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The Best Solar Porch Lights You’ll Wish You Had Years Ago

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar porch lights

Fitting your place with the best solar porch lights could be an excellent approach to keep things fascinating and exciting. What makes this even greater news is that you can do so without consuming more electricity.

Since solar lights depend on sunlight for power sources, they are sustainable means to decorate and beautify our homes all year round. Investing in the right models is quite crucial to ensure that solar lights operate correctly and attractively. After all, it is our dream to make our ambience an incredible sight to behold.

We have taken some time to pick out the most recommended solar lights to install in your porch and other areas that need lighting. We have checked out various brands and researched their unique features, upsides, and downsides.

If you have plans to buy solar porch lights, you’ll indeed find this article an excellent guide for your final shopping decision.


Best Overall

iThird FBA_IT-55

✅ Three adjustable modes
✅ Environment-friendly
✅ Rust proof and waterproof


Premium Choice

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

✅ A cinch to set up even for beginners
✅ Offers a very brilliant and cozy atmosphere
✅ Can withstand rugged weather conditions


Editor’s Choice

Brightown Solar Lights

✅ Weatherproof and shatterproof
✅ Offers USB and solar charging options
✅ Excellent for indoor or outdoor decoration purposes


Top 12 Solar Porch Light Reviews

1. iThird FBA_IT-55 Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: ‎3.7V
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • No. of Light Sources: ‎21
  • Working Time: 8 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎330 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: ‎6500K

You don’t need to have a tough time searching for the brightest solar porch light; this option is worth a shot. It helps you save more on energy costs, and it is regarded as an eco-friendly alternative. Also, this is mainly made with an IP44 waterproof rating to endure all types of harsh weather conditions.

It does not get easily damaged even under the sun’s direct heat because of its durable ABS plastic material and rust-proof stainless steel. What is impressive about this outdoor solar light is that it can offer maximum brightness to ensure safety and security protection for your residential property at dusk.

The three easy-to-adjust modes of this solar light consist of:

  • “Always-on mode”, which remains dim all through the nightfall.
  • “Sensor mode”, which remains off when there is no motion disclosed, then turns on bright when motion is disclosed.
  • Lastly, “dim light and sensor mode”, wherein the lights remain dim when there is no disclosed motion, then turn on bright when motion is disclosed.

You need to charge it for about four to six hours for it to operate for roughly eight to twelve hours. This is all thanks to its exceptionally efficient and upgraded solar panel. It is also essential to adjust the lighting mode under dusky ambient, or you may also consider covering the solar panels before you set it up.

If you wish to alter modes and it is not cloudy outside, all you need to do is cover the solar panel on top of the unit. Afterwards, just press the button to obtain the preferred setting.

Note that maximum performance cannot be expected from this solar light in short daylight hours, winter, or extreme cold. This is because the batteries are incapable of charging well, and they instantly get depleted from exposure to freezing temperatures.
  • Rust proof and waterproof motion sensor lighting
  • Three adjustable modes of motion-activated lighting
  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Can survive rugged weather conditions
  • Manufactured with more efficient solar panel
  • Does not work well in the winter
To sum things up, this model is outstanding for additional lighting and security.

2. SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: ‎2V
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • No. of Light Sources: 6
  • Working Time: 9-10 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎10 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: –

Are you in need of subtle lighting for a naturally dusky back porch? If so, you don’t need to further your search. These solar powered LED porch lights are great to purchase for those who live in dark areas. Having them installed in your place will allow you to enjoy a nice-to-behold view every night.

We all do not wish to increase our monthly electric bills, so many of us resort to solar lights to get sufficient lighting without using more energy. These solar deck lights come with an automated switch and a built-in sensor. So, they work on their own, and you don’t need to supervise them now and then.

Indeed, since these are made using rigid ABS plastic material, they remain in place and can fight off harsh weather conditions. Their sturdy built shows that they are capable of offering long-lasting service. You will love the two lighting modes that make them more ideal for outdoor applications.

