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The Best Solar Flagpole Lights

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar flagpole lights

What better way to show loyalty to your home country or favorite football team than displaying a valiant flag in your yard or front lawn? It’s the ultimate symbol of love and pride.

But when nighttime rolls around, passers-by won’t be able to see your flag unless you get a light to shine on it. However, you can’t just pick any random light—you need one that will stay bright all night but will still save you money on your electricity bills.

For that, you need only the best solar flagpole lights you can find. I mean, why not? They save on energy while giving your flag the illumination it deserves.

It may seem like an easy task, but looking for the perfect solar powered flagpole lighting isn’t any ordinary feat. There are many options, and it can be overbearing to pick one. So to help out, here’s a list of the best ones.


Best Overall

Deneve Solar Flagpole Light

✅ Lights up at around 15-20 feet
✅ 1 year warranty
✅ Fits 0.5-inch spindles


Premium Choice

Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light

✅ IP65 waterproof
✅ Wide lighting coverage
✅ Made with 20 LED lights


Editor’s Pick

Vont Solar Flagpole Light

✅ 26 LED lights
✅ Offers 100% light coverage of your flag
✅ Has an automatic daylight sensor


Top 12 Solar Flagpole Light Reviews

1. Deneve Deluxe Silver Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 20-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: 1300LM
  • Runtime: 18 hrs

Flag pole lights are rendered useless if they don’t fit in your flagpole’s ball ornament spindle. Thankfully, this Deneve flagpole light is compatible with most poles, fitting a 0.5-inch spindle.

It emits an intense light that cuts through the darkness, allowing your beautiful flag to peek through and stand proud.

The light can illuminate the ground as well, covering up to 15-20 feet of space. That means it’s versatile enough to be an outdoor light for a portion of your front lawn or yard too.

This flagpole light is made sturdy and durable. It’s enough to withstand bad weather. It can even survive a storm of hail without breaking or getting distorted, which is a huge plus if you live in an area prone to snowstorms.

Don’t worry about regretting your purchase. Deneve offers a one-year warranty to make sure you’re delighted with this light. It’s helpful for those who aren’t well-versed yet in shopping for solar lights.

The only con with this light is that it only illuminates half of it when your flag blows in the wind. But when your flag is simply hanging down, your neighbors will see the whole flag.
  • Fits 0.5-inch spindles, so it’s universally compatible with most flagpoles
  • The light’s intensity cuts through extreme darkness
  • Lights up the ground at around 15-20 feet, so it can also be a garden light
  • Sturdy enough to withstand bad weather, even when it’s storming hail
  • The brand offers a one year warranty to ensure you’re satisfied
  • Only illuminates half of the flag when it blows in the wind
This Deneve light makes for terrific solar powered flag lighting if you want something bright and can double as an outdoor light in your lawn.

2. Sunnytech 2nd Gen Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: –
  • Runtime: 18 hrs

There are tons of solar flagpole lights made in USA, but not every single one is of pristine quality. This one by Sunnytech stands out among other American solar lights because it’s high-quality.

It’s made with 20 LED lights in total, which are energy-efficient and shine brightly at night. The flagpole light illuminates a wide range of your flag. The coverage is enough to light up your entire flag’s surface.

The light has a built-in sensor that detects the brightness of its surroundings. When the environment is dark, it turns on automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually.

It’s easy to install, even if you don’t have any power tools to set it up. You also don’t have to worry about breakages and leaks when the weather is terrible, thanks to its IP65 waterproof technology. It even has a smart hole for water to drain out if it gets trapped during the rain.

But you may notice that this solar LED flagpole light is affected by cloudy weather. It takes on more subdued lighting when it doesn’t get much sun.
  • A high-quality product designed in the USA
  • Made with 20 LED lights that are bright and energy-efficient
  • Provides wide lighting coverage to capture your entire flag
  • Has a sensor to automatically turn on when the environment gets dark
  • Easy to install and doesn’t need any extra tools to set up
  • Designed with IP65 waterproof technology and a smart hole
  • Has subdued lighting when it doesn’t get much sun
If you want a bright solar power flag pole light that is sturdy, self-sufficient, and easy to install, you can’t go wrong with this one by Sunnytech. The best part is it lights up your entire flag, not just a tiny section!

3. Vont Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: 200 LM
  • Runtime: 10+ hrs

This Vont light is designed with a group of 26 LED lights, a higher number than most flagpole lights you may come across. All in all, the light bulbs emit 200 lumens of light, which is quite bright.

