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The Best Solar Atomic Watches for Men and Women

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar atomic watch

With plenty of solar-powered wristwatch options sold nowadays, choosing the best solar atomic watch can be a headache. It is essential to research the atomic solar watch features and not just be lured only by the appealing design.

Atomic watches work more accurately; nonetheless, before buying solar watches, it is best to consider the three main factors below:

  • Trustworthy brand: Several solar and atomic watches brands to select from, all of which claim to be the best in wrist watch manufacturing and adept at providing accurate time. To name a few, Citizen, Seiko, and Casio- all these brands are trusted by countless wristwatch lovers worldwide.
  • Undeniably, these watch brands manufacture the top-rated solar watches, and they’ve been famous and reputable in the market for many years now.
  • Main functions: Some of the features you should search for include visibility of the date, stopwatch, luminosity, chronograph watch, and ability to provide accurate time. Besides, water resistance is among the important functions we want in a long-lasting solar atomic watch.
  • Price and budget: Decide the budget you’re willing and able to spend on the watch. There are excellent watch options that are not super expensive, so you don’t have to exceed your budget. The price can range from as affordable as $80 to more than $300 for an exquisite watch.

The truth is, there are other vital features and functions that you should inspect before investing in a solar-powered watch. We’ll share some of the most outstanding solar atomic watch options available, buying tips, and other related information in this post.

Top 10 Solar Atomic Watch Reviews

1. Casio Men’s G-Shock GW2310-1 Solar Atomic Watch

For shoppers planning to buy premium quality atomic timekeeping watches, this option is a perfect item to start the search.

The watch’s full auto EL backlight with an afterglow effect on the face makes it visible even at dusk. Its water-resistance feature makes it ideal for those who particularly like water sports and activities or any rugged applications.

Its shock resistance feature can offer maximum protection against accidental drops. Outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcers, military personnel, and surfers will benefit from this incredibly tough and stylish timepiece. Besides, wearing this G Shock solar watch leaves me worry-free about a stable operation of diverse high-load functions.

This watch has several versatile features and functions, like city code display, countdown timer, 12/24-hour formats, and 1/100 second stopwatch. It allows button operation tone on & off and features a full-auto calendar that’s already pre-programmed until 2099.

I find the solar rechargeable battery designed with a power-saving function and battery power indicator impressive too.

The estimated battery life can extend up to ten months on a full charge without frequent light exposure. The digital display and world time options are other excellent features that I love about this solar timepiece; I appreciate the sophisticated look.

Meanwhile, the alarm sound works just fine when I’m in a meeting or watching TV, but I noticed it’s not audible enough in a boisterous environment.
  • Full auto EL backlight with afterglow, water, and shock-resistance features
  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcers, military personnel, surfers, etc.
  • Ensures a stable operation of diverse high-load functions
  • City code display, countdown timer, 12/24-hour formats, 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Has button operation tone on & off for easy use
  • Equipped with excellent solar rechargeable battery
  • Issues with alarm volume
People looking for Casio tough solar watches will find this item one of the best with its valuable features and functions ideal for rugged use.

2. Casio Men’s G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Solar Atomic Watch

This atomic solar watch for men is manufactured with a multi-band, 200M water-resistant, and shock-resistant design. This G Shock watch is built with superb quality, and it features a super durable build, which makes it ideal for long-lasting use.

The storage battery can last for roughly nine months on a full charge without continuous light exposure. It comes with a power-saving function and power reserve indicator.

Its other features are four daily alarms, an hourly time signal, one snooze alarm, full auto-calendar, and a countdown timer. I particularly like this model because it’s easy to use once you learn the instructions and it’s also designed with a big main display. I’m also impressed by its sturdiness, affordability, accuracy, and low maintenance features.

Primarily, I prefer a solar-powered atomic sports watch that does not require a “time reset” while traveling, so I find this model a perfect option for that.

Another helpful feature is that it also comes with a simple and easy-to-read dial. It has a button operation tone on & off and 12/24-hour formats.

It also features excellent details such as a full auto EL backlight with afterglow. On the cons, men with small wrists might find this Casio solar timepiece model a bit cumbersome to wear because it is slightly bulky.
  • Multi-band, water-resistant and shock-resistant atomic watch
  • Displays world time, full auto EL backlight with afterglow
  • Has a long-lasting solar rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use with button operation tone on & off and 12/24-hour formats
  • Global time requires no resetting the time while traveling
  • Men with small wrists might find it slightly bulky.
Buyers planning to invest in an accurate, sturdy, water-resistant, and low maintenance Casio solar atomic watch will indeed find this item worth checking out.

