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The Best Floating Pool Lights to Get Ready For Your Parties

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best floating pool lights

Not all of us are more than willing to spend lavishly or devote a huge amount of time to set up integrated lights in the walls for our swimming area. So, there is one great solution that is worth considering for that concern — investing in the best floating pool lights!

Surely, the top-rated floating pool lights are an impressive addition to any spa or pool. What makes them a worthwhile investment is that they can add more splendor and style. Aside from this, they could provide additional visibility for evening swimming.

We have compiled some of the chart-topping floating pool lights models in this post. This is why we can guarantee that you won’t end up making the wrong final buying decision.


Best Overall


✅ Easy to set up and use
✅ 2 replaceable batteries
✅ Allows to enjoy a subtle


Premium Choice

Blufree Floating Pool Lights

✅ 10 bright LED lights
✅ IP68 waterproof
✅ Allows to pick any preferred light


Editor’s Pick

Niser Swimming Pool Lights

✅ Using replaceable batteries
✅ IP67-rated
✅ 60-day return or refund


Top 11 Floating Pool Light Reviews

1. LOGUIDE LO-HONKE010-06-3 Floating Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 6
  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Color: RGB (7 colors)

Are you planning to purchase magnificent and decorative pool lights? Then, it is pointless to search further because this product might be the perfect choice for you. As you can see, this model features a lovely and distinctive dragonfly lotus lantern. Its captivating design makes it ideal for serving a variety of usage.

Additionally, this is a must-have pool light since it is safe and can be placed anywhere and provide a dependable power source. Designed with superbly bright colors and exceptional color fastness performance, this battery-operated pool fixture can decorate almost any place. You’ll be amazed by the subtle and comfortable slow flash lighting transformation.

The kit contains 6 bright LEDs. Best of all, it is not just adorable to behold, but also a piece of cake to set up and use. You’ll certainly love seeing this pool light float on the water because it creates a soothing vibe. The classy touch it could add to wherever you place it can make a remarkable difference.

This floating pool light requires 2 CR2032 replaceable batteries to operate. Undeniably, this flower-shaped pool light can serve as nice adornment for diverse water features, special occasions, and your home.

On the downside, since this pool light is battery-operated, it is necessary to pull it out of the water and turn it off when not in use. Yes, it is true that this could be slightly annoying at times, but it is all worth it.
  • Designed with stellar color fastness performance and incredibly bright colors
  • Allows users to enjoy a subtle and comfortable slow flash lighting transformation
  • Operated by two replaceable CR2032 batteries
  • Excellent option that could serve a variety of usage
  • Features a lovely and distinctive dragonfly lotus lantern
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Requires being pulled out of the water and turned off
In summary, you won’t go wrong if you purchase high-quality floating lights for the pool. The wonderful features of this model are what set it apart from other options.

2. Blufree Floating Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Soft Silicone, Steel
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Color: RGB (7 colors)

For buyers looking for a top-quality ultra floating LED pool light, this item is worth checking out. The cool starfish design offers users a very entertaining visual experience. The package includes 10 superbly bright LED lights that come with several color options. So, if you prefer an awesome light show, this is an ideal choice.

This pool floating light comes with magnetic color altering. Users can select the gradient color-changing mode to enjoy a soothing and fascinating effect. Isn’t it nice to conveniently select any light you prefer with just a single click of a button? This pool light is useful for many indoor and outdoor applications.

Also, this floating LED pool light is IP68-rated waterproof. It is built with double-layer waterproof material and a sleek silicone O-ring to guarantee a dependable watertight seal. You can also rely on it for party illumination, event design, any water-filled containers, home, and holiday accent lighting.

This submersible LED light can be placed anywhere. It does not need any special tools or wiring to be installed. It only needs 3 AAA batteries. As you can see, this version is more portable, safer, and more convenient to use than other similar options.

On the cons, while there’s no doubt that this pool light is a smart investment, it would have been better if the manufacturer upgraded its current size. If it were larger, it wouldn’t get sucked up into the skimmer as quickly when floating.
  • Highly recommended for multiple purposes like a party atmosphere
  • Rated as IP68 waterproof to guarantee a reliable watertight seal
  • Contains 10 bright LED lights with multi-color options and a starfish design
  • Does not require any wiring or special tools for installation
  • Allows users to pick any preferred light with a single push of a button
  • Comes in a smaller size
Ultimately, this item can serve as floating pool lights for wedding events. It can offer a colorful light effect that you could instantly add to your decorations.

