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The Best Solar Powered Pool Lights to Turn Pool Look Fantastic

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar powered pool-lights

What makes the best solar powered pool lights? These days, sun-powered pool lights are perceived as one of the coolest inventions. Solar lighting systems allow homeowners to light up and adorn their indoor and outdoor spaces.

These products help us set aside some bucks since they help us reduce our dependence on electricity. Hence, we do not contribute to any pollution or harm to our environment. The satisfying illumination and stunning decoration they offer is second to none.

Using solar-powered LED lights gives us peace of mind since they are safe, efficient, and economical to use. These lighting systems are also easy to install and do not require full maintenance. Thus, people with busy schedules will find these items as great investments.

Buying solar-powered lights for pools isn’t as simple as you imagine because there are several buying factors to consider. You don’t need to worry, though, as this article intends to help you pick the right option for your solar lighting needs.


Best Overall

HAPIKAY Solar Pool Lights

✅ Perfect gift idea
✅ Magnificent pool accessories
✅ IP68 waterproof rating


Premium Choice

Esuper CT-4PK

✅ Easy to install
✅ Practical and useful option
✅ IP68 waterproof grade


Editor’s Choice

Blibly Solar Pool Lights

✅ Outstanding floating effects
✅ IP68 waterproof grade
✅ Guarantees sustainable lighting


Top 10 Solar Powered Pool Light Reviews

1. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights

  • No. of Item: 2
  • Color: 7 colors
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Working Time: 6 to 8 hours
  • Light Size: 14″

Suppose you prefer solar powered floating pool lights that automatically and naturally charge at daylight and capable of glowing beautifully when dusk comes. Then these options are perfect for your requirements. There is no need to plug these LED floating balloons in to recharge.

Not to mention, if you can’t think of a unique gift to give to someone with a swimming pool or big outdoor space, you can calm down and consider these products. These floating solar lighting systems can add more excitement and brilliant color to any gathering.

Many shoppers pick these inflatable solar balloon lights because they can serve as gorgeous pool accessories. Having them set up in your pool, garden, and other outdoor spaces, you’ll have a fantastic view to watch at night. So, you can unwind and de-stress.

You can significantly reduce your power bill if you have these solar power swimming pool lights installed. They provide a colorful and soft glow, and at the same time, create a fascinating decoration wherever you set them up. Your guests will feel a different vibe whenever they enter your place.

Since these beautiful altering colors solar lights are built with durable materials, they are guaranteed to last. Their remarkable lighting effect will impress everyone. Their IP68 waterproof rating makes them indefectible for rugged outdoor applications.

If you are eco-conscious, these LED solar ball fixtures will make you guilt-free as they are safe for the environment. You don’t need to search further if you are after creative and intelligent solar lighting systems.

You won’t find plenty of glitches with these waterproof and inflatable pool lights, but it seems that they are slightly priced higher for vinyl balloons. Buyers with a limited budget may find these options not appropriate for their situation.
  • Heavy-duty with an IP68 waterproof rating
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Adds more excitement and brilliant color to any occasion
  • Magnificent pool accessories
  • Helps reduce your electricity bill
  • Slightly expensive for vinyl balloons
To conclude, these LED ball lights are for buyers who are fascinated by incomparable altering colors in vibrant hues. They may be a bit costly, but definitely an excellent option worth-considering.

2. Esuper CT-4PK Floating Ball Pool Lights

  • No. of Item: 4
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Working Time: 6-8 hours
  • Light Size: 14″

These floating solar lights for swimming pools allow easy installation. You can put a hang tab on the top portion to make hanging the solar devices a cinch in desired spots. These LED solar-powered lights float on the water and adept at offering a fascinating atmosphere for special occasions.

For a fact, this is what makes them practical and useful to buy. Besides, these lights are built with outstanding waterproof function and IP68 grade to endure various outdoor elements and harsh weather. They rely on the sun’s energy and are designed as rechargeable.

These solar-powered pool fixtures can automatically alter their colors in seconds, so you can enjoy soft illumination without harming your eyesight. Many buyers pick this product because of its multicolor alternation function. If you like something colorful, then this is it!

These solar lights for the pool are also easy to inflate. Aside from their soft lighting, they can serve a wonderful adornment that everyone will find stunning. In particular, kids will love them while bathing. Such solar devices can transform the appearance of bathtubs and pools into a captivating view that everyone will adore.

