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The Best Solar Post Lights to Make Your Place Look Better

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar post lights

Selecting from the best solar post lights sold on the market these days can be overwhelming. There is no doubt that the countless positive claims of different brands are quite convincing. So, picking the right option that blends well with your sense of style and needs can be difficult.

For this reason, we have provided some valuable information on solar post lights. We have chosen some of the preferred brands, so consumers can compare popular products. Be sure to analyze the features, advantages and disadvantages of the products we’ve reviewed here.

Hopefully, you’ll also find the FAQ section of this post useful. Whether you are willing to splurge or are on a budget, you can surely get the right model for yourself. Don’t rush, and carefully read the guide we provided for you in this article.


Best Overall

Siedinlar TNBL-0088

✅ 30000 hours of working life
✅ UV-resistant
✅ IP65 waterproof rating


Premium Choice

Kemeco ST4311AQ

✅ Not high-maintenance
✅ Turn on and off automatically
✅ Long-lasting and efficient battery


Best Value

Greluna Solar Post Lights

✅ Save money and electricity
✅ Ideal for a wide range of applications
✅ Replaceable solar-charged AA battery


Top 14 Solar Post Light Reviews

1. Siedinlar TNBL-0088 Solar Post Lights

  • Material: Metal
  • No. of Light Sources: 2
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Working Time: 8-10 Hrs
  • Voltage: 1.2V

These are 3.5 inch solar post lights. Even first-timers in setting up sun-powered outdoor lights will find the assembly method a breeze to accomplish. They could provide a fascinating and unique look wherever installed, and create a romantic atmosphere in your outdoor spaces too.

What makes them practical and convenient to use for outdoors is their IP65 waterproof rating. This means that even if you reside in an area where frequent extreme weather conditions exist, you can be worry-free because they could endure such scenarios. Additionally, these units can function for 30,000 hours with superb brightness.

Not to mention, these products are engineered using super sturdy construction materials. As you can see, the shells can combat UV rays, and the color of the lights are not prone to fading even when they’re used for a long time. These lamp posts are perfect for adorning your place, giving it sufficient illumination at sunset.

Many homeowners pick this option because these are economical, and can remarkably help reduce your electricity consumption. Substantially, you can do your part in preserving the environment since you are merely using energy from the sun.

The only weak point of these solar lights is the included screws that seem very susceptible to rusting in the long run. Perhaps, you should consider buying better quality screws to save you the trouble.
  • Distinctive and attractive design
  • 30000 hours of working life
  • Easy to install, even for first-timers
  • Come with IP65 waterproof rating
  • UV-resistant, not prone to fading
  • Economical and environmentally-friendly
  • Screws are prone to rust formation
On the whole, these are good if you’re looking for the brightest solar post cap lights.

2. Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

  • Material: Glass, Metal
  • No. of Light Sources: 1
  • Waterproof: IP43
  • Working Time: 8 Hrs
  • Voltage: 3.8V

This lamp post is no sweat to assemble since it does not require any wiring. You can utilize it in two distinct methods, use a mounting base or affix it on a three-inch round post. If you wish to decorate your outdoor spaces and add a good amount of illumination, these lights will serve those purposes.

Likewise, this unit features 12 LEDs that emit bright, gentle and warm white lighting. Also, it contains four big solar panels that are adept at delivering maximum power without draining the batteries. Its batteries are quite efficient. You don’t need to check the lights just to turn them on or off since they work automatically.

Best of all, the overall construction of this product is unrivaled. The lamp is made with cast-aluminum metal and the panels are built with ripple glass. This is not high maintenance. However, it is essential to regularly wipe the solar panel using a wet fabric to ensure that it obtains the optimal amount of sunlight.

This brand is famous for its exceptional lighting performance. Fundamentally, this model can run for roughly six to eight hours or beyond if fully charged. The quality of the lights is awesome. So, if you’re looking for a quality solar alternative, this is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you prefer solar lights on posts that are made with weatherproof features, this one is not the right alternative to satisfy that requirement.
  • Designed with long-lasting and efficient battery
  • Turn on and off automatically
  • Easy to install using 2 methods
  • Made with cast-aluminum metal and ripple glass
  • Not high-maintenance
  • Equipped with warm white, bright and gentle LED
  • Not weatherproof
  • Solar panel needs to be wiped regularly
Ultimately, these solar LED post lights are great options for those looking for versatility, attractiveness and functionality.