They provide warm and distinct color lighting. You can choose between seven altering color lighting. So, wherever you wish to install them, you can pick the color that would perfectly match the spot.

You can assemble them on your own as they are beginner-friendly. The kit contains the necessary screws, and you won’t have to deal with confusing wiring. The assembly process can be accomplished in a few minutes. You only need to follow the manufacturer’s installation guides.

These products can provide an excellent and cozy ambience. They won’t only enchant you, but your guests as well. Since they give just the appropriate amount of illumination, you and your neighbors won’t get disturbed.

Nonetheless, these options are smaller than what you see in photos. Check the product’s dimensions first, particularly if you need larger solar lights.
  • Designed with an automated switch and built-in sensor features
  • Can withstand rugged weather conditions
  • Offers a very brilliant and cozy atmosphere
  • Manufactured with two lighting modes and seven altering color lights
  • A cinch to set up even for beginners
  • Not for those who prefer larger solar lights
To conclude, these solar porch lights with motion sensor are perfect options for those who prefer subtle lighting and a serene-looking ambience.

3. Brightown Solar String Lights Outdoor

  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: ‎3V
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • No. of Light Sources: 25
  • Working Time: 16 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎32 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: ‎2700K

Suppose you prefer decorative solar porch lights that you can use for various events such as weddings, family gatherings, Christmas, birthday parties, and other decorating purposes. In that case, these solar lights can be your perfect companions.

If you invest in these solar lights, you could freely embellish your garden, balcony, home, garden, backyard, porch, or restaurant. No matter where you decide to position them, they could create a subtle, romantic, and warm ambience. Sure thing, everyone will be in the mood to party, or simply enjoy the moment.

These offer two methods of charging: USB or solar. They could work up to sixteen hours if charged under direct sunlight for four up to eight hours. More than that, these are built with a 180-degree adjustable panel that enables you to obtain maximum sun exposure.

Meanwhile, the USB charging option is beneficial when there is no adequate sunlight during the daytime. The solid build of these string solar lights make them shatterproof and weatherproof. They come with an IP44 waterproof rating that makes them robust enough to resist harsh weather conditions.

The four lighting modes are a plus. These alternative lighting modes consist of slow flash, quick flash, steady light, and pulsating light. The fascinating lighting modes can boost your mood and could match the event pretty well.

The automatic off at early morning and automatic on at dusk and the light sensor are also impressive features you’ll appreciate.

Furthermore, these energy-saving LEDs are cost-effective options. You can save more on electricity, and you can even contribute to the preservation of our planet. Plus, you can radiate your place and make it look cozy without spending more.

Even so, these solar string lights would have gotten a perfect rating if they were engineered with a remote control to regulate the power and mode.
  • Excellent for indoor or outdoor decoration purposes
  • Creates a romantic, warm and subtle atmosphere
  • Designed with adjustable solar panel 180-degree angle
  • Offers USB and solar charging options
  • Weatherproof and shatterproof
  • Would have been better if they were made with a remote control
These solar porch string lights are practical investments since they are perfect for various indoor and outdoor applications.

4. Maggift Outdoor Christmas Solar Lights

  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: ‎2V
  • Waterproof: IP44
  • No. of Light Sources: 2
  • Working Time: 8-10 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎15 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: ‎3000K

Are you looking for a classic design that is energy-saving at the same time? If yes, this product can satisfy those requirements. The maker made sure that their consumers will get solar lights that run for several hours, and made their ambience even more radiating and pleasant to behold.

These solar outdoor lights are small, yet offer adequate lighting and stunning décor wherever you decide to place them. You will be amazed at how long they last and the way they withstand harsh weather conditions. You can fully charge them under direct sunlight for six to eight hours.

You don’t need to supervise them as they turn on at dusk automatically and turn off early morning on their own, too. Please be guided that they come with an insulation trip on their covers, so it is essential to unscrew the light cover and lift the insulation trip before charging.

Is it your first time to install solar lights? You don’t need to worry because these products don’t need wiring when installing them. The package contains a mounting kit for walls. All you need to do is tighten the wall lights into the pole, wall, or post with the mounting kit.