3. Niser Swimming Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Color: 7 colors

Investing in premium quality floating solar lights is certainly a wise decision. In particular, this product is a must-have since you can use it for many different applications. The reason why this model is one of the most famous options is that it can serve as a fascinating pool light and a stellar Christmas décor.

It comes with 7 types of impressive and vibrant light modes, which make it appropriate for any scene. This floating LED light is IP67-rated. It comes with a transparent waterproof ring near the seal of the battery compartment. The purpose of this is to keep it watertight.

Meanwhile, please remember that it is essential to inspect and completely tighten the lid of the battery before putting it into the water. Apart from this, you must check the positive and negative electrodes when you are loading the battery.

If you prefer swimming pool lights with a broader illumination range and superb brightness, this floating LED light performs admirably. It is operated by three AAA batteries that are a cinch to replace. This floating pool light is supported by a 60-day return or refund program, so it is not a risky investment at all.

The minor gripe for this floating pool light is that the 3 AAA batteries are not included in the package once purchased. So, you’ll need to buy them separately, which is an additional cost. It’s a good thing that the battery is a breeze to replace though.
  • Popular for being multipurpose LED lights
  • Best used as a fabulous pool light, and as Christmas decors
  • Backed up by a 60-day return or refund
  • Ensures broader illumination range and superior brightness
  • IP67-rated with watertight battery compartment
  • Operates using replaceable batteries
  • The batteries are not included in the kit
As a whole, this floating pool light is excellent for many distinct uses, comes with a broader illumination range, and guarantees superior brightness.

4. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 2
  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Color: RGB (7 colors)

Without fail, solar powered floating pool lights are energy-saving, eco-friendly, and are not bothersome to manage as they work automatically with less supervision on your part. In particular, this version is a great buy to consider since you can utilize it for many diverse applications.

In fact, many people who have used this solar-operated floating pool light have shared that it can illuminate a large area with a splendid color changing light function. So, if you wish to add more energy, brilliance, excitement, and energy to parties, this is worth buying.

You can witness impressive altering colors in zesty hues. If you want to impress your guests with a spectacular effect, the LED ball lights can alter the color automatically every 25 seconds. So, whatever type of party you want to host, having these pool lights will make you a winner.

Such glow globes are a unique item to go for if you’re wondering what appropriate gift to give away for any type of occasion. The 14-inch sized ball lights can guarantee fabulous altering colors whenever they light up. It’s nice to know that these pool lights can make for an easy and quick upgrade to any home, backyard, pond, and pool area.

Unlike other swimming pool lights options, you won’t have to worry about batteries. Anyhow, the minor gripe you can encounter with this solar light for swimming pools is its slightly expensive price tag. For a vinyl balloon, this is a bit costly. Luckily, the item comes with a patch kit.
  • Can be a multipurpose gift for any type of occasion
  • Work automatically and only require minimal supervision
  • Add more energy, brilliance, excitement, and energy to parties
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly, no batteries needed
  • Can illuminate the entire area with spectacular altering colors
  • Come with a patch kit
  • A bit costly
On the whole, you won’t be disappointed with this solar floating pool light. It looks cool, comes with fabulous colors, and so mesmerizing that the entire family will love it.

5. Esuper CT-1PK Floating Ball Pool Light

  • Quantity: 4
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Color: 4 colors

This floating solar pool light is specifically designed to be floatable, inflatable, and rechargeable. Unquestionably, such features can offer more convenience and practicality. You can install this floating pool light in any indoor and outdoor area. Furthermore, it could make a great décor on various occasions and holidays.

We consider this item as one of the most favorite floating pool lights because it transformed our landscape into a more stunning one. It works for approximately 8 hours if fully charged. It comes with blue, red, white, and green color that automatically alters every 15 seconds. The multicolor alternation effect is really a good sight to behold.