3. Greluna Solar Post Lights

  • Material: Plastic
  • No. of Light Sources: 2
  • Waterproof: –
  • Working Time: 6-8 Hrs
  • Voltage: 3.2V

For homeowners searching for small yet reliable solar powered fence post lights, these upgraded versions are a must-have. These units come with a solar-charged AA battery that is smooth sailing to replace if necessary. You can also use these fixtures in many different applications, so they do not limit your use. Obviously, this is a plus for buyers.

Apart from that, the kit already includes all the required tools and accessories needed for easy assembly. Hence, securing your residential property with more safety and convenience at night is no longer impossible to achieve. Wherever you prefer, you can install these solar lights without much sweat in just a few minutes.

If you wish to keep illuminating your outdoor spaces for a few hours at dusk, these sunlight-powered fixtures can help you do that. And, the best thing about them is that they are energy-saving, so you can significantly cut the cost of your electricity bill. As you can see, this is a big help if you want to save money and energy.

The size of these solar lights is smaller than what you can see in the photo ads. Fortunately, even though these units come in a small size, they work great in providing sufficient lighting wherever installed. So, if you prefer bigger fixtures, these won’t suffice.
  • Equipped with replaceable solar-charged AA battery
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Kit comes complete with necessary tools and accessories
  • Practical for home outdoor convenience or safety
  • Save money and electricit
  • Smaller than expected
All in all, if you want to invest in high-quality solar lamp post light that could offer adequate illumination wherever you install them, these upgraded solar light models are worth buying.

4. Davinci Lighting DL116 Solar Post Light

  • Material: Aluminum
  • No. of Light Sources: 1
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Working Time: 8 Hrs
  • Voltage: 3.2V

Would you like to give your home an appealing and glossy style? If your answer is yes, these solar fixtures can do that for you. They automatically charge at sunrise, and automatically light up at sundown. The kit contains radiant 25 lumen warm white LEDs, which sufficiently illuminate outdoor spaces.

These units are easy to install, and exclude wiring for assembly. All you have to do is to screw the lights onto the top portion of your posts. The setup process is a do-it-yourself task, so no need to spend more hiring an electrician. You can decorate your outdoors without spending lavishly.

What is more, these fixtures are designed to work on their own as they are self-sufficient. You can use and save more energy without harming the environment since they use energy from the sunlight. The battery can work for roughly six to eight hours each night.

The solid construction and IP44 weatherproof rating of these Davinci solar post lights give them long-lasting performance. The LEDs can last for about a hundred thousand hours. Their body is made using premium die-cast aluminum.

Please take note that if you are looking for solar-powered light posts that could provide a precise fit for 6×6 solar post lights, these units won’t be able to exactly satisfy those dimensions even though the product description says so. Be sure to consider this factor before buying one.
  • Automatic charging and lighting
  • Easy to install, no wiring or electrician needed
  • Six to eight hours of battery life at dusk
  • Solid construction and IP44 weatherproof rating
  • 25 lumen warm white LEDs can last for about 100000 hours
  • Won’t properly fit 6×6 light posts
All in all, these Davinci lighting solar post lights are bright enough to illuminate a night of fun-filled conversation and entertainment.

5. BlueYang Solar Post Light

  • Material: ABS
  • No. of Light Sources: 2
  • Waterproof: IP55
  • Working Time: 8-12 Hrs
  • Voltage: 3.2V

If you’re thinking of adding solar light posts for driveways, these units are a must-try. They have a flame-like design when they illuminate, so they could offer a unique and amazing-to-behold view at night. Since they are powered by sunlight, they help in preserving energy and don’t pose any threat to the environment. You can say goodbye to expensive electricity bills too!

These solar deck fixtures are easy to install. The kit includes clear installation guides, so first-timers can find the assembly procedure child’s play to accomplish. These lights are great for a broad array of uses. This means that you can set them up and use them wherever you desire. Just ensure that the solar panels are placed in a location where they could collect adequate sunlight.

The illumination these solar-powered lights bring is perfect for decorating, lighting outdoor areas, and for special occasions. These solar powered decking post lights can create a spectacular sight that you, your loved ones, and guests can enjoy. Since they are specifically designed for outdoor use, they can resist even the harshest weather conditions.