Besides offering adequate lighting wherever you install them, these are great outdoor adornments. The warm white light adds charm and enticing color to your outdoor porch, lawn, garden, yard, and patio. Instead of putting other sorts of decors, solar lights are more practical options nowadays.

This model comes with an IP44 waterproof rating, so no matter what the weather condition is, you can have peace of mind that they will work perfectly okay. They are tightly sealed and come with durable built.

However, it is surprising to see these solar lights smaller in person. Luckily, they are small but terrific. They can surprisingly last long.
  • Tough build and tightly sealed
  • Can last for 8 hours or more at nightfall
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • Include mounting kit for walls
  • No wiring required
  • Come with an IP44 waterproof rating
  • Smaller than expected
As a whole, these solar powered porch lights are quite impressive even though they are smaller in size.

5. Otdair Solar Wall Lantern

  • Material: Glass
  • Voltage: ‎3.7V
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • No. of Light Sources: 1
  • Working Time: 8-10 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎25 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: –

These solar lantern lights are manufactured with a built-in light sensor. This means that the lights illuminate automatically at dark hours and turn off automatically in the daytime. They are a piece of cake to assemble. They do not require any wiring, and you can mount them virtually in your preferred spot.

The kit contains screws and brackets that are needed for assembly. You only need to drill a couple of holes in the wall and mount them. There is no need to seek the help of a professional when installing them.

These versions are money and energy-saving options since they do not add up to expensive electric bills. They are furnished with long-lasting LED bulbs, come with a contemporary style, and are built with sturdy glass and stainless steel housing. The materials used for their craftsmanship are certified top-quality.

Moreover, these models are rechargeable by technologically-advanced solar panels. It is critical to charge them for a total of six to eight hours so that they could provide lighting for roughly eight to ten hours. Take in mind that working and charging periods will differ hinging on the weather conditions in your area.

Undeniably, these solar lanterns would make fascinating outdoor lights. They look elegant, so they can make your place look more relaxing and inviting. The lighting they radiate will undoubtedly amaze you. You won’t get tired of such a stunning view every night. Best of all, they are low maintenance.

On the other hand, please note that this solar light’s battery would only operate for a few hours if not fully-charged. So, you need to ensure that you position it in a place where it could collect a tremendous amount of sunlight to obtain a reliable power source.
  • Come with a built-in light sensor
  • Automatically radiate at night and turn off at dawn
  • Equipped with long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Easy to set up and use, also low maintenance
  • Money and energy-saving option
  • Battery may only last for a few hours
Overall, these solar power porch lights can offer you excellent lighting without giving you a hard time setting them up.

6. JACKYLED 48 LED Solar Lights

  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Voltage: ‎3.7V
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • No. of Light Sources: 48
  • Working Time: 6-12 hours
  • Luminous Flux: ‎10000 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: 6500K

Do you have plans of investing in second to none outdoor solar porch lights? If yes, then don’t miss your opportunity to own a good one and check out the this model’s great features. Among other options, this version can deliver longer working time, and it charges more instantly than its competitors.

Primarily, this product is built with excellent build materials and an IP65 weatherproof rating. Hence, you can rest assured that it won’t fail to meet your expectations regardless of your region’s weather conditions.

In the same way, there are two methods on how to set up this solar light. In the first method, you can set it up in a spot where there is less exposure to sunlight (separated assembly). The other is installing it at a distance where it could be more exposed to direct sunlight (integrated assembly). Installation is a breeze.

Many consumers prefer this version because it can satisfy your lighting requirements. It features 48 superbly bright LED lights that produce better lighting than others. You can also rotate the LED lamp panel in a horizontal mode to fit your lighting requirements from distinct angles better.

You cannot deny that this solar light will certainly look stunning wherever you position it. It comes with a well-designed harness for the alignment of the solar panel. The LED lighting is exceptional enough to cover a balcony, pathway, front door, porch, or driveway.