Since it is built with durable construction, everyone can enjoy tossing it around whenever bathing or swimming. The kids in our family are fascinated with solar floating lamps like this item. This inflatable pool light is also designed with superb weather resistance and IP68 weatherproof features. Hence, it can guarantee reliable and satisfying performance.

There’s no denying that this is one of the top-rated floating pool lights to select from because it is supported by a one-year warranty offer. In case you encounter any product defect or need product replacement, you’ll have no worries.

If you are short on budget, you might find this product a bit expensive compared to other available items. But, the kit already contains 4 packs, so it is still an economical option to go for.
  • Features a floatable, inflatable, and rechargeable design
  • Backed up by a one-year warranty offer
  • Ideal to utilize for multiple applications
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions with IP68 waterproof rating
  • Designed with multicolor alternation function
  • A full charge lasts for up to eight hours
  • Priced higher than other available options
All in all, the next time you shop at Walmart, take a closer look at this item. It is certainly a great addition to your pool and other indoor and outdoor areas.

6. Tially Full Moon Floating Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 2
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Color: 4 colors

Have this floating swimming pool light set up in your place if you dream of a very relaxing night to swim and unwind. The adorable moon shape of this pool light is unique and calming. The cool and warm illumination it emits is truly nice to behold. You can select from these two modes just by pressing the button.

Featuring a weighted base, this pool ball can ensure better stability. It is heavy-duty enough for users to toss it around. It can withstand strong winds, and it is designed with an IP68 waterproof grade. This solar floatable pool light comes with a double ears valve, so it can be hung on a porch or trees to create an enchanting effect.

You don’t need to supervise this solar floating pool ball more often because it illuminates and charges automatically. Just make sure that you charge it for roughly six hours for it to work more efficiently and reliably.

Pool lights like this option are a famous alternative primarily because they have been proven to be useful and look exquisite wherever you place them. This beautiful moon floating light is outstanding in terms of adding a blend of magic and function to your place.

Surprisingly, this floating pool light only illuminates the surface of the pool, not below it. That said, the glow this ball light provides is adequate for me.
  • Comes with IP68-waterproof grade and wind-resistant features
  • Illuminates and charges automatically
  • Can add a touch of wonder wherever it’s used
  • Designed with an innovative hanging system and a weighted base
  • Heavy-duty enough for tossing
  • Displays cool and warm lights
  • Not for lighting below the water surface
If you prefer floating pool lights that could provide the perfect amount of illumination for an evening swimming and are very soothing to watch, this option is a must-try!

7. Chakev Floating Pool Lights

  • Quantity: 10
  • Material: Polyethylene, Plastic
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Color: 16 colors

Are you planning to add some pool glow balls to various indoor and outdoor spots? If so, this floating pool light is worth buying. This top-quality item comes in 16 colors, and it’s operated by an RF remote control. There are three color altering modes — smooth, fading, and flashing. You can also adjust the brightness in 4 different levels; there’s also a memory function and three timer options.

As one of the most favorite floating pool lights, this can serve as magnificent decors to illuminate ponds, pools, fountains, pathways, stage, backyard, garden, and lawn areas. Or you can hang it on trees, eaves, and corridors using a metal hook. This is great to use for holiday celebrations and parties as well. This option is sturdy enough for kids and pets to play with.

This swimming pool light is operated by two CR2032 batteries. The batteries are included in the kit and are expected to last for about 24 to 30 hours. You can use this pool light wherever you are and any time you want. This product is considered a more stable alternative compared to solar pool lights.

On the contrary, I noticed that the battery lifespan does not last long as stated in the product description. So, frequent battery replacement is needed. I am not sure if I was just unlucky to receive a defective item, or that is just the way it is.
  • 3 color changing modes, four brightness levels, a timer, and a memory function
  • Comes in 16 different colors and operated by an RF remote control
  • A great alternative for several different uses
  • Powered by two CR2032 batteries
  • Sturdy enough to be played with
  • The batteries do not last long as indicated in the product description
Conclusively, this floating pool light is a good catch. Designed with exceptional features and amazing functions, you can install it anywhere and anytime.