These solar lights are undoubtedly brilliant and captivating. Nonetheless, they would look even more stunning if they came in a larger size.
  • Unique and gorgeous flame-like illumination
  • Economical and harmless to the environment
  • Withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to install using guides
  • Practical for different applications
  • Would have been better if they were bigger
As a whole, if you are in search of outdoor solar fixtures that are practical and convenient for many different applications, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

6. Home Zone Solar Post Lights

  • Material: Glass
  • No. of Light Sources: 1
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • Working Time: about 8 Hrs
  • Voltage: 1.2V

You don’t need to further your search if you’re looking for top rated solar post caps. This product is worth-considering. This model features LED lights that emit long-lasting and warm illumination. Indeed, they could improve any household or workplace by offering elegant accent lighting.

The product is engineered with decorative housing that makes the fixture look sophisticated wherever installed. You can install these lights without any hassle, and without consuming much time. You simply need to turn the light on and affix using the mounting screws included in the kit to assemble the fixture on your fence or post. Note that these are for 4×4 solar post lights.

This unit is tested and certified for outdoor weather resistance, so regardless of weather conditions in your area, these lights won’t malfunction. You can purchase these lights with confidence.

Homeowners will surely like the automatic sensor of these fixtures. This allows users to take pleasure in sufficient lighting at nightfall without the need to turn on the lights, as they work by themselves. Also, they charge automatically at daytime, so you don’t need to manually do the work for them and just continue with your activities.

Nonetheless, it appears that the product description is slightly misleading. In the description it says the product is constructed using aluminum and glass, but the frame is made of plastic.
  • Equipped with automatic sensor and charger
  • Emits elegant accent lighting
  • Easy to install with screws
  • Built with decorative housing design
  • Weather resistant ability
  • Misleading product description
Lastly, if you are fishing for solar lights that allow for a painless and quick setup, this product can provide just that!

7. LOHAS M-SO0310 Solar Lights

  • Material: Plastic
  • No. of Light Sources: 4
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Working Time: 10-12 Hrs
  • Voltage: 5V

Do you need solar lighting for a deck post? If yes, you may take a closer look at what these solar LED lights can offer your home or workplace. These units are ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces in the dark. The LEDs can give off bright illumination at dusk with 6000K.

These latest versions are made with upgraded solar panels that can charge more efficiently. These lights are great options for environmentally-conscious shoppers, since they are harmless to the planet we live in, and they remarkably aid in saving energy consumption.

Furthermore, these solar lights are self-contained, so you don’t need to manually turn them on at night and off at daytime, and they charge by themselves too. These are convenient and lightweight, so carrying them around and storing them is as easy as ABC. Also, these are wireless and portable.

More importantly, these fixtures are specifically intended for outdoor use so they come with IP65 waterproof rating. This means that they could combat extreme weather conditions. You will be free to install them in your outdoor spaces.

Undeniably, these solar-powered outdoor lights work efficiently when it comes to lighting up your fence or posts; however, the mounting screws seem unreliable as they are a little flimsy. Hence, you need to buy more solid screws to install the fixtures tightly.
  • Give off bright illumination at dusk with 6000K
  • Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Convenient and lightweight to carry around
  • Portable and wireless design
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Flimsy mounting screws
If you are one of those who are looking for a great addition to their lights in the backyard or garden, this option provides great value for money!

8. SunnyPark Solar Post Lights

Are you having a hard time picking the right solar fence post lights? If so, you don’t need to make yourself suffer more. These solar fixtures are worthwhile investments because of their unique appeal and functionality. Without question, these solar-powered lights are the solution to make your residence stand out.

Primarily, these are great choices for 4×4 post caps or for smaller dimensions. They are uncomplicated to set up, and are built to last. These units are made using high-quality crystal glass, as well as highly efficient solar panels that charge adequately at daytime.

Make sure that the solar panels are placed somewhere where they are exposed to direct sunlight, so the lights could work beyond ten hours at night. Unquestionably, these units are great options to add deck illumination without wiring and electricity.

The stunning crackle glass design of these fixtures is perfect for embellishing residential properties and workplaces. It is not surprising why many buyers pick these alternatives.

One major concern about these solar lights is their inconsistent sizing. I noticed that some of them fit perfectly and the screw was precise too. But, some of them are slightly bigger, so the screw won’t fit or reach the post.
  • Ideal for 4×4 post caps or for smaller dimensions
  • Uncomplicated to set up
  • Top-quality crystal glass and highly efficient solar panels
  • Runs for more than ten hours when fully charged
  • Perfect for embellishing houses and workplaces
  • Inconsistent sizing
One major concern about these solar lights is their inconsistent sizing. I noticed that some of them fit perfectly and the screw was precise too. But, some of them are slightly bigger, so the screw won’t fit or reach the post.