And, best of all, it is sold at a reasonable price tag so that it won’t spoil your budget.

Be that as it may, while this white solar porch light offers a fair amount of lighting, its brightness may quickly fall off after a gloomy day.
  • Premium quality construction materials
  • Designed with two assembly options
  • Equipped with superbly bright 48 LED lights
  • Longer working time and charges a lot faster
  • Comes with IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Brightness tends to fall off rapidly after a hazy day
Without any question, I will give this solar LED porch light big thumbs up! It offers the right amount of lighting, and it is moderately priced!

7. SEZAC Solar Lights Outdoor

Generally speaking, most of us prefer solar lights that are capable of radiating longer. That said, this option is a wise investment since it is smooth sailing to set up. You have no intricate wiring cables to manage, and mounting the unit is plain sailing. You must adhere to the recommended assembly height of 1.8-2.5M when installing it.

This product is superb when it comes to offering an incredibly bright lumen for a broad spot. Primarily, I like the three lighting working modes feature of this product because it can satisfy the user’s distinct requirements. Hence, this solar light for outdoor applications would make a fantastic night outdoor lighting.

The three working modes consist of the motion sensor mode, intense light sensor mode, and the dim extended light mode. It also comes with a 150-degree broad-angle detection attribute.

This outdoor solar LED light is equipped with a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. This lets the solar lights radiate continually for an extended period.

The more sunshine it is exposed to, the longer it works for you. The solar panel works at daylight to store energy and illuminate the outdoors at dusk. It is engineered with an IP65 wireless waterproof rating, so you can rest assured that it won’t fail to light the areas where you install it, no matter how bad the weather condition is.

Be reminded that if there is no adequate sunlight exposure for a few days, the solar light may not work efficiently at nightfall. Meanwhile, it can radiate well if it gets roughly eight up to ten hours of charging.

While this solar front door light can deliver reliable performance and comes with a finely detailed design, I am a bit worried about the lightweight plastic material it is made of. Hopefully, it can last longer than expected.
  • Equipped with 2000 mAh of solar security lights
  • Manufactured with an IP65 wireless waterproof rating
  • Comes with 150-degree broad-angle lighting
  • Designed with three lighting working modes
  • Ideal for night illumination purposes
  • Appears to be made of lightweight plastic material
Finally, this product is worth a shot. Its unique features and reliable performance are quite impressive.

8. Home Zone ELJ6792V Solar Wall Lantern Lights

Are you wondering what built-to-last solar powered front door light to buy? Then, you don’t need to conduct exhaustive research because this model is one of the top-rated options you can consider. It is solar-powered and can serve as a very exceptional adorning solar wall lantern light that you can use outdoors.

This version is designed with superbly bright rechargeable lights. It is made using solid glass and aluminum built to ensure durability with ornamental housing to offer a lovely accent lighting surrounding your dwelling place. It is painless to install since you can choose where you affix it.

In line with this, it does not require any wiring. The package contains the necessary screws and brackets for assembly. You will find its hanging style as this enables each lantern to serve as portable lights. You won’t need professional help when installing it. It is an excellent value for the money!

Additionally, I find the automatic-on sensor of this solar light a great feature. Its dusk-to-dawn sensor plays a vital role in keeping the light off at daytime while charging. Also, it radiates automatically at nightfall for a few hours to provide adequate lighting. If you wish to buy solar lights with confidence, this option won’t let you down.

The good news is that you could position your wall lights along with dusky spots and your residence’s entrances. This would help add more safety and visibility for you and your loved ones, particularly at nightfall. This wall lantern is indeed a long-lasting and reliable solution for homeowners throughout the night.

The lights separate instantly at the swiveling hoop where you hang them. Moreover, the hoops are relatively thin and are unable to percolate far into the light top. This is the drawback that you need to check out regarding this model.
  • Built with an automatic-on sensor
  • Features super bright rechargeable lights
  • Guarantees painless and fast assembly process without any wiring
  • Allows portable lighting function
  • Manufactured using durable glass and stainless steel housing
  • Skinny hoops
All in all, you can painlessly upgrade your residence with this awesome solar-powered wall lantern lights.