While there is no doubt that these solar swimming pool fixtures are practical options, it would have been better if they don’t easily blow out of the pool whenever there is a strong wind. That is the minor issue that you may encounter if you install these solar lights in outdoor pools.
  • Designed as floatable and inflatable
  • Comes with IP68 waterproof grade
  • Practical and useful option
  • Offers four color-altering features
  • Easy to install
  • Tend to blow out of the pool during strong winds
In a nutshell, these models are great options if you prefer altering colors that are lovely and vibrant to behold. These are unquestionably nice additions to creating an excellent ambience in the pools.

3. Blibly Swimming Pool Lights Solar

  • No. of Item: 1
  • Color: 16 colors
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Working Time: 8-10 hours
  • Light Size: 9.7″

These solar power pool lights manufactured by Blibly are a great catch for buyers who prefer sustainable lighting. You’ll love these floating solar lights as they are ideal for multiple applications – indoor or outdoor. That’s what makes them practical and convenient to use.

Whether you intend to add fun and colorful lighting effects in your pool area or wish to décor your outdoors, these options will work wonderfully. Everyone will undoubtedly be impressed by these solar devices’ lovely floating effects, so bonding moments and special occasions are made even more memorable.

Such a solar device is designed with four modes and 16 multicolor lights. They are easy to use since equipped with a remote control. These solar fixtures for swimming pools are made with built-in batteries and known for being more energy-efficient.

These will also look captivating as garden lights. They are made with an IP68 waterproof rating and are also designed as dustproof. For sure, kids will be delighted to see these lights floating while bathing. Colorful as they are, the surrounding becomes flashy too.

If you wish to be fascinated with all the lovely colors and unique light patterns, these options are a must-try. They would be ideal to use, particularly for late summer nights at the pool. If you dream of having a great swimming time with your buddies, these solar lights will help you achieve that.

One downside of this product is its lack of a manual switch. As a result, it is impossible to manually switch on the solar fixtures for pools without using the remote control.
  • Offers more convenience and practicality
  • Outstanding floating effects
  • Dustproof with IP68 waterproof grade
  • Four modes and 16 distinct RGB colors
  • Guarantees sustainable lighting
  • No manual switch
On the whole, these solar lights for pool area would transform the entire surrounding into a more inviting spot.

4. POP 4-PK Floating Pool Lights

  • No. of Item: 4
  • Color: 4 colors
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Working Time: 3 hours
  • Light Size: 12″

Investing in these floating solar pool lights is worthwhile even though they are a bit pricier than others. These are risk-free options since you are backed up by a one-year warranty. You won’t regret spending on these solar pool lights because they can convert your pool area and other outdoor spaces into a romantic view.

You don’t have to pay for costly electricity bills anymore because these obtain power from the sun’s energy, and they are designed as rechargeable. If you wish to make your occasions and parties beautifully glow at night, these solar-powered pool lights versions are among the top choices.

What is more, you can finally brighten your outdoor areas without spending extravagantly in the long run. At first, be ready to pay a bit more upfront. But don’t worry, you’ll reap the long-term benefits. These products are long-lasting and can satisfy your expectations.

Primarily, you won’t produce any pollution to the environment, so you’re guaranteed that they’re safe for everyone. These solar-powered devices allow for easy installation. Best of all, you can set them up wherever and however you want since you can install them with different placement options.

You, your loved ones and guests will be stunned by these swimming pool solar lights as they light up in different color modes. Pick between the transition mode and continuous mode to exhibit the identical solid color steadily. Sure thing, you can’t get your eyes off these glimmering LED orbs as they display their real colors.

All the same, please note that at first use, these solar pool devices may take a bit of time to charge. Luckily, after one to two days of direct exposure to sunlight, they begin to light up radiantly in the darkness.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere
  • Rechargeable and solar-powered
  • Supported by a one-year warranty
  • Offer vibrant color modes
  • Allows different placement alternatives
  • Take a little more time to charge at first use
To sum it up, these floatable swimming pool lights are reliable in terms of illuminating radiantly. Moreover, they alter colors wonderfully, so they make a splendid addition to evening swims.

5. GAME Solar Light Pool Lights

  • No. of Item: 1
  • Color: 7 colors
  • Waterproof: –
  • Working Time: 6 hours
  • Light Size: 11″

Are you on the hunt for solar swimming pool lighting built with manual and automatic on/off systems? Then, you have found what you’re looking for. These solar pool devices operate on their own. So, they won’t interfere with your busy schedule as you don’t need to turn them on and off.

In addition to this, such lights come with a button that users can manually switch on and off. Such a feature is practical to prolong the unit’s lifetime and works well for light shows at nightfall. These floatable lights can generate seven altering illumination effects that shuffle and alter automatically.

If fully charged, such solar swimming pools devices can light up for six hours.

Apart from this, there is no need to purchase additional batteries because you can recharge these solar fixtures with the sun’s energy. As you can see, you can save more electricity and money.