8. Intex 28695E Floating LED Pool Light

Practical and convenient solar lighting for pools is what most pool owners search for. If you want to end up with smart swimming pool lights, this model is worth a shot. It is designed with two lighting modes: the sleek color-altering mode and the white light mode. It can operate for 5 hours if fully charged.

Moreover, this version is painless to set up and operate. It does not even require maximum supervision as it is built with automatic on and off function. It illuminates automatically at dusk and charges automatically in the daytime. This option can help you reduce your electricity consumption, and it’s equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery with excellent battery life.

This product also features a 5-hour automatic shut-off for the sleek color-alter mode and a 2-hour automatic shut-off for the static mode. If you wish to form a unique and enthralling ambiance with sleekly altering colors, this floating pool light is the ideal pick that you and your family can refer to.

For the price, this item is cost-effective. Users are guaranteed amazing value since this floating LED pool light is adequate enough to illuminate the entire pool’s top portion. If you prefer investing in solar lighting solutions, this is one of the safest options.

Regarding disadvantages, if you want the best floating pool lights for swimming, this might not serve that purpose. The LED lights have a weighty top, so it’s easy to flip them over.
  • Provides 5 hours of lighting if fully charged
  • Lights up automatically at sunset and charges automatically at sunrise
  • Features two lighting modes and auto shut-off for both modes
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery with great battery life
  • Can illuminate the entire pool
  • Ensures uncomplicated installation and operation process
  • Not ideal for swimming
To wrap up, this solar powered pool light glows as advertised and makes the pool look more attractive at dusk.

9. GEEDIAR Floating Pool Lights

If you intend to purchase high-quality floating solar pool lights, make sure you don’t miss this option. This model is deemed one of the most durable alternatives since it is IPX68 waterproof-rated to endure extreme weather conditions and deliver the best quality of service and experience. You can control the color light all you want.

Solar floating pool lights like this one won’t disappoint you for whatever application you’ll utilize them for. Since it is completely waterproof, it is ideal for rugged use. You can utilize it for various gatherings and environments. Its extraordinary design with multicolor RGB light makes this product one of the top choices in the market nowadays.

This solar pool light is equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that efficiently takes in solar energy during the daytime and illuminates at dusk. If fully charged, this floating pool light can operate for roughly 5 to 6 hours. It will usually take 8 hours to completely charge this item. The charging and operating period will vary depending on the weather condition.

Supported by outstanding after-sales service, you’ll obtain several perks once you invested in this solar pool light. It is furnished with a vibrant LED that comes in 16 different colors. You can operate it using the remote control, and it features 4 modes of settings that can instantly change your mood. However, this floating pool light is not big enough to be suitable for larger pools.
  • Features an out-of-the-ordinary design with multicolor RGB light
  • Incredibly durable construction with IPX68 waterproof rating
  • Ideal for diverse environments and special events
  • Supported by an outstanding after-sales service
  • Designed with solar energy battery and extended work time
  • Remote control and four modes
  • Seems not ideal to use for larger pools
To sum up, you’ll surely be fascinated by this floating pool light’s soft illumination and capability to adjust its color and rhythm. Everyone will certainly be in love with it.

10. LACGO LED Waterproof Floating Lotus Light

Beyond question, this option looks like DIY floating pool lights. The material used is soft foam plastic. This lovely lotus-shaped LED lamp is waterproof at the lower edge. It is designed with 4 layers of lotus leaves and outermost petals. And, each lotus comes with two AG10 batteries.

Since this product is one of the cheapest options, it can fit all types of budget. This floating pool light is operated by batteries, so it can ensure a reliable power source, especially at dusk. You can use it for various indoor and outdoor usage. It is a great addition during special occasions like weddings, parties, romantic dinners, banquets, and so on.

This LED pool light is adept at reflecting bright white colors on petals to illuminate the whole night. You’ll love the cozy and lovely ambiance it displays whenever lit. You will be pleased to witness a romantic atmosphere, especially when you’re with your special someone. In short, it works like a real charm in calming your mood.