9. OTHWAY GY-L6-4White Solar Fence Post Lights

Investing in an easy-to-install, dependable, and reasonable light output is achievable with this solar powered front porch light. This product comes with a very striking design and serves as decorative lighting. You need to charge the solar panel for six hours so that the solar light can work for approximately four up to eight hours.

This alternative is an excellent choice for those who prefer a subtle and right amount of lighting that won’t disturb neighbors. It emits a moderate glow that radiates the porch, fence, or sidewalk. Hence, it can offer safety lighting to where you position it.

Moreover, it emits a fascinating illumination design underneath the light plastic cover. This works as a night sensor, so it works automatically without your supervision. You can assemble the solar light without dealing with intricate wiring so that you can accomplish the installation process in minutes.

This works as a precious gem that makes the spot where you install it an elegant sight to behold. You will find its automated switch and built-in sensor features as practical to use. The sturdy plastic material used to manufacture this product makes the solar light capable of offering durable performance.

So, even if you reside in a region where the extreme weather condition is frequently taking place, this option can last long. This solar light is durable enough to deal with a significant amount of snow, rain, and wind.

Bear in mind that low temperatures in winter and insufficient sunlight are just a few of the factors that may affect this solar light’s efficiency. So, make sure that they can receive a considerable amount of sunlight to ensure superb performance.

One minor concern about this version is that it is not a motion sensor light. It’s a day-night sensor that illuminates at dusk automatically and charges itself at daylight.
  • Manufactured with automated switch and a built-in sensor
  • Decorative light and exquisite design
  • Guarantees a more flexible assembly process
  • Four to eight hours working time
  • Generates just the right amount of light
  • Not a motion sensor light
In summary, if you are into excellent accent lighting that emits a stunning soft white glow, then make sure you invest in this product.

10. Lamomo Store Outdoor Wall Lights

If you are like me who opts for energy-saving and easy-to-install wall light, this would be our safest choice. This product comes with a built-in IC sensor that could disclose darkness and lighting. It works automatically at nightfall and shuts off during daylight.

The LED E26 bulb is adept for providing sufficient lighting and comes with a long life too. As a result, you can save more money and electricity in the long run. Please be reminded that this dusk-to-dawn sensor wall light is not the solar or motion type.

Among other options these days, this model is safe and secure to use. It is ROHS and CE approved, and it is also UL listed. Hence, there is no need for us to worry about the possibility of fire hazard and electric shock. It does not harm the eyes, and it is free of Mercury content as well.

Likewise, it is engineered with durable glass and aluminum materials, comes with a waterproof rating of IP23, and it can resist rust. Hence, if you intend to use it for an extended period, this won’t disappoint you in that aspect.

The assembly process is purely DIY, which means you can install it easily. Just refer to the included manual to assemble it.

This wall lamp is an excellent option because it frees your hands by eliminating manual operation. It is ideal for outdoor applications. Whether you live in an area where frequent harsh weather conditions are inevitable, this model will work out well for your requirements.

One downside that you can encounter in this product is the lack of glass on the solar light’s bottom side. Luckily, this does not harm how the lighting serves its purpose.
  • Equipped with energy-efficient LED E26 bulb
  • Manufactured using toxic-free and durable construction materials
  • Do-it-yourself assembly process
  • Manufactured with built-in IC sensor
  • Rust-proof and weather resistant
  • No glass on the bottom side
Lastly, if you prefer a wall lamp model that can deliver superb performance without ruining your budget, you don’t need to search any further.

11. Gama Sonic GS-1B Outdoor Solar Light

If you need solar lights that you can practically install in your backyard, front yard, porch, and other spots, this product would be a great catch. It comes with a robust outdoor light bulb that radiates 60 lumens in a warm white color. It illuminates from sunset to daybreak after a full battery charge.

By carefully observing this wall LED light, you can see that it is designed with contemporary and bold statements. Also, you can choose from different colors available to blend your dwelling place or workplace aesthetically. This version features a patented Gama Sonic solar light bulb.