It offers 100% coverage for your flag, which means it lights up your entire flag’s surface, not just the center or one side. That way, your flag will be clear and recognizable all the time.

An automatic daylight sensor allows it to detect the environment’s darkness level and turn on automatically when it’s nighttime. When it’s fully appropriately charged during the day, the light stays on for many hours and usually from dusk until dawn.

Your light will come with three pre-installed AA batteries, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a ready stock of your own batteries.

However, when the daytime weather is a bit cloudy and overcast, your solar flagpole light might not charge to the best level. During the night, it may not give off as much light as usual. For it to work best, make sure it charges under direct sunlight.
  • Designed with 26 LED lights that emit a total of 200 lumens of bright light
  • Offers 100% light coverage of your flag, so it will never be unrecognizable
  • Has an automatic daylight sensor that turns the light on at nighttime
  • When appropriately charged, it stays bright from dusk till dawn
  • Already comes with three pre-installed AA batteries
  • Doesn’t give off much light when the weather during the day is overcast
This convenient flagpole light has batteries pre-installed and automatic sensors to charge and turn on without any help. It’s a far cry from the usual hardwired flagpole light, so it’s terrific if you want to switch over to a bright solar flag light.

4. Deneve Standard Gold Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: 1300LM
  • Runtime: 12 hrs

If you loved the Deneve light we previously talked about, you might be interested in this gold option. Its unique color gives your flagpole a fancier look that is different from the usual silver or white.

Like the silver Deneve light, this one will fit most flagpoles because it accommodates 0.5-inch flagpole ornament spindles.

The brightness level of this light is strong enough to illuminate all the way down to your flagpole’s base, assuming your pole is about 15-20 feet tall. It’s a great way to showcase shrubs or plants you have by the pole’s base.

Setting the light up is easy. You don’t need extra tools or wiring to get it done. It’s perfect for lighting newbies.

But this light is not without its flaws. For one thing, it might come with pretty flimsy pre-installed AA batteries that don’t charge fully, so you may want to replace them with your own AA batteries when you receive them.

Some customers have also complained about the manufacturer’s customer service. It seems the company does not always reply to queries quick enough.
  • Has a unique gold color that’s different from the usual silver or white
  • Fits most flagpoles since it accommodates the standard 0.5-inch spindle
  • Brightness level is enough to light your flagpole’s base 15-20 feet below
  • Easy, tool-free set-up and doesn’t require you to have wiring
  • The batteries they initially come with aren’t so high-quality
  • Slow response to customers in some cases
If you want sleek and fancier-looking solar powered flagpole lights, you should consider this gold one from Deneve. It also makes an excellent light for showcasing your entire flagpole, not just the top.

5. Home Deputy Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: –
  • Runtime: 10 hrs

This flagpole light by Home Deputy is fashioned with a whopping 111 LED light beams, allowing for excellent coverage of your flag when it’s lit up. The lights are multi-directional, which means they can light up your entire flag, not just a section of it.

The light can last up to 10 hours in the nighttime, provided that the batteries were fully charged under the sun earlier in the day.

It recharges automatically when it senses the sun is up. Later on, when it gets darker in the evening, it also turns on by itself without any manual set-up from your end.

Most flagpoles have a 0.5-inch ornament, which this flagpole light accommodates perfectly. That means it’s technically universally compatible, so you don’t have to worry about it not being a good fit for your pole.

Like most flagpole lights, this one is easy to install. It takes only two minutes of your time to get it up, without the use of any tools or hard-to-read manuals.

You should note that while the solar panel boards are of good quality, they may become dislodged over time, thanks to the wind and tricky weather conditions. All you have to do is open up the LED light board to fix its position, and you’re golden.
  • Crafted with a whopping 111 multi-directional LED light bulbs
  • Lasts up to 10 hours when the batteries are fully charged
  • Recharges and illuminates automatically
  • Compatible with the standard 0.5-inch ornament
  • Takes two minutes and no extra tools and manuals to install
  • The solar panel boards can become dislodged over time
The bottom line is, if you’re in the market for the brightest solar flagpole light, this one by Home Deputy may be the one for you. With a whopping 111-LED design, you can’t beat it in terms of light coverage and brightness.

6. AOPMET Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: ABS
  • Brightness: –
  • Runtime: 10 hrs

This AOPMET flagpole light model is made with a total of 111 LED light beams, allowing it to emit a strong and bright light.