9. Kemeco ST4224Q-A Solar Post Light

Do you find it challenging to purchase solar lights for decking posts? This sun-powered fixture is a great solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Made using heavy-duty metal materials, it is built to last, and is practical for several uses.

The assembly process of this outdoor solar light is quite simple. So, even if you are a novice in solar light installation, the setup process is no problem. Just mount the fixture on the post, and then flip the small switch to light it up. Then, you’re all set!

This light is solar-powered, so it won’t make your electricity bills higher. It works automatically too, so you don’t need to manually turn it on or off. This version is upgraded and comes with well-enhanced features and functions.

For homeowners who have discerning taste when it comes to decorating their residences, this solar outdoor light can add more sophistication, elegance, and class wherever you install it. As you can see, it has an expensive look and will certainly appear brilliant in outdoor spaces.

All the same, the light output of this product greatly differs especially when the weather is cloudy. It also runs for a shorter length of time at night if the solar panels were positioned in an area where they couldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. So, the location where they’re installed and the weather condition are factors that must be considered.
  • Heavy-duty metal materials
  • Perfect for a broad range of uses
  • Novices can install easily
  • Solar-powered and runs automatically
  • Well-improved and upgraded design
  • Elegant, classy and sophisticated look
  • Light output differs depending on placement and weather condition
To conclude, this brand does not fail in manufacturing the top-rated solar deck post lights!

10. FOOYANCHO Solar Post Lights

If you are on the hunt for reasonably priced yet very functional solar power post caps, these alternatives are good investments to consider. They are beginner-friendly, so you can DIY the assembly process. They are designed with a sensitive auto on and off function and solar charging system too. Hence, there’s no need to supervise them once installed.

Many homeowners like these solar lights for post because they are low-profile. These high-performing lights can also repel water and resist corrosion. This is thanks to the durable built and IP65 waterproof rating. You’ll be free of worries regardless of the weather condition. Just like most solar lights, these do not necessitate high maintenance.

The built-in battery is great at providing light for three to five days on a full charge. These units can deliver three kinds of illumination, which are warm white, warm and white. There’s no need for manual work, so you only need to delight in the moment while looking at the relaxing glow they emit.

For all that, it is important to ensure that the fixtures are tightly positioned in a small spot while the solar panel on top faces direct sunlight. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to acquire sun energy. As you can see, they don’t allow more flexible charging options. So, you’d better follow the manufacturer’s assembly guide.
  • Sensitive auto on and off function and solar charging system
  • No trouble to set up
  • Corrosion-resistant and waterproof design
  • Provide 3-5 days of lighting on full charge
  • Have 3 light colors (warm, white, warm white)
  • Low maintenance
  • Have only one charging option
Overall, these solar cap lights are reliable in terms of providing homeowners with a full night’s worth of illumination on their residential property.

11. NOMA Solar Post Lights

For buyers who want to purchase high lumen solar post lights, it is essential that you read product descriptions or customer reviews first. Oftentimes, the lumens rating of solar fixtures are not indicated, so it is best to look for other ways you can determine them. Luckily, these units won’t disappoint you.

These solar lights for outdoor applications can provide you with brilliant illumination, exactly as you need. Such outdoor solar fixtures can offer ultra-high illumination efficiency since they are made with well-improved monocrystalline solar panels.

If fully charged, the lights can run for more than eight hours. These lights work automatically, so you don’t need to check them often. They turn on and off by themselves. Their durable and heavy-duty built makes them capable of resisting extreme weather conditions, so they could guarantee excellent performance.

In particular, for homeowners who prefer cool outdoor illumination, these outdoor post lights can certainly add a more fashionable touch to your outdoor spaces. They are not only appealing to behold, they are also functional in several ways. These attributes make them a great investment that’s worth having for smart shoppers.

Meanwhile, these units aren’t suitable for 4×4 posts because they only measure 3.75. I wish the manufacturer would provide exact details about the product. To solve the problem, a few modifications are necessary.
  • Automatic sunset-to-sunrise sensor
  • Resists all types of weather conditions
  • Ultra-high illumination efficiency design
  • Run for more than eight hours
  • Fashionable and versatile
  • Inaccurate product description
On the whole, these lights are smart options to guarantee ultra-high lighting efficiency. The good news is that you can get them without breaking the bank.