You don’t need to feel anxious about the installation method because this is straightforward to assemble even for novices. Once correctly installed, you can enjoy low and automatic lighting that is excellent for illuminating spots where you require it the most.

There is no need to deal with twisted electrical wires when installing this solar light. Since it works automatically, your supervision and regular maintenance are unnecessary. This product also features an adjustable switch that is meant to enhance light duration. As you can see, there’s not much work left for you to do.

Fundamentally, it has an interspersed photocell sensor that could disclose light. This feature would automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. This wall light is a more excellent replacement for gas-powered and outmoded outdoor lighting. Such a solar wall LED light can guarantee a more contemporary look wherever you install it.

Needless to say, if you wish this solar light to deliver maximum performance, you need to position it in a place where it could acquire an immense amount of sunlight.

As for the price, this model is slightly pricier than other available options. But, this is expected considering its high-quality construction and superior performance.
  • Excellent accessory for outdoor lighting
  • Offers nightfall to daytime performance
  • Does not necessitate high maintenance
  • No need for electrical wiring
  • Radiates 60 lumens in a warm white color
  • Priced higher than other brands
In the end, solar front porch lights like this model can add elegance and sufficient lighting to wherever it is placed. It’s an excellent purchase for homeowners!

12. Mlambert Store Solar Lights Outdoor

Are you planning to purchase a premium quality solar light for front doors? Then, you need to check this product out. If you’re going to give this option a closer look, you will witness how solid its overall build is. For a fact, it is robust enough to last long and can endure whatever the weather condition is.

I am impressed by this solar light’s two-in-one function: the motion sensor and the glimmering flame. So, each time evening comes, you could view your residence under a warm atmosphere even from a distance. The glimmering flame mode greets you and offers a cozy mood during the coldest season of the year.

What is more, when you get close to the solar light, it would transform into a white light mode. Hence, it radiates your way. That said, it is not only for lighting purposes but also for creating a soothing ambience. This solar-powered light is hassle-free to use and ideal for several specific applications.

This model is also manufactured with a highly efficient solar panel that must be charged fully for a total of six to eight hours. This way, it can operate for over eight hours at dusk with an AA battery. Please note that it is necessary to turn the switch on before charging. Make it a point to keep it on when the solar light is used.

To install, you only have to drill two holes in the wall and affix them with the screws and plugs contained in the kit. Even if you are a first-timer to install solar lights, you will find the process struggle-free. In case you encounter some concerns about this product, you can always rely on their 24/7 superb customer service support.

All the same, these solar outdoor lights are smaller and lighter than expected. Fortunately, these minor gripes do not affect the way they serve their purpose.
  • Motion sensor feature and glimmering flame design
  • Heavy-duty built and waterproof
  • Perfect for various types of applications
  • Superb customer service support
  • Adequate battery capacity and solar-powered
  • Small and lightweight
Ultimately, the flame effect of these outside porch lights looks real and fantastic at night! These are truly worth paying for!

What to Look for When Buying Solar Porch Lights


Besides your budget, other essential buying factors need to be considered when picking the right solar lights.

Here are some of the solar outdoor lights buying considerations you need to think about before taking the plunge:

  • Consider if you’re going to use the unit as decorative lighting, for security and safety purposes, if you need mild or superbly bright options. In short, think about the purpose of why you’re buying one.
  • Overall build materials. Opt for options that are built-to-last and can withstand harsh weather conditions. There are waterproof, rust-proof, and weatherproof options for you to check out.
  • Battery capacity. Does it require full sunlight exposure for it to charge? There are available options that can charge well, even when it is cloudy. Weigh your options.
  • What type of bulb does the solar light of your choice use? LED lights are more energy-efficient, the brightest, and can perform more reliably. On the other hand, some accent solar lights use amber LED lights to provide a milder glow.
  • What about the working hours it can offer? Some options could perform well all year round. Some radiate for a few days before requiring a recharge, while some can charge the battery to ensure operation during the coldest seasons.
  • Which do you prefer with automatic switches, timers, motion sensor detectors, etc. There are many smart features and add-ons to select. They also differ in the way they are mounted or installed.
  • Search for designs that could blend well where you intend to install the solar lights. The options are limitless for your landscape, dwelling place, or commercial space.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a solar porch light?