It’s designed with a built-in daylight sensor that allows it to detect brightness and darkness in its surroundings. That means it can automatically recharge when the sun’s out and switch its stored light on during the nighttime.

Most flagpoles will fit nicely with this light because it’s designed to fit the universal 0.5-inch wide flag spindles most poles have.

The flagpole light is designed with IP67 weather-resistant material. With this, you won’t need to worry about damaging your light even if you leave it out during a bad storm. This is very helpful for those who live in wetter climates.

This light comes with a clip and hook in its set, in case you want to hang it up as an outdoor light on your front porch or garden instead. That makes it very versatile and multi-use.

One downside to this flagpole light is that its lifespan doesn’t seem to be that long. Many users who have used this light find that it lasts less than a year or so before needing to be replaced.
  • Made with 111 LED light beams for a strong and bright luminosity
  • Designed with a daylight sensor that allows it to automatically switch on
  • Compatible with most flagpoles because it fits 0.5-inch flag spindles
  • IP67 weather-resistant, so it won’t be damaged in wet climates
  • Comes with a clip and hook for use as an outdoor light instead
  • The lifespan isn’t so long and seems to only last less than a year
This AOPMET model is one of the brightest flagpole light options you might find, what with its 111-strong LED light design. It’s fuss-free and terrific for showcasing not just your flag but other outdoor spaces too.

7. Solar Light Mart Alpha 180X Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: Aluminum, Glass, Plastic, Iron
  • Brightness: 230LM
  • Runtime: 6-12 hrs

Solar Light Mart’s bracketed flagpole light emits a warm-white brightness. This is more flattering for homes instead of a cool light, and it’s never as stark or blinding to sensitive eyes.

It’s made up of 35 LED light beams. Together, these lights emanate up to 230 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate your flag beautifully and efficiently.

There are three brightness modes you can choose from: high, normal, and low, ranging anywhere between 60 and 230 lumens. That makes your light customizable, depending on how bright you want it to be for certain occasions.

The light fixture itself is made of cast iron, while the solar panel boasts of tempered glass. These materials make your light strong and durable.

You can also set this light up as a yard spotlight, depending on how you want to use it. It’s very multi-functional that way.

But if you’re a newbie, you might not enjoy the challenging set-up of this flagpole light. There are tons of bolts, nuts, and wires to deal with, as well as the ever-complicated U-bracket. It’s more geared towards those with experience setting up complex lights.
  • Emits a neutral warm-white light that is flattering and isn’t blinding
  • 35 LED light beams create up to 230 lumens to illuminate your flag
  • Has three user-defined brightness levels—high, normal, and low setting
  • The cast-iron fixture is paired with a tempered glass panel for durability
  • You can use it as a flagpole light or as a yard spotlight
  • Set-up can be quite challenging since there are bolts and U-brackets, etc
This warm-white light by Solar Light Mart is brilliant because it’s customizable (in brightness level and positioning), durable, and super luminous. It has strong flag pole lights LED power, making it a frontrunner in its industry.

8. ZIOTI Solar Flagpole Light

  • Compatibility: 15-25 ft poles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brightness: 640LM
  • Runtime: 10 hrs

ZIOTI’s flag pole light is designed with 128 LED light beams that provide bright, top-notch luminosity for your favorite flag blowing in the wind. These light bulbs are bright and save tons of energy for intense luminescence.

While most flagpole lights have the same type of solar panels, this light boasts of enhanced and new-generation ones that charge faster than most others. That way, it doesn’t take too long to soak up energy from the sun.

It works on two brightness levels—medium and high. You can adjust these whenever you like, depending on what kind of light better suits your flag.

The light automatically activates as soon as the sensor detects that the surroundings are darker. No more manually turning on your hard-wired lights!

Like most high-class flagpole lights, this one is fashioned with IP67 material, making it waterproof. It’s resilient against extreme climates and the occasional storm.

However, note that this flag pole light’s battery storage isn’t that impressive. The capacity is not large enough, so the bright light tends not to stay on all night.
  • Designed with 128 bright and energy-saving LED light bulbs
  • Has enhanced, new-generation solar panels that charge faster than others
  • Works on medium and high brightness levels
  • Automatically activates as soon as it senses that the surroundings are dark
  • Made with IP67 material to be resilient against extreme weather
  • Battery capacity is not large enough, so the light doesn’t stay on all night
If you want more technologically advanced solar panels and lights to illuminate your flag, this is the light you should go for. It’s designed to save energy faster, have adjustable brightness levels, and withstand insane weather.