12. OTHWAY GY-L6-4 Solar Post Lights

Have you found the brightest solar post lights yet? Don’t worry, with lots of available options out there, you can surely find what you’re looking for. These solar-powered LED lights are ideal for those who prefer excellent, decorative and enticing light design.

More importantly, you won’t experience any struggle when setting up these lights on your wall as well. This is because there is no need to deal with complicated wires, so even novices can do the job. The entire installation process can be accomplished in a few minutes.

These units are engineered with an automated switch and a built-in sensor. So, they are self-contained and will work automatically without supervision. In general, they work for only a few hours if there’s a lack of direct sunlight exposure, especially during winter. Make sure that you position them in locations where they could collect a great amount of sunlight.

These sun-powered lights are built using durable plastic. Hence, they are adept at staying in place, and heavy-duty enough to handle a fair amount of snow, rain, and wind. In case you encounter some defects or concerns regarding these fixtures, you can always count on their very helpful customer service support. Your queries and issues will be addressed and solved right away.

Anyhow, these solar lights are a bit small. Indeed, if you like bigger solar fixtures, these won’t match that requirement.
  • Automated switch and built-in sensor
  • Installing takes minutes, no wires needed
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy plastic material
  • Captivating and decorative lighting
  • Reliable customer service support
  • Not recommended for those looking for bigger solar fixtures
  • Work for only a few hours if there’s little sunlight
If you are fishing for small, charming and adorable light design, these units are worth investing in!

13. SUNWIND Solar Post Lights

These Sunwind solar post cap lights are popular for those who prefer amber light. Their simplicity and functionality are attributes that most buyers adore. These are made with solid plastic material, so they are built to last and can offer good quality service.

Such solar outdoor fixtures can look great if installed on wooden fences or piles. These units are ideal for conserving energy, since they do not require electricity to light up at night. These LED fence lights are engineered with waterproof and weather resistant features.

Thus, even if they are placed outdoors, you can have peace of mind that they could endure snow, wind, and rain. Such lamps can fight off any rugged weather conditions due to their IP44 waterproof grade.

Such post deck lights for outdoor use require charging for about eight to ten hours. This is essential to consider if you want them to light up for six to eight hours at night. These are definitely energy-efficient and convenient to use for homeowners. Their self-contained attribute also makes them an ideal choice for busy people.

Since the kit already contains the required tools for installation, and there is a manual guide to assist you as you set up the lights, you can finish installing the fixtures in a few minutes. But, please keep in mind that these units are only recommended for posts that come with a 3.58″ x 3.58″ dimension. To avoid problems, measure your post first before buying.
  • Guarantees long-standing durability and good service
  • Recommended for wooden fences or piles
  • Does not require the use of electricity
  • Waterproof rating of IP44
  • Produces amber light
  • Comes with tools and manuals for installation
  • Only intended for 3.58″ x 3.58″ posts
Surprisingly, these are plastic made, but they are functional, impressive, and durable.

14. iGlow LED Post Deck Cap Light

Just like when choosing premium quality post top solar lights, you also need to be meticulous when picking a reliable post or deck cap solar light to ensure that you’re getting what you deserve. The good news is that you won’t go wrong if you give these solar lights a try. They are good investments, yet there is no need to spend extravagantly.

In addition to this, the LEDs are super bright. It is interesting to note that they could last up to a hundred thousand hours. That said, they are cost-effective since they do not require frequent replacements. They are specifically made to withstand potentially hazardous natural elements.

Basically, the installation method is a cinch. The kit includes the required parts and attachments, so assembling the solar lights does not need to be a painful process even for beginners.

The solar panel of this model has been upgraded, and it can ensure more efficient charging performance. Since the solar fixtures illuminate automatically at sunset, turn off and charge by itself at sunrise, there is no work left for you to do.

One minor gripe about these outdoor solar deck post lights is their color. I think the copper color option is more of gold. Well, I am not sure if I’m just color blind. Even so, the color is not a big deal after all.
  • Long-lasting superbly bright LED
  • Designed to withstand hazardous natural elements
  • Contains all fence post parts and attachments
  • Sold at a great price
  • Guarantees efficient charging performance
  • Can work by itself
  • The copper option looks like gold
In general, these solar lights offer great bang for your bucks. They are a great deal that you shouldn’t miss.
Outdated Products

KMC LIGHTING KS101X6 Solar Light (Outdated)

For those who adore low maintenance and safe to use solar lighting for fence posts, these items are worth-buying. The package includes superb, bright LED lights that offer homeowners warm and gentle illumination for any outdoor spot. These are equipped with energy-efficient and rechargeable batteries.