Solar porch lights are precious additions to outdoor spaces. Such units can offer us with a broad-angle illumination to ensure more excellent coverage for superb lighting. Indeed, these products also enhance security since they keep our front doors lighted to scare burglars away.

Solar lights for outdoor use are also long-lasting and energy-saving. Since these units are powered by sunlight, they store and utilize their own energy. They don’t necessitate electrical wiring for installation; all you need to do is screw or have these units affixed where you intend them to be.

Having them installed at your home or workplace can help you save more money and electricity in the long run.

How does it work?

Solar lights can operate through a photovoltaic effect. This refers to the portion of the light that could transform sunlight into an electrical current.

The reason why we could spot the solar cell in the lights is that it is a dusky panel positioned above the solar light.

This cell comprises distinct tiers of crystalline silicon and chemicals that form levels of negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces.

When solar energy flows, it stimulates the electrons, not to mention, it propels it into the positively charged spaces.

Then, the positively charged spaces push the electron flow as electricity, through wires that are inside the cell, to a battery. As you already know, the battery is where energy is stored until the solar lights are utilized.

At daylight, the battery charges itself. The energy from the sunlight can be transformed into electricity. At dusk, the cell halts in keeping the power from the sun since it vanishes and weakens.

It is the photoreceptor that discloses when there isn’t sunlight anymore. So, it automatically switches on. On the other hand, the battery provides the energy to light all through nightfall.

When there is less sunlight exposure, like during the winter or rainy days, solar lights become less efficient because their battery becomes incapable of charging fully.

What are the different types of solar porch lights?

The different types of solar porch lights include those that can be mounted on the wall; and those that can be installed on the ground.

They also differ when it comes to their materials. Some options are made of durable ABS plastic materials, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Solar porch lights are generally intended for aesthetic purposes. This means that they are ideal for decorative applications, but not much in terms of providing superbly bright illumination.

Why do you need solar porch lights? (Benefits)

Investing in reliable solar porch lights can offer several advantages, and these include:

  • Using solar porch lights is more economical.

Even though this may appear a slightly pricey technology at first glance, if you’re going to do the computations, you will realize that the money set aside from being paid to your electric bills will eventually add up.

This would cover the expenses of the solar lighting assembly process within a span of a few months.

  • Using solar lighting is ready for use in a broad range of styles.

As previously stated, solar lighting is available in several styles, functions, types, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, this is not merely manufactured to serve the functional applications, but also to be visually and aesthetically attractive.

You might already know that the range is excellent, and there is no question that you would sooner or later find an alternative that would precisely fit your specific requirements and expectations.

  • Using solar energy is caring for the environment.

Unquestionably, using solar lights plays a vital role in minimizing the carbon footprint formed by generating energy using non-renewable energy sources. And, by gradually obtaining solar and other kinds of renewable energy, it would be probable to reduce the issues brought about by the depletion of our planet’s resources.

  • Using solar lighting does not require high maintenance.

Essentially, solar lighting systems are considered one of the painless to be sustained. Aside from performing a few inspections and cleaning annually, there are no other requirements for you to execute just to guarantee the longevity of your solar lights.

  • You can enjoy a limitless source of solar energy.

As you know, solar energy is unlimited. It is easy to acquire, and generating energy out of it is not a problem as long as you reside in an area where there is sufficient sunlight exposure.

  • Solar lighting systems are simple to install.

You don’t need to be a professional to set up solar lights at home or in the workplace. Solar lighting systems do not require any other sources of power or wiring. This is the reason why they are a breeze to install into the ground.

  • Solar lighting systems can offer more safety, security, and protection.