9. FALOVE Outdoor Solar Spotlight

If you want a unique way to light up your flag, try out this FALOVE outdoor spotlight instead of the usual flagpole light. All you have to do is mount this light into the ground, which is super easy and doesn’t require tools and wiring, and face it in the direction of your flag.

Its output comes to a total of 200 lumens emanated. The light will be bright enough to cast a luminous glow on your entire flag.

You can choose between two brightness modes—low and high, depending on your preference and lighting needs. Select the low mode for less energy consumption, and the high mode for more intensity.

Since the light is made with IP65 material, it’s completely weatherproof. That means it can withstand extreme heat and a downpour of rain or snow.

The batteries that come with the light charge fairly quickly, soaking in enough sunlight in as little as eight hours on a sunny day.

However, if your flagpole is too tall and your flag too high up, this light may not illuminate all of it since it’s mounted on the ground. It’s better for shorter flagpoles carrying smaller flags.
  • Easy to mount into the ground with no tools or wiring needed
  • Provides an output of 200 lumens, which is enough for your entire flag
  • You can choose between a low and high brightness mode
  • Made with IP65 heatproof material to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • The batteries finish charging in eight hours
  • If your flag is too high up, this light may not illuminate all of it
If you’re looking for the best flagpole light mounted on the ground instead of on top of your flag, this one is your best bet. The light’s intensity is terrific, and you have more control over it since it’s easier to access on the ground.

10. MegaBrand Telescopic Aluminum Flagpole

Not sold on the idea of buying a separate solar light for your flag? Do away with disc-like flagpole lights and purchase a pole with a built-in one already, like this one by MegaBrand.

The pole is 25 feet long, so it’s taller than most flag poles out there. This allows your favorite flag to fly high and mighty in the sky for all to see.

It’s telescopic in design, which means the pole is easy to set up and take down. A few folds into multiple rings is all it takes—just like a telescope.

The set comes with a brand new American flag so that you can display your pride for the nation as you use your pole and lights right away.

Now, let’s talk about the lights. The solar light that illuminates the flag contains 26 LED beams, giving you a bright and noticeable glow. It illuminates your American flag for up to eight hours when the three AA batteries are charged fully under the sunlight.

The only con of this set doesn’t have to do with the flagpole lights but more with the pole itself. It’s much thinner than the usual aluminum flagpole, so much so that it bends in strong winds. If you live in a windy city, you might want to consider other options.
  • The pole is 25 feet long, which allows your flag to fly high in the sky
  • Telescopic in design, so the pole is easy to set up and fold back down
  • Comes with an American flag so that you can use your pole right away
  • The solar flagpole lights contain 26 LED beams for a bright glow
  • Illuminates your flag for up to eight hours per night on a full charge
  • The pole is thinner than average and bends in strong winds
This is a great set to buy if you don’t yet have a flagpole and want to light up the American flag in your home. Its high-class, built-in solar lights that keep your flag shining are worth the purchase.

11. WeValor Solar Flagpole Light

This WeValor light is made up of 26 powerful LED lights that emanate a luminous glow. The lights have a wide circumference, providing more light coverage for your flag.

It charges automatically under direct sunlight during the day, storing all the energy it needs for the night. And when it gets dark, it turns on by itself to illuminate your flag.

Don’t worry about heavy rains—this light is made of water-resistant material that makes it weatherproof. No more rushing to uninstall your light when there’s a storm coming!

When fully charged in the day, these lights stay on for up to 10 hours. That makes them fabulous dusk to dawn LED flagpole lights.

This light is quite versatile, too. You can use it for other outdoor lighting needs, like on your patio or garden. It comes with a hook for you to hang up on fences and tents for your convenience. It’s perfect to have on-hand for overall outdoor lighting.

On the downside, one customer received a package with missing parts after purchasing this light. Fortunately, the seller provides a one-year warranty program, so buyers can contact them about quality problems.
  • Has 26 powerful LED lights that have a wide circumference
  • Charges automatically under the sun and lights up when it gets dark
  • Made of water-resistant material, making it essentially rainproof
  • Stays lit at night for up to 10 hours, so your flag’s illuminated all night
  • Includes a hook, so you can use it in your garden and other outdoor spaces
  • The light may come missing parts
Check out this WeValor light if you want powerful LED light bulbs keeping your flag looking beautiful in all its mighty glory from dusk until dawn, even when it’s raining.