On the negative side, it seems that the material used to construct this floating pool light is frail. So, you can’t be guaranteed if this floating LED pool light can last a long time. It is a must to handle this item with extra care and tighten the bottom to take advantage of the watertight design.
  • An attractive lotus-shaped floating LED lamp
  • Waterproof lower edge
  • One of the options offering the best value
  • Operated by two AG10 batteries
  • Great for special occasions, home decor, indoor and outdoor usage
  • Creates a romantic, serene, warm, and stunning atmosphere at night
  • The material used seems frail
On the whole, adding beautifully-designed lotus-shaped floating LED lamps to your indoor and outdoor areas can transform the entire atmosphere in a significant way.

11. MAKUMARI Lotus Floating Lanterns

Floating lights for pool are a brilliant investment. They are highly recommended for creating worth-remembering events. This beautiful lotus-shaped floating lantern looks like a real flashing candlelight. Wherever you plan to use it, this pool light will certainly look stunning and captivating.

This floating pool light is built using EVA foam material that comes with vibrant colors. It can illuminate for about 4 hours. You can use this pool light on many special occasions like holidays and date nights, or simply for transforming an ordinary night into a special one.

You cannot question how effective this floating pool light is in bringing tranquility, emotion, and sensation to wherever you set it up. It could instantly make your guest impressed. The color combinations of this product are meticulously selected to guarantee enchanting, relaxing, and captivating moments.

Besides, this item can serve as a special gift for any occasion. Since it is practical to use for several applications, the receiver of the gift will certainly be thankful to you and appreciate a unique gift that he or she could place anywhere. This item is reasonably priced as well.

The construction material used to manufacture this lotus-shaped pool light is not sturdy enough to last long. So, you’d better handle it with extra caution to extend its service a little more.
  • Help create memorable events and appear like a real sparkling candlelight
  • Constructed with vibrant colors
  • Can last for roughly four hours
  • Practical for many different purposes
  • Bring more serenity, emotion, and sensation
  • The price is reasonable
  • Seem not built to last
For buyers looking for floating pool lights that can create an out-of-the-ordinary ambiance wherever they are placed, this item can be your perfect bet.
Outdated Products

LOFTEK Floating Pool Lights (Outdated)

Would you like to invest in premium quality swimming pool floating lights? If yes, these drop-proof lights are excellent options to opt for. They are easy to operate, ideal and safe for young and adult users. These pool lights versions are IP65-rated waterproof. They seem built to last, so you can reuse them for an extended time.

Famous for their colorful and multiple functions, these pool lights are the real deal. They come in seven colors and one mode that alters the color by glowing and fading. You can use them for home and pool adornment, special occasions, role-playing, kid’s sleeping toys, and many other applications.

In addition, these eco-friendly floating pool lights are straightforward to utilize. Just press a button, and set the modes and colors you prefer. The kit contains batteries that are replaceable and last for about 30 to 70 hours.

Undoubtedly, they can transform the atmosphere into a more captivating and cozy one. In case you have issues with the product, don’t worry because you’re supported by a reliable after-sales service.

Unfortunately, these pool lights do not come with instructions, so if you have any questions, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer or ask other buyers. This can be a problem if you’re impatient.
  • Feature multiple colors and functions
  • Eco-friendly, IP65 waterproof, and drop-proof
  • Backed up by excellent after-sales service
  • Include batteries and can last for roughly 30 to 70 hours
  • Easy to operate, a safe choice for everyone
  • No instructions for the product
In general, these floating pool ball lights are a fun addition to any pool for an evening party. They are bright, float well, and function as promised in pool water.

What to Look for When Buying Floating Pool Lights


If you have finally decided to purchase floating pool lights, it could be slightly tricky to shop for the best one. This is especially true if it is your first time purchasing one.

So, to help you somehow ease the stress of picking the most suitable option for yourself, consider the buying tips below.

The Location of your Swimming Pool

If your swimming pool is situated outdoors, and you reside in a sunny location, the best choices for you are solar-powered floating lights.

As you know, solar lights are built to last and can help save more energy. They come in diverse styles such as underwater lighting and inflatable orbs.

Number of Swimmers

Are you using your swimming pool for various occasions or events? If yes, it is important to consider the number of swimmers.

You might just want to illuminate your swimming pool as an adornment for a special event, and not having swimmers for that night. In this case, plenty of lights in any size and shape could be well-suited.