Besides the fact that solar lights offer sufficient lighting and attractive sight wherever you position them, they are also safe to use even close by swimming pools or ponds. This is because they do not utilize electricity or power cords.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best solar porch lights?

When it comes to solar lighting systems, it is crucial to be certain about the manufacturer. If it is your first time to buy solar lights and don’t have much knowledge about them, then it is practical to do your homework about the most trusted solar light brands.

The following manufacturers are some of the most reliable and tried and tested brands that you can choose from:

  •  Home Zone
  •  Mlambert Store
  •  Gama Sonic
  •  Brightown
  •  Lamomo Store

Take into consideration that the solar lighting systems of these brands are commonly priced higher than other manufacturers. This is already expected since they indeed differ in build materials, performance, and overall quality.

At first, you may think that they are overpriced; but eventually, you will realize that they are more cost-effective, and they can help you save more money and energy in the long run.

But, before you decide which brand to trust, it indeed pays off to conduct exhaustive research so you can be guaranteed that the product you choose precisely matches your preference, sense of style, and requirements.

Do solar lights work under a porch?

Solar lights will work even under a porch; though their function won’t be as useful. Apart from this, you might not acquire a full night’s charge.

As previously mentioned, solar lights will work more reliably and efficiently if exposed under the sun’s direct heat. If fully-charged, they can last long and provide sufficient lighting and brightness that you require.

How do you set up and use it?

When installing and using solar lights, it is critical to position them in an outdoor area where there are approximately six up to eight hours of immense sun exposure in the daytime. This is essential to consider to fully-charge your solar panels.

What is more, pay attention to roofs, walls, or trees that could cover the solar panels and reduce their output during daybreak. Consider adjusting the panel tilt angle of your outdoor solar lights to make the most of the sunlight.

Generally, the solar panels should be facing south. It is necessary to set the solar panel’s tilt angle to roughly 45-degrees in winter and 30-degrees in summer.

Additionally, since different manufacturers make solar lights, it is suggested to follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions when setting them up. Luckily, solar lights packages nowadays include manual instructions to allow easy assembly process.

How to care and clean?

When cleaning and caring for your solar lights, please consider the following guides:

  •  Use clean and plain water with mild soap. You can use window cleaner if the solar panels are manufactured with tempered glass.
  •  Fill a canister with warm water. Mix a little mild soap, detergent, or mild cleaning agent. Do not use chemical-based cleaners like bleach.
  •  You may use a garden hose to wash off the solar lights thoroughly. This would eliminate dirt and dust on the panels.
  •  Use a kitchen sponge. Make sure that you use the soft one to avoid scratching or damaging the unit. Dip the sponge in the canister of clean and soapy water, then carefully scrub the solar panels.
  •  After scrubbing, turn the garden hose again and thoroughly wash off the solar panels. Afterwards, allow them to dry.

Where can I buy it?

Solar lights for patios are luckily not so difficult to find nowadays. While some are sometimes a bit difficult to find in local stores, most of them can be easily found online.

If you don’t find them in local stores near you, the most credible online shopping sites can save you. You can start your search on Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, and other trusted online shopping sites.

Shopping online can offer more limitless options. You can even uncover some of the most famous and reputable brands that have been tried and tested in manufacturing solar lights. For sure, you feel delighted seeing countless options that you can select from.

Frequently, some of the brands that you can’t find in local stores are found in highly acclaimed online shopping sites. The best thing about shopping online is that you can shop conveniently without leaving your home.

Indeed, you can even enjoy some special promos, freebies, and discounts for a particular product bought.


The best solar porch lights are generally reasonably priced, durable and flexible options for radiating several spots in our residences or adorning individual parts of our dwelling place. It is good to note that these are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low maintenance options that are ideal for sustainable usage.

It is possible to combine distinct solar light models for us to come up with the amount or effect of illumination that we need or desire. We hope that you are satisfied with the solar lights we have thoroughly reviewed in this post.

We trust that the buying guides, product reviews, and other valuable information we’ve provided here can serve as your guide when picking the right model for you.

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