Lightweight and More Space

If you notice, when using conventional flashlights, they consume huge space in a storage container or backpack. This is especially true when you’re stocking up more of them.

Also, they could make your backpack a lot heavier, hinging on the size of the batteries.

The good news is that a solar-operated flashlight does not consume more space for backup batteries.

To date, plenty of solar-operated flashlight options are lighter compared to conventional flashlights.

  • Usability and Functionality

One of the main problems with conventional flashlights in survival situations is that they are impractical the moment you run out of batteries. Users could only carry a specific amount of disposable batteries with them in their survival gear.

Likewise, most people tend to forget to stock up on an extra battery pack in their gear. But, a solar-operated flashlight would always be functional, usable, and serviceable as long as the sun remains shining.

  • Environmentally-friendly

As you know, disposable batteries are prone to creating more pollution since they are not biodegradable and contain dangerous materials.

Furthermore, whether you utilize them frequently or not, disposable batteries require being replaced more often. You see, this can cause a significant amount of waste both in our surroundings and in landfills.

Luckily, solar power utilizes more efficient and clean energy. Solar power banks or the batteries within the solar-operated flashlight could commonly go for more than seven years before they fail to hold a charge.

Yes, you can replace the battery in a solar-operated flashlight; however, this can be done less often compared to using a conventional flashlight.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best solar flashlights?

Some of the most prominent solar flashlight manufacturers are:

  • Goal Zero
  • ThorFire
  • Hybridlight
  • NPET T09
  • Serjur
  • Operkey
  • Mesqool

What is the best high-power flashlight?

An unmatched and high-power solar flashlight must come with important features like water and impact resistance, outstanding beam type and distance, multifunction with multiple charging options, durable build, compactness, and low weight.

Likewise, it must be engineered with practical and different work modes, and other unique and useful features that will allow users to enjoy cost-effectiveness and functionality.

Will a flashlight work on a solar panel?

Yes. Solar technology can be powered by making use of LED lights. Even so, don’t expect it to be as efficient as sunlight.

Additionally, distance, color temperature, and lumens output will each have an impact on the amount of power a solar panel can generate.

Just as solar panels become more ready for use, they are being carried out into a broader range of devices.

Nevertheless, there are still issues regarding how effective solar panels are when there are no direct sunlight exposures.

How many lumens is a powerful flashlight?

Solar-powered flashlights can be just as radiant or as dim as any other type of flashlight. Some sun-powered torches can compare to the brightness of standard torches, and some models are dimmer.

Lumens indicate the amount of light you could obtain from a flashlight. For solar-operated flashlights, their LEDs generally come with an average of 60 to 300 lumens.

The more lumens a torch has, the brighter its lights. Check out solar-powered flashlights that are designed with higher lumens, not necessarily more LED bulbs.

Pick options that could offer you the right amount of light that you require. When it comes to brightness, take into consideration that you need to inspect the brightness modes.

Where can I buy it?

While you can see several options of solar flashlights in various local stores in your area, still, the best place where you can find uncountable options is shopping online.

This is especially true if you don’t have much time to personally buy from local stores, or if you’re trying to avoid people due to the present pandemic situation.

Aside from these, if you shop online, you can also discover the most trusted brands that you weren’t even aware of before.

In particular, Amazon can offer you limitless solar flashlight models manufactured by different brands. As you already know, this online shopping site often offers various shopping deals that can help shoppers save more and enjoy their online shopping experience.


Ultimately, we hope that you learned more about the essential features to look for when buying the best solar flashlights. The 6 different models of solar flashlights we have reviewed in this post are meant to help you curtail long and exhausting research.

One thing is certain, if you consider the valuable features, pros, and cons, and buying factors that we have tackled in this article, you can find the perfect solar flashlight for your application.

We wish you the best of luck in your search. Hopefully, this shopping guide can help you get the right solar flashlight that’s highly compatible with all your requirements.

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