However, if you are illuminating your swimming pool for regular use, or if the event will include swimming, a few huge orbs or a few submersible lights might be appropriate.

Alternatively, you can select 3-inch orbs that are more likely to work excellently at any time. These versions make outstanding adornments and barely get in the way.

Preferred Brightness

Diverse floating pool lights have distinct brightness levels, and you’ll have to decide whether this is significant for you or not.

For instance, fiber optic lights are typically very dim and emit more of a fairy light mode. On the other hand, LED lights can get quite bright, particularly if you plan to utilize multiple ones.

Reasons for Buying the Floating Pool Lights

Ask yourself first what you’re going to do with the floating pool lights. Do you plan to use them to decorate or increase the safety and security in your pool area? Or, do you intend to use them for both purposes?

You know, knowing the reason why you’re buying one can make a huge difference. It can indicate the brightness level you might require.

For example, if you frequently swim in the evenings, or you are more focused on being able to see beneath the water, submersible lights might be the ideal choice for your situation.

Meanwhile, if you wish to form a specific atmosphere for a special event, you might want to consider the distinct styles and shapes of floating pool lights.

For instance, if you prefer to add a romantic and soft glow, go for tea lights or floating flower lights. These are perfect for romantic nights, bridal showers, and ladies’ parties.

On the other hand, for beach parties and other sorts of special events, floating orbs are great options. They are available in several distinct sizes, and you can easily mix them up.

Plus, floating orbs can be lighted as beach balls for more fun-filled and thrilling entertainment.

Size of the Pool

16-inch orbs might be slightly overpowering for a small hot tub or mini pool. It would be more appropriate to install a few flower lights for such an area.

This is up to you. You’re the one to decide which type is enough and which type is overwhelming for your pool’s size.

Are Floating Pool Lights Worth the Money


Floating pool lights are great investments for hot tubs, spa, and pool owners. Apart from making your pool look more fascinating and inviting, they could heighten the security and safety in your pool area.

Moreover, seeing your pool properly lit up and adorned, seeing your guests and loved ones enjoy a fun-filled and exciting night swimming experience is satisfying.

Primarily, it is just right to invest in items that would bring you so much joy. Hence, floating pool lights are worthy investments to opt for. After all, they won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Can a Floating Pool Light Electrocute You

Faulty wiring or damaged pool lights are highly risky electrical accidents waiting to take place anytime. When pool lights are malfunctioning or not appropriately installed, they are no longer safe for use around the water.

As a matter of fact, they could be a serious threat. Improperly installed and ill-functioning pool lights can energize the water and make the body of water a pool of deadly electric currents.

Thus, to reduce the risk of damage and danger from the bulbs of the floating pool lights, it is highly suggested to have them regularly inspected.

In doing so, you can examine and detect any defects early on. It is also vital to learn more about the wiring system and how long the pool lights have been set up, and if the wiring is up to code.

Substantially, regular inspections can easily detect any risks before they could become detrimental.

How Do You Maintain Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights require low maintenance. Just ensure that you follow the user manual accordingly, and they will work just fine.

Different models commonly have different installation and maintenance requirements, so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do Floating Pool Lights Attract Bugs

Yes. Pool lights are slightly prone to luring some flying creatures. However, you can instantly see them because of the sufficient brightness that the lights emit.

Luckily, you can do something to avoid this. First, consider switching the lights on right before you intend to utilize them. Then, switch them off as soon as you are finished.

Fewer bugs will be lured the less time the pool lights are lit. Additionally, it is strongly suggested to use LED lights if you’re seriously bothered by bugs.

As you might already know, LED lights burn cooler. Hence, they don’t provide tiny flying creatures the warmth they’re longing for.


Conclusively, each of us has different reasons why we want to invest in the best floating pool lights. These items don’t merely look great, but they can also ensure safety, particularly for night swimming.

Since setting up permanent lighting devices in an already constructed swimming pool or spa can be expensive and time-consuming, opting for floating pool lights is a smart idea.

These handy lights can transform your pool area, hot tubs, ponds, and other bodies of water into a more stunning one. Hopefully, the list provided in this post can help you find the right match for your needs and style.

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