If you have not tried installing solar outdoor lights before, you don’t need to spend more hiring an electrician to do the job. This is because these lights that use solar power don’t need any wiring, so setting them up in your desired location is not a problem. They will definitely light up well and look stunning wherever you install them.

The package includes clear instructions on how to assemble and use the lights. All you need to do is make sure that you situate the unit where there is direct sunlight.

Furthermore, in case you have some questions or concerns with regards to the product bought, this brand’s customer service support ensures that you can always count on a very prompt response.

As for the price, these are a good catch since the kit contains 6 fixtures already. This will fit your budget for sure. Be that as it may, similar to most solar-powered fixtures, these lights are also slightly dimmer on gloomy days. This is expected as the solar panel cannot charge very efficiently on cloudy days, or in shadowy locations.
  • Very efficient rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to install and no wiring needed
  • Great customer service support
  • Includes easy-to-follow assembly guides
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • A bit dimmer on cloudy days
In summary, this product is one of the best bets if you go for affordability, straightforward installation, and great customer service support.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Post Lights


What vital features and functions to look into when buying high-quality solar post lights?

 Durable Construction

Outdoor solar post lights are more susceptible to rugged conditions such as heavy rains and extreme heat. Hence, it is important to check if the product is built with durable materials to ensure that it can withstand the harsh conditions outside.

You can pick solar lights for posts that are engineered using sturdy plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Also, check if it is made with rust-proof and UV-resistant features.

Run Time and Charge Time

Needless to say, the best fixture that you should pick is the one that could offer your household sufficient lighting for longer hours. Run time refers to the number of hours that a fixture could run and last during dusk.

Meanwhile, charge time pertains to the number of hours that your fixture requires to fully charge so it could generate the energy to work at night. Charging can be affected by gloomy weather, so search for options that can still charge efficiently even under shady areas and harsh weather conditions.

Light Output or Brightness

Consider the size of the location that you wish to light up. A fixture could light up your outdoor spaces; however, it is better if it could also cover a broader area.

The fixture’s brightness is detected by the lumens that a solar light possesses. So, it is necessary to search for a light that comes with higher lumens.

Easy to Install

Find solar post light kits that already contain all the necessary materials, tools or accessories for installation. They must also include a manual, so effortless assembly is guaranteed. Luckily, such fixtures are generally easy to install, and do not call for a professional service.


The design of the fixture is critical, especially if you are searching for a light to enhance visual effects in your residence. You can select from various designs.

Different products are designed to add more appeal, function and sophistication to outdoor spaces. You can select a light that perfectly matches the needs of your home.

Weatherproof and Waterproof

Solar lights are exposed to various weather conditions as they are positioned outdoors. Hence, choose an option that can endure extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, winds, extreme heat and snow. Check if the product comes with waterproof ratings.

Buy a model that is designed with a higher rating, the one that is weatherproof certified, and could combat inclement weather conditions.

Unique Features

Some options are made with extra and unique features like several modes of lighting, and a motion detector. You could search for a fixture that is made with special features that can ensure more convenience and functions.


Check the size of the fixture’s bottom section. This is essential to identify where you can install the fixtures, or if the light post or the surface is broad and big enough to mount the fixtures on.

The body size of the fixture must be inspected too since larger ones are quite noticeable, whereas smaller ones could instantly blend into your landscape.

Responsive Customer Service Support

Nothing beats a brand that responds urgently to its customer’s concerns and queries. In case of problems with the product, it is good to have good customer support.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a solar post light?

This fixture refers to an elevated source of light that comes with a bulb. Generally, it is housed and shielded within a frame, and then affixed on patios, decks, posts, and fences.

You can install them in any desired spot, or where necessary. This light does not solely provide illumination for outdoor spaces, it could also be utilized for adorning or enhancing the landscape at your residential property, or workplace. Generally, they are made with classy and contemporary design.

What distinguishes a solar post light from a normal post light is the source of power. The former is sun-powered. This is why it is economical to use, and does not pose any hazard to the environment.