3. Casio G-Shock GWM500A-1 Digital Wrist Watch

I am impressed by this solar atomic digital watch’s retro and classy design; I heard that such a model has been around for several years now.

It comes with an LCD watch face to show the day, time, and date. Also, it has a full auto EL backlight with afterglow feature that’s quite useful at night.

I find it pretty straightforward to use, I only need to set my location, and it will automatically do all the work. The time will adjust each day at 00:00 via radio signal, and the maximum battery life can extend up to nine months.

This radio-controlled watch features an incredibly tough build and is capable of recharging the battery even when I’m on the go. This compact solar watch is also designed with a multi-band atomic timekeeping function that guarantees more precision and accuracy.

I am into affordable solar radio-controlled watches, so I’m lucky to come across this item. Loaded with impressive features and functions, I can make the most out of this small solar atomic G-shock watch. It has a timer, five alarms and one snooze, world time option, and stopwatch.

On the downside, the band, which the watch came with, appears difficult to find when it calls for a replacement. It is also quite stiff, making it impossible to lay down the timepiece in a flat position.

In my opinion, if it came with the standard resin band that most G-shocks came with, this item would have gotten five stars.
  • Equipped with an LCD watch face and full auto EL backlight
  • Pretty simple and straightforward to use
  • Compact, rugged, and recharges the battery on the go
  • One of the most reasonably priced options
  • Timer, five alarms and one snooze, world time option, stopwatch
  • Compared to other watches, this watch’s band seems challenging to find
Conclusively, this water-resistant and compact solar-powered atomic watch combines toughness, multiple functions, and affordability, so shoppers can consider it a great addition to their watch collections.

4. Seiko Men’s COUTURA Japanese-Quartz Watch

This Seiko atomic watch is built with advanced solar technology, so there are no frequent battery replacements.

It’s also designed with a stainless steel strap and automatically acquires radio waves that accurately adjust the calendar and time. I can have stored power for six months so long as the timepiece is fully charged.

This Seiko watch is a perfect option for those who are looking for a timepiece with a bold signature design with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Such a nice look is suitable for sporty events and other occasions.

This solar wristwatch also includes an angular stainless steel case, so storing it after use is more accessible; keeping it well-maintained is not a problem.

This solar atomic watch also features appealingly finished dials that display divergent color accents, dimensional design, and the LumiBrite hands are stunning, featuring more elaborated shaped markers.

This watch is 330-feet waterproof rated, so I’m confident it’s safe to use for my water activities. It’s a timepiece with a Japanese quartz movement, making calendar and time adjustment easier as it works for 25 world time zones.

At first, the only thing that made me hesitate to buy this water-resistant solar watch was its costly price tag. But, it’s made by the Seiko brand, and checking out its luring features somehow made me realize that the price is just right for the perks.
  • Acquires power from sunlight, and no frequent battery replacements are needed
  • Stainless steel strap and 330-feet waterproof rating
  • Acquires radio signals automatically, up to six months power reserve
  • Comes with an angular stainless steel case
  • Features a Japanese quartz movement and exquisitely finished dials
  • Priced higher than other solar atomic watch options
This Seiko solar atomic watch with sapphire crystal is expensive, but it’s packed with impressive and useful features, and it even comes with a stainless steel case.

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping Watch ‎AT4010-50E

For gentlemen out there who are fishing for men’s solar atomic watches that recharge without any trouble with both artificial and natural light, Citizen Watches can be your go-to.

Light energy is kept in a lastingly rechargeable solar cell, so frequently replacing the battery is unnecessary. Personally, what attracted me to invest in this timepiece is its ability to guarantee timekeeping reliability and accuracy.

This Chrono watch is crafted with atomic timekeeping technology that enables integrated time adjustment in five time zones. Hence, it’s effortless to adjust to diverse time zones whenever I travel to different countries.

This 200M water-resistant atomic timepiece allows me to wear it while I’m in the bathroom safely. Indeed, it’s my reliable buddy, too, whenever I go swimming or participate in any water activities.

More importantly, it features a perpetual calendar design, wherein the date is shown and automatically set for different months’ endings and leap years until February 2100.

For me, what makes this solar atomic wristwatch more attractive are its luminous markers and hands. This Citizen watch is super light to wear for men with a small wrist like me, and it’s stylish.