12. Solar Light Mart Mini 120X Flagpole Light

Don’t let this mini light by Solar Light Mart fool you. It may be small in dimensions, but it packs a punch in brightness, putting out up to 240 lumens to brighten up your beloved flag all night long.

The LED lights emit a warm-white glow. This is much more flattering for home décor than the stark, cool-white lights of many other flag lights.

It’s made with cast aluminum, so you can be sure your lights will be sturdy and won’t be damaged so easily. The casing of the spotlight has a sleek, black finish, making it look chic and stylish—perfect for a minimalist flagpole look.

The solar panel is remote, attached to the light only with a short wire. That way, your light doesn’t look so bulky. Your light can run up to 15 hours long if the batteries are charged during the day under the bright sun.

But do note that this light isn’t as easy to install as the other flagpole lights on this list. You have to deal with screws and bolts to set up the pole-mounting ring, which can prove difficult for inexperienced newbies.
  • Small in size but offers up to 240 lumens to brighten up your flag
  • The LED light emits a warm-white glow, which is flattering for home décor
  • Made with cast aluminum and finished with a sleek, black spotlight casing
  • The solar panel is remote and is attached to the light fixture with a wire
  • Runs up to 15 hours long when the batteries are charged fully
  • Not as easy to set up as other flagpole lights
This sleek and stylish flag pole light by Solar Light Mart is all you need to complete your dream flag setting on your porch. Check it out if you want substance and style all at once.
Outdated Products

MOICO 42-LED Solar Flagpole Light (Outdated)

Looking for a strong and bright light to illuminate bigger or more colorful flags? You may enjoy this light by MOICO, which boasts 42 LED bulbs to cast a radiant glow.

It’s made with huge solar panels that have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. That means this flagpole light will last you a long time without needing to be replaced or taken down.

Designed with IP67 waterproof technology, it survives even the most challenging weather conditions, like pouring rain and even a bad snow day. You won’t have to worry about any water damage.

It has an energy-saving mode you can select so that your light will work on a slightly lower brightness and last all night. But even without the low mode, this light usually stays on for up to 10 hours.

Installing this is simple and straightforward. You don’t need wiring skills or even that many tools to set it up properly. Even newbies with no experience fixing up lights will find it easy to navigate.

However, not everything about this light is a perfect ten. Its switch button, which controls whether the light should work automatically, is quite stubborn. You have to put some muscle into it to get it to click.
  • Made of 42 big LED bulbs for a bright and robust light
  • The huge solar panels have a lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Designed with IP67 waterproof technology to prevent water damage
  • You can choose to put it on energy-saving mode for a lower brightness
  • Stays on for up to ten hours
  • Installation is simple with no tools necessary
  • The on-and-off switch is stubborn, so you have to work to click it on
This MOICO light makes a terrific commercial solar flagpole light because of its wider solar panels, a high number of LED beams, and strong brightness. The fact that it’s weatherproof and long-lasting are just added bonuses.

Letsmeet Solar Flagpole Light (Outdated)

This Letsmeet flagpole light is made with a total of 128 LED light beams and 12 solar panels. Together, they work to provide your flag with the utmost level of illumination and bright glow.

It’s designed with coveted IP65 technology, making it waterproof. That means it’ll incur little damage even when it’s super hot or extremely cold during the wet months.

When the batteries are charged fully under the sun during the day, the light can last up to 10 hours at night. That’s almost all night until sunrise the following day!

If you wish to have it stay on even longer than 10 hours, you can opt to keep your light in energy-saving mode. This makes the light slightly less bright, but your flag will stay lit until dawn.

This light has multiple uses too. You can use it as a porch or lawn light by hanging it up on the ceiling with a hook.

The only problem with this light is that its package doesn’t come with a set of clear instructions. It may not be an issue for experienced users, but for newbies, it can be confusing to set up if you didn’t do prior research online.
  • Has 128 LED light beams and 12 solar panels
  • Created with IP65 technology to make your lights waterproof
  • Keeps your flag lit for up to 10 hours when the batteries are charged fully
  • You can keep it on an energy-saving mode to make the light last longer
  • Can be used for tall flagpoles or hung up as a porch light
  • The package doesn’t come with instructions
This light by Letsmeet has everything you could ever want in a fully-functioning flagpole light. It’s bright, weather-resistant, and helps you save energy when you need it.