Such type of light is ideal for users who are searching for a dependable and bright light source at dusk. This outdoor fixture is energy-saving, reasonably priced, and environmentally-friendly.

How does it work?

Just like other types of solar-powered lights, solar lights designed for posts acquire energy from the sun. They can generate power by means of being charged during daylight. These allow users to save on electricity consumption since they can use solar energy to power up devices.

For solar light posts to run at night, they are designed with four parts. These components include the light fixture, solar panel, control electronics, and the battery.

The solar panel is the one that converts the sun’s energy into electricity. In daylight, under the direct heat of the sun, the solar panel charges the light by absorbing solar energy. Electronic controls allow the solar panel to automatically charge and turn itself on.

Solar light fixtures have built-in sensors or electronic controls that could detect if there is light or no light. This operation enables the light to turn on automatically at sundown, and turn off automatically to charge at sunrise.

In addition, the power generated throughout the day is kept in the battery. The energy stored in the battery is the one that powers up the fixture at dusk, making the surrounding properly illuminated and ensuring reliable lighting.

As you can observe, these devices are hassle-free to install and use at home, or in the workplace.

What are the different types of solar post lights?

There are several types of solar post lights sold on the market at present, so it is important to learn which type is suitable for your needs. Learning more about these types of fixtures can greatly assist you in purchasing premium products.

It is worth noting that there are distinct forms of solar light posts, and the distinction relies upon the battery they utilize.

They are:

  • Solar post lights that use lithium-ion battery

Solar post lights that utilize lithium-ion batteries are pricier than those that use lead acid batteries. This is because the lifespan of the battery is longer as it could work for about five to six years.

Additionally, they require smaller solar panels since they only necessitate 3.7 volts to efficiently charge the battery. Fundamentally, such a voltage requirement is effortlessly generated even in gloomy weather.

Regardless, the drawback of this is that there might be a hazard of explosion in harsh weather conditions. The efficiency of the battery is minimized at low or high temperatures.

  •  Solar post lights that use lead acid battery

These are quite well-known among consumers since they are less costly compared with other options. The lifespan of the battery is approximately three to four years. Nevertheless, one downside of this type is its bigger size that calls for a bigger space.

In the same way, they require larger solar panels to charge more efficiently. The solar panels need to generate at least 12 volts when charging the battery. As you can see, this is difficult to generate on a cloudy day, which affects the brightness of the lights.

The weak side of this option is that they are not recommended for extreme weather conditions. In addition to this, it has more hazards of explosion. Due to its lead content, it may also pose threats to the environment. It also needs regular maintenance unlike other types.

  •  Solar post lights that utilize lithium ion phosphate battery

Popular for being more advanced compared to the other types, this option is pricier. However, it merely requires 3.2 volts to charge. This means that the solar panels are smaller. It does not have problems charging, and it can generate power without any difficulty even during inclement weather conditions.

It is also low maintenance. Best of all, the battery life can roughly last for nine to twelve years. Obviously, this type can provide users with a reliable source of light for an extended period.

Finally, since it can work adeptly even under rugged conditions, this is a safer choice than the others.

Why do you need solar post cap lights? (Benefits)

Solar post lights serve as practical outdoor illumination for outdoor spaces. They can give your outdoor areas a good amount of necessary lighting at sunset. Apart from this, having these fixtures installed at home can help you reduce your expenses in electricity consumption.

Since solar lights designed for posts are generally LEDs, they can last for an extended period of time. You don’t need to frequently replace them. And these are not difficult to care for; in fact, they are not high maintenance, and do not require supervision as they work on their own.

Because of their renewable energy source, even if your current location is prone to power outage, you can still have reliable lighting so long as they are situated where they could charge sufficiently. Just make sure that they are exposed to direct sunlight. You can depend on them during emergencies as well.

Moreover, solar lights are perfect for decorating your household or workplace. They can also beautify your landscapes. They commonly come with contemporary and classy designs—all these could add more appeal and sophistication wherever you install them.

The warm and cozy illumination that solar post lights provide can ensure a very welcoming ambiance at home or in business areas. Some of them are designed with built-in sensors so they could easily detect light, and such a feature allows them to turn on and off automatically.

If you have the habit of forgetting to turn lights on or off, they can do the work for you. They also charge automatically during daytime.

