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How to Charge a Solar Watch Fast?

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

The new age of technology has dawned, and this has brought a multitude of innovative inventions to the table. Such innovations vary from gadgets you can power with the light of the sun and bullet trains that take you hundreds of miles in an hour. Speed and efficiency are required by the urban life, and since you’re here, looking at how to charge a solar watch fast, you know what we mean. Read on about the main things you can do to charge your watch faster:

What You Will Need


Since the goal is to charge your solar watch in the fastest way possible, you will only need a few things to proceed with the activity. They are as follows:

  • a solar watch that remains functional to date
  • watch battery in its good condition
  • a light source, preferably one that is direct and natural
  • an area to put your watch on standby, like a windowsill.

If you have no access to direct natural sunlight, you can charge it under a daylight fluorescent bulb. However, your solar watch may take longer to re-charge when using artificial light sources.

Here are other factors that may affect the duration of the re-charging:

  • It may as well take more hours in colder climates as compared to tropical or warmer places.
  • Leaving the watch constantly on low battery levels or empty may also affect the duration.
  • The quality of the battery may also be a factor.

Steps On How To Do It


1. No Time to Run on Empty

Solar watches usually have a long lifespan for a gadget, and generally, it can last for more than a decade without changing the battery, Still, protecting the quality of your watch’s battery is also integral to its health. So, even when you’re always on the run, take the time to expose the watch to sunlight or any light source for that matter. This way, the battery charges faster and conserves power better. Also, avoid storing these watches in complete darkness.

2. Time to Re-charge

When the watch pointer bar turns to zero, it means that you need to do some re-charging. The need to re-charge may also manifest in the inconsistent movements of the second hand, the inability of certain mode buttons to work, and when it becomes difficult to set the time or keep it fixed.

The best thing about solar devices is that you can charge them anytime the sun is out. You can even charge it with a daylight-set light source. It will take you approximately 3 to 5 minutes of charging to get you 24 hours’ worth of watch power.

3. Charging Efficiently

Put your watch on a window sill or a ledge where it is exposed to direct sunlight, but is still somehow indoors. Make sure that it reaches a minimum charge of 80% before removing it from under the light. Always check the charging level to see how much your watch is charging, especially during cloudy days.

4. Letting the Light In

Solar gadgets have made work continuous; you don’t have to plug them on a charging device or to a convenience outlet every time the power runs low. This means that you just put your watch under a light source while working, driving, or when you’re not using it. The exposure of the gadget will recharge it without the need for constant checking or surveillance.

5. The Need to Reset

When your solar watch reaches a point that the power bar no longer increases or it refuses to charge, try resetting it. For analog models, you can pull out the crown and keep it removed for a minute before pushing it back, then do the resetting. Go through this process delicately without pulling parts out or back in forcefully and repeatedly until it starts to recharge again. Each type also has a different reset method, if you are interested in seiko watches and how to reset, click here to learn more.

If you already understand how to fast charge a watch, you can learn more how it works or how to change time on casio watch here.


To sum it up, you will need to keep the power at a considerable level to keep the battery at good quality. This way, your solar watch can last you for as long as you need it, thus giving you your money’s worth. All that being said, we hope that this has been of help to you and that the time and energy you’ve conserved by following this guide will be spent on more productive activities. Power on!

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