Be that as it may, after a few months of use, I noticed that the bracelet had some scratches. The watch seems prone to getting scratched, especially when stacked together with other devices like laptops.
  • Recharges excellently with both artificial and natural light
  • Reliable and accurate atomic timepiece
  • Integrated time adjustment in 5 time zones,
  • 200M water-resistant and features perpetual calendar design
  • Lightweight and nice design with luminous markers and hands
  • The chain or bracelet of this watch seems more prone to scratches
This Citizen watch allows me to adjust the time zone quickly, and it looks appealing whether I wear it at work or use it in any rugged application.

6. Casio G-Shock GW-M530A-1CR Solar Sport Watch

This atomic wrist watch solar is manufactured with essential features like a 1/100 second stopwatch, alarm, timer, and world time modes.

I can instantly shift to world time mode with a single button press, so I find it incredibly convenient on my travels. This specific watch’s feature even allows me to override or designate daylight savings time manually.

Likewise, its atomic clock function is dependable and precise. It comes with day, date, month, hour, minutes, seconds, AM/PM indicators, and even automatically deals with leap years. Fortunately, I never had difficulty using this solar watch since it’s easy to program and includes a user guide.

Also, I find this 200M water-resistant digital display watch ideal for surface water adventures and professional marine activities. Its overall build is durable enough to last, just like other high-end digital watches.

It does not look overly flashy, so it perfectly matches my work outfits and is perfect for adventurous activities too.

I have had this G-Shock for more than a year now, and the major gripe I have observed is that it tends to charge slowly in artificial or cloudy light. Luckily, it does not fail to serve its functions so long as it gets regular light exposure. I just make sure that it gets exposed to natural light more often.
  • 1/100 second stopwatch, alarm, timer, and world time modes
  • Features reliable and precise atomic clock function
  • Easy to program and comes with a detailed user guide
  • Recommended for surface water adventures and professional marine activities
  • Features a super solid build and 200M water resistance capability
  • Tends to charge slowly with gloomy or artificial light
This solar-powered atomic watch is feature-packed, and it’s useful for my everyday activities, be it at work or for my hobbies.

7. G-Shock Solar Atomic Rescue GW7900B Watch

This atomic wrist watch allows collectors to mix business with an active and adventurous lifestyle easily.

Some of the best features I’d like to highlight are its leading-edge atomic timekeeping function, perpetual calendar, and moon and tide data. Meanwhile, its EL backlight ensures that I can quickly access the time wherever I go, and its silver buckle with closure allows me to adjust it to a perfect fit.

Furthermore, it is built with an incredibly durable design, tough resin band, and solar-powered movement, which you can get for a very affordable price. When you buy this item, this multifunctional digital sport watch already comes with a high-quality oversized casing that allows easy and safe watch storage.

It is 200M waterproof graded, which means I can use it for surface water activities and other marine adventures, but please note that it’s not ideal for scuba diving.

I find its low-temperature LCD screen beneficial whenever I need to work in a lab’s cold room or when mountaineering. Other must-love features of this timepiece include a Japanese quartz movement, multi-band six radio time sync, 48 city world time, stopwatch, five alarms, and a countdown timer.

Nevertheless, the only thing that I didn’t like much about this G-Shock model is that the tide display is slightly not quite readable in the darkness.
  • Atomic timekeeping, perpetual calendar, moon and tide data
  • Sturdy design and resin band with durable custom-fit buckle closure
  • Has solar-powered movement
  • Features a top-quality oversized casing and Japanese quartz movement
  • 200M water-resistance grade
  • Features EL backlight,
  • For some users, the tide display is a bit difficult to read at night.
G-Rescue is unquestionably one of the most top-rated solar atomic models that are loaded with unique features, excellent solar charging functions, yet, it does not leave my pocket empty.

8. G-Shock Unisex G-Shock Tough Solar

This unisex digital and analog solar atomic watch is crafted with a smaller watch face; more importantly, it is comfortable and trendy to wear.

This solar watch works by acquiring time calibration radio waves to display the accurate time. Likewise, it’s jam-packed with different valuable functions and built with a premium quality solar rechargeable battery.

Apart from these, it can withstand shock, is safe to use on 200M-deep water, and is also built with luminous hands and markers. This timepiece also features a resin composite band and black IP stainless steel.

This G-Shock with an analog display is designed with multi-band six atomic timekeeping functions, full auto LED light, and a total of 5 alarms that I can use daily. I appreciate its functions like the 12/24 hour formats, hourly time signals, button operation tone on & off, and 31 world time zones.