You don’t need to hire a professional electrician to install the fixtures for you. Even if you haven’t installed one before, you will find the assembly process easy. Such fixtures can be mounted wherever you desire as long as they could acquire ample amounts of sunlight.

As for the price, there are many options that work efficiently, yet they are pocket-friendly. It may be true that some options are priced expensively, but looking closely at their special features and functions, you will find them so cost-effective since they are longer-lasting and energy-saving.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best solar post lights?

If you find it hard to choose the best manufacturer for the top-rated solar post lights, then it is helpful to conduct a comparison between the top-rated brands. You can read some testimonials, feedback, or comments of consumers who have used the solar lights manufactured by different brands.

But, to give you a recommendation, the following brands have premium quality solar post lights that countless consumers rely on:

  • Kemeco
  • Siedinlar
  • Davinci
  • Home Zone Security

When conducting research about the most reputable brands, check out the features, pros and cons of their products too. In doing so, you can come up with a well-informed final purchasing decision. You can absolutely get the best value for your money.

How do you set up and use it?

In general, solar post lights kits include the required mounting screws. Some manufacturers also provide poles that you can utilize. Solar fixtures are a cinch to affix on poles or posts. Moreover, the kit provides a manual guide that assists buyers in properly installing the lights.

Solar-powered lights are made with wireless design. So, mounting or setting them up in a desired spot is not a problem. They can be installed in any area, depending on your purpose.

When you are finished assembling your solar light post, all you need to do is to turn it on. Then, the fixture will charge itself automatically. In line with this, the light sensor would turn the lights on at sundown, and turn off at dawn. So, they work without supervision.

How to care and clean?

You only need occasional battery replacement and cleaning to ensure that your solar fixtures will continue to function properly. Generally speaking, it is suggested that you replace the battery after two years. But, for people living in cold climates and long winters, one year is recommended.

When cleaning, use soapy, warm water and a wet soft fabric. Carefully wipe off the dirt and grime that built up on the solar panel and fixtures. Check the lights for any indications of damage.

Make sure that the plants, grass and trees where your solar panels and fixtures are situated are frequently pruned or cut. This is to avoid affecting the light output of the lights and charging efficiency of the solar panel.

Consider storing your solar lights during snowy or rainy seasons. Keep them in a safe, dark, and cool spot.

How to make a solar light post?

Required Materials: LED solar lights, wood glue, 4″ x 4″ lumber, clamps, drill press or power drill, 7/8″ g, stain or paint (optional)


  • Cut down the 4”x4” lumber to sizes preferred. If you want them tall, it is your choice. The size will depend on the space where you’ll install it. Sand any rough edges.
  • Construct the structure. Use clamps and wood glue when affixing the 4″x 4″ pieces one-by-one. Then, wait approximately 12 hours for this to dry. If you want to add stain or paint, you may do so. That is up to you.
  • Drill approximately 2-inch holes into the top portion of each post. For this sample, a 7/8″ spade bit in my drill is ideal for the solar fixtures. Take note that you might require a smaller or larger hinging depending on the solar fixture’s width. Always do the measuring to ensure exact fit.
  • Then, add the solar fixtures into each hole. If the solar fixtures come with stakes, remove them first before fitting. Alternatively, use a tough glue to ensure a tight fitting.
  • Lastly, close up the solar fixture stand. You’re done!

Where can I buy?

You can purchase top-quality solar post lights in a variety of stores such as home depots, electrical shops, hardware stores, malls, and department stores. But, if you’d like to get the best possible deals and be offered limitless options, then shopping online is highly recommended.

Amazon is one of the most trusted online shopping sites where almost all the products you need can be found. It is reliable to shop on this site because they provide shoppers with complete product details, product ratings, and customer reviews that can help you make a confident buying decision.

You can take pleasure in the outstanding delivery service since this site ships to many different locations. You can also enjoy some special discounts, promos, and shopping deals that can’t be found when shopping in local stores. See, you can save more money too!

You can rest assured that your package will be delivered to you in a safe, secure and good condition.


As clearly stated in this article, it is essential to inspect the features, pros and cons of the best solar post lights. This is for you to ensure that you get what you pay for. The products reviewed in this post are some of the top-rated options of smart consumers globally. Even so, we highly suggest that you weigh the options.

Lastly, we guarantee you that these solar post lights can offer you sufficient brightness and lighting that your outdoor spaces especially require. Shopping online can surely make your shopping experience more worthwhile. Hopefully, you were able to find what you were looking for!

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