GRDE Solar Flagpole Light (Outdated)

If you want a mega-bright light for your flag, look no further than this GRDE flagpole light. It’s designed with 48 bright and long-lasting LED light beams that keep your flag shining in the dark.

You can adjust the brightness level to one you’re most comfortable with, from low to medium to high luminosity. This gives you control of how you want your flag to look under a specific light.

When you’ve charged your light under direct sunlight on a bright day, you can expect 10 hours worth of brightness at night.

This light boasts a 0.55-inch thread hole, making it compatible with most flagpoles. Because of this, it’s a breeze to install, only needing a quick twist at the spindle to set up.

However, it must be pointed out that there are some flickering issues with this light. I’ve noticed that on some evenings, it flickers one or two times throughout the night. That said, it should stay still and bright for most of the night.
  • Designed with 48 bright LED lights that are long-lasting
  • Three brightness settings: low, medium, and high you can choose from
  • After a bright and sunny day, your light can last 10 hours at nighttime
  • Boasts of a 0.55-inch thread hole, which fits almost all standard flagpoles
  • Very easy to install with a quick twist on your flagpole spindle
  • Has issues with flickering
This GRDE flagpole light has all the hallmarks of the ideal flagpole light. It keeps a ray of brightness transfixed on your flag while being adjustable according to the light level you prefer. It’s also super simple to set up!

What to Look for When Buying Solar Flagpole Lights


Withstands tough weather conditions, like snowstorms and intense heat

Any high-quality solar light for flagpole support should be made with material that is tough and durable. Look for a flagpole light that is waterproof so that it can withstand the elements.

You need a light that won’t break down on you even in bad thunderstorms, huge snowstorms, and intense heat during the summer. Look for flagpole lights that are made with IP65-67 waterproof technology so you can be sure they’ll last a long time.

Illuminates your entire flag, not just a tiny snippet of it

Some lights are affordable but can be quite disappointing when it comes to how much space they light up. Super small lights may be economical, but they may not light up your entire flag—just a small section of it.

Make sure the flagpole light you purchase can illuminate your whole flag. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of money.

Lasts for hours so that your flag shines brightly across your yard or lawn all night

Always opt for a flagpole light that stays on all night. Try to check how many hours your light can stay up when it’s fully charged during the day. You want one that promises to shed light on your flag for 8-12 hours when it’s dark.

Emits a high amount of lumens to be extra luminous

Look for a flagpole light that will be extra bright at around 200 lumens and more. Colors like red and blue require an intense luminosity to look vivid when lit up in the sky, so it’s important that your flagpole lights illuminate them properly.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Flagpole

Try to look for flagpole lights that have at least 200-300 lumens. This is quite high, but it’s important that your flagpole light emits bright light to capture all the flag colors. It’s also nice to see your flag swing back and forth beautifully when you have a brighter light.

How Do You Install a Solar Light on a Flagpole

Installing your flagpole light will differ depending on its brand and model. But generally, all you have to do is bring the flagpole down to its lowest position and then unscrew the round ornament at the top. Insert that ornament into the solar flagpole light disk, and then screw it back into the pole.

When you lift your flagpole up high again, you can be sure your solar light will keep it bright and emphasized all night long.

Where Can I Buy

You can always check out your local home improvement stores to see if they have any flagpole solar lighting. It should be in the light fixture section. If you know a specialty store that only sells solar energy devices, you can see if they have good options as well.

But if you want a more convenient way to shop for your flagpole lights, you can always turn to major marketplaces online. It’s a terrific way to shop quickly and for the best price. Plus, you get to do research on each product and read solar flag pole light reviews before you add it to your cart.

In short, you can find the most favorite solar powered flagpole light in tons of places (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon). The important thing is that you find a brand you trust, so your purchase will be worth it.


You can’t just display a flag on your lawn and not fix up the best solar flagpole lights to keep it bright and shining all night—it’s borderline disrespectful to that magnificent flag!

If you’re looking to showcase your flag for everyone to see, check out any of these flagpole lights. They’re all high-quality and are perfect for illuminating your favorite flag, so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

The best part is that all of them use solar power, so charging is hassle-free. You’ll get to save up some money since it won’t cut into your electricity bill budget.

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