Furthermore, I find the hand adjustment feature more advantageous, especially when using the countdown timer and stopwatch functions.

As for the price, this unisex solar watch is not that expensive, so I’m glad that I didn’t have to spend lavishly on a first-rate solar wristwatch.

Anyhow, the minor hitch I have encountered on this solar atomic watch is that the mineral glass design gets scratched easily, so I need to handle it with more caution.
  • Designed with smaller watch face, comfortable, and trendy to wear
  • Acquires time calibration radio waves and ensure accurate time
  • Features several practical functionalities and equipped with solar rechargeable battery
  • Engineered with a multi-band atomic timekeeping function
  • Shock resistant, luminous hands, and markers, 200M water resistant
  • The mineral glass appears prone to scratches.
To sum up, this atomic solar watch with a digital and analog display is brimmed with impressive features and executes an excellent job of providing accurate time.

9. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Solar Triple Sensor Digital Watch

Shoppers enthusiastic about collecting luxury solar watches will undoubtedly find this solar sport watch a worthwhile investment.

I was so amazed by this super-rich timepiece the first time I encountered it. I have read in several reviews that this model is highly recommended for photographers, so I made sure to get one.

Besides the attractive overall look of this atomic solar watch, I can also use it as a barometer; it features sunrise and sunset data and atomic timekeeping functions.

Other useful functions of this luxury timepiece include thermometer display range, world time, triple sensor, and digital compass.

And, there’s more, this solar watch is designed with 4 everyday alarms with snooze, altimeter, ensures more power reserve, and 12/24-hour formats. The watch has a backlight, digital date & day display.

It’s built with a stainless steel revolving bezel with resistance to low temperature. Moreover, it is engineered with a titanium band and a push-button buckle that I can conveniently fold over to ensure a more secure closure. This 660-feet water-resistant watch looks elegant, feels comfortable on the wrist, and it’s all set for any activity.

For all that, there’s no question about how stunning this solar-powered digital watch is; I was overwhelmed with its feature-rich design, so I somehow expected the pricey price tag. 
  • One of the top-tier solar sport watches for photographers
  • Designed with barometer, sunrise, and sunset data, atomic timekeeping functions
  • Triple sensor, world time, digital compass, thermometer display range,
  • Can resist low-temperature, made with stainless steel revolving bezel
  • Has backlight, and digital date & day display
  • 4 daily alarms with snooze, altimeter, power-reserve function, and 12/24-hour formats
  • Not so affordable
The price tag of this solar watch is indeed costly, but since it’s packed with all these advantageous features.

10. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK AWG-M100A-1ACR Watch

This digital or solar atomic analog watch features a nice texture and comfortable resin band, not to mention its luminous hands and markers make it more impressive.

The construction is entirely stainless steel, it can resist shock and 660-feet water. Taking a closer look at its overall construction, I find it solid enough to combat heavy beating and rugged use.

Moreover, this solar-powered watch is outfitted with a solar rechargeable battery, excellent battery power, and it’s also geared up with a reliable power-saving function. Thirty-one world time zones, multi-band six atomic timekeeping, and a full auto-calendar that’s pre-programmed up until 2099 are a few of its additional valuable features.

I also find the five daily alarms, 12/24-hour formats, countdown timer, and stopwatch very convenient features to have in a solar watch. This black resin watch with a black face is suitable for any outfit and occasion; hence, it’s stress-free for me to match any wardrobe with it.

Nonetheless, the major glitch I found on this solar watch is the hard-to-read negative display. The issue arises from the tiny size of the LCD, coupled with the difficulty of viewing in direct sunlight. It would have been better if Casio considered an upgrade on this issue.
  • Nice texture, comfortable resin band, and luminous hands and markers
  • Stainless steel, water, and shock-resistant
  • Tough enough to tolerate rugged applications
  • Geared up with top-quality solar rechargeable battery
  • Multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, 31 world time zones, and full auto-calendar
  • The negative display is nearly impossible to read.
In a nutshell, this solar watch is a good bang for the money because of its durable build, analog/digital displays, multi-band atomic timekeeping function, and exceptional battery life.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Atomic Watches


Did you know that solar atomic watches are considered more prominent options because of their unique design, practical features, and functions? For this reason, you need to ensure that you have a checklist of the must-have features for a solar wristwatch.

Here are some of the solar atomic watches’ buying cues you need to take in mind:


A solar-powered watch made using the most advanced and gilt-edge technology is sure to improve performance. Hence, it’s essential to inspect the readability, the types and quality of the materials used, and the power efficiency of the solar atomic watches.

