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How to Change Time on Casio Tough Solar Illuminator?

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

how to change time on casio tough solar illuminator

Everyone knows how popular solar watches are these days because they’re effective and cost-efficient. However, it’s also a known fact that they’re pretty hard to use. I know a lot of people who complain about buying Casio Tough Solar watches without knowing how to use it. And they aren’t the only ones! Seeing these, I decided to make a guide on how to change time on Casio Tough Solar Illuminator to help everyone out.

If you happen to own a Casio Tough Solar but don’t know how to set the time, then this guide is for you. You can proceed below.

What You’ll Need


I have friends who have asked me if there is a need for special tools or other things in order to set the time on the Casio Tough Solar. Since most of them don’t know how to use it, they usually think that some sort of special tools is needed.

The beauty of this watch is that you don’t need anything for it. You don’t even need to change the batteries because you can charge it. For this guide, I suggest that you get your manual and familiarize yourself with the different buttons and modes. In order to change the time, you’ll need all of that information.

Also, you might want to charge your watch right away the moment you notice that it’s losing battery power. The reason for this is because if ever your battery goes flat, then the configuration (including the time that you have set) will be reset.

Anyway, the only thing you’ll really need is the watch itself and the manual. With that out of the way, we can go on to the steps which you can find below.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Study the Different Modes

First, you need to take note of the 7 different modes. There is the stopwatch, world time, alarm, receive, date recall, countdown, and timekeeping. These are the important ones that you need to take note of. The mode button can be found on the lower left button. This button is used to change the mode. So you start with world time mode and then you can change mode by pressing on this button.

The Timekeeping mode has three more sub-modes. These aren’t that important for this guide but we’ll mention them anyway. These three sub-modes are The altimeter, the barometer, and the digital compass.

Step 2: Go to the Timekeeping Mode


Another function of the Timekeeping Mode is to set the time. So the first thing that you should do is to hold the lower-left corner button until you reach your Timekeeping mode. You’ll know if it’s in this mode if it shows the date, time, and day.

Step 3: Choose Your Location and Timezone


When you get into the Timekeeping mode, the next thing you do is press the top left corner button. You’ll get to see a bunch of cities and timezones. You just need to keep on pressing the right corner button and choose the city or location that’s closest to you. This will give you your timezone.


Once you do this, simply press the bottom left button. Upon doing this, the time will automatically match your city or timezone’s time.

Step 4: Repeat the Process


Now that you know the process of changing the time, you can do this anytime you need to. For instance, if you travel, you’ll need to repeat the process and match your time with the city’s time you’re in.

Also, we mentioned above that whenever your Casio Tough Solar’s battery will go bust, the configuration will be reset. So you need to align the time again so you can get the right one as per your city.


So were you able to learn a lot? Did you enjoy reading the article? I believe that this is a really useful article for those who own Casio Tough Solar watches because it breaks down the steps of changing the time into simple bite-sized pieces. That way, you won’t have trouble following the instructions.

If there are other things you’d like to share or if you’d like to give some feedback, leave a comment on the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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