Please remember to consider your needs and the features you search for because some wristwatches are engineered explicitly for particular purposes and feature more excellent quality.


These days, several atomic solar watches are designed with unnecessary or unwanted features. Due to this, it’s essential to pick the one with all the most valuable features for you.

For instance, if you’ll use the watch for your fitness journey, a solar watch that monitors your heart rate, activity, idle time, and steps is a more suitable choice.

On the other hand, if you need a watch that features a reminder function, go for a wristwatch that comes with an alarm. Please note that the functionalities of solar atomic watches affect their price tag; the more features and functions, of course, the pricier the watch will be.

The Dial Size

It’s essential to inspect the watch’s dial size. A solar-powered watch with a larger dial size is a better option for buyers with larger wrists. Meanwhile, solar atomic watches with smaller dial sizes are better suited for buyers with smaller wrists.


Solar powered atomic watches with excellent waterproof features are ideal options, especially for adventurous individuals or those with a more active lifestyle or physical activities.

Moreover, solar atomic watches with a specialized waterproof rating can remain safe and functional even if you use them while snorkeling, swimming, or doing several other water sports.


Look for a solar atomic watch designed with a scratch-resistant cover as this feature can shield it from wear and tear. Indeed, a watch that is built to last is a worthwhile purchase.

Top-quality Strap

Solar-powered digital and analog wristwatches are manufactured with diverse straps commonly made of resin, stainless steel, leather, or nylon.

If you have sensitive skin and are allergic to certain types of watch straps, you need to be picky with the strap material of the watch.


Many wristwatch lovers and collectors are naturally captivated by the watch’s design. For this reason, it’s just right to search for a practical, innovative, and trendy solar atomic watch that you can conveniently match with any outfit.


Choosing reputable solar-powered watch brands is wise because watches from these brands were tested and proven for many years, making them safe investments. The delightful news is that not all solar watches made by top-of-the-line brands are super expensive.

With comprehensive research, you can find solar-powered watches models designed with valuable features and functions, yet they are suitable for any budget. Citizen, Seiko, and Casio occasionally offer more significant discounts or sales, so it’s good to watch out for those.

Are Solar Atomic Watches the Most Accurate


Yes. Solar atomic watches are famous for being the most accurate timepieces, and they are low maintenance too. They are specifically designed to display the exact time and operate continuously without requiring a battery replacement.

It’s worth noting that an atomic clock calibrates solar atomic watches, and atomic solar watches sustain their calibration through acquiring radio signals from that clock. As a result, you get a precise time similar to NASA because NASA utilizes an atomic clock for its countdowns.

Do Solar Atomic Watches Last Forever

Solar atomic watches will usually last for an extended time as long as they get exposed to light. Solar atomic watches continue to operate in the darkness because of the power-reserve feature that enables them to operate for several months or years without light exposure continuously.

Chiefly, solar atomic watches tend to last between ten to twenty years of regular use before you replace them. Nevertheless, please note that such a timeline will differ significantly based on the brand, devaluation over time, and prevalence of recharging.

Overall, this implies that you can enjoy a maximum of 20 years of usage with normal wear and tear before you need to purchase a new solar timepiece.

Can You Overcharge a Solar Atomic Watch

Usually, when the battery is fully charged, the display will disclose 100 percent; however, the power will be redirected from continuously charging the battery.

In addition, when the battery’s capacity drops roughly between 95 and 97 percent, charging will restart; however, the display will disclose 100 percent full the whole period.

Solar-powered watches can be impaired in conditions where it’s overheated; nonetheless, the heat and not the light’s charging property brings about the issue in these conditions.

Solar-powered watches are outfitted with overcharge protection capability that ensures their lithium-ion battery is not impaired when the timepiece is exposed to light when the battery is entirely charged already.

It’s good to know that this feature is identical to any modernized gadget utilizing a lithium-ion battery, such as mobile phones and laptops that remain plugged in without any damage.

If you are interested in types of solar products. Read on to know more about solar refrigerators. Or click here for instructions on solar pond pumps and solar generator for cpap.


Ultimately, you can consider the best solar atomic watch a premium quality, accurate, and reliable timepiece. Solar watches are unquestionably worthwhile investments because they can last for approximately twenty years.

Keep in mind that before buying other atomic watches for you or a loved one, it will surely pay off if you conduct thorough research first. We strongly suggest that you check out all the watches and buying guides mentioned earlier so that you can enjoy the actual value of your hard-earned money.

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