These pool LED lights come with an extended range of 15 feet. But, please be reminded that this range may differ depending on the depth, color, and size of the swimming pool.

Consumers who have tried and tested these swimming pool underwater lights claimed that these units are meant to last, and built with solid materials that allow them to deliver festive and fascinating adornment inground or above swimming pools.

If you don’t want to spend more for quality solar LED lights that you can set up in your pool area, these alternatives are among the most affordable options available these days.

These underwater LED lights for pools are surprisingly smaller than what was shown in the product’s advertisement photo. They would have looked more appealing and lit up more radiantly if they were a bit bigger.
  • Long-lasting and solid built and design
  • Works within 15-feet range
  • Offers seven altering illumination modes
  • Operates for 6 hours if fully charged
  • Manual and automatic on and off system
  • Smaller than expected
In general, these underwater solar pool lights won’t disappoint you. They can make your swimming experience even more fun-filled, colorful, and gratifying at night.

6. BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights

Are you planning to buy swimming pool solar lights? These solar pool devices from BeTim are eco-friendly, can help save more electricity consumption, and work as decorative light. Best of all, you won’t have problems with overheating incidents.

As the switch is on, these solar-powered devices will recharge the battery automatically at sunrise. In addition to this, the solar pool lights will automatically switch on when the night comes. Hence, if you are after a distinctive lighting experience in your outdoor spaces, these are must-haves.

These versions are great for many different uses. They have a hole on the top to enable linking to several lights in series and for them to float on the water. You can hang them on trees to add a more welcoming view in your garden or patio.

If you own a pond or a lake, these sun-powered pool lights are nice additions too. This product comes with seven colors to offer maximum lighting that could turn the atmosphere into a wonderful and colorful one.

Likewise, if you prefer solar fixtures for pools that are excellent for waterproofing functions, these are good to purchase. They are designed for rugged outdoor use and could withstand various conditions. Hence, they don’t easily get damaged by water.

The altering color feature of these solar pool devices is superb. Regardless, this product would have gotten a higher rating if the altering color effect is designed to be slower to fully enjoy the fascinating view.
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and decorative light
  • Not prone to overheating
  • Designed with automatic on and off function
  • Automatically alter in color
  • Practical for a wide array of uses
  • Color changing function is faster than others.
Ultimately, these are worth every penny you spend on them. They are surprisingly affordable, yet they do not fail your expectations.

7. Intex 28695E Floating LED Pool Lights

These solar pool lights for above ground pools are engineered with rechargeable and built-in batteries. They light up at nightfall and turn off at daytime. So, no much supervision is needed on your part. These solar pool devices are also designed with dual lighting modes consisting of the sleek color altering and the static white light mode.

Such solar-powered lights can offer up to five hours of lighting if fully charged. So, for those looking for solar swimming pool devices that can light up summer evenings more elegantly and efficiently, these products are sure investments.

Whether you want to light up the pool with static white light, or you’d like to add a unique ambience with sleekly altering colors, then these floating lights for large swimming pools are the ideal solution. Without a doubt, they can also function as premium quality solar pool lights for inground pools.

What makes these auto sun-powered pool lights indeed the real deal are their very distinguished features.

Also, they don’t require a transformer and complicated wiring, so easy installation is guaranteed for everyone. You can take pleasure in free power when illuminating your beautiful swimming pool. You are safe since electrocution is far from happening.

Take note that the colored lights do not light up brightly; however, they emit a wonderful and soft glare in complete darkness. Meanwhile, the white pool LED lights come in a white arch that’s submerged in the water. They can illuminate the bottom of an inground 15K-gallon swimming pool.

For all that, if you want to buy a solar device that illuminates the bottom of the swimming pool with a color altering light effect, these models may not be able to fully satisfy your expectations.
  • Automatic on and off mode
  • Comes with built-in and rechargeable batteries
  • Allows two lighting modes
  • Offers up to five hours of lighting if fully charged
  • Ideal option for larger swimming pools
  • Does not allow color altering light effect at the bottom of the pool
These pool solar-powered fixtures are sterling options since they guarantee an inexpensive way of lighting up large swimming pools at dusk.

8. Pearlstar Solar Pond Lights

Solar swimming pool lights manufactured with the cutting-edge top design are sterling options to ensure a more unique appeal. These solar pool devices are practical for several different uses. You can instantly install them in outdoor and pool areas. Besides, these are perfect for decoration purposes for various types of occasions.

If you want to add a more colorful and prettifying effect to your swimming pools and ponds, these flower-shaped solar lights for pools will exceed your expectations. They are superb at transforming dull spots into a colorful and more vibrant one. So, your late-night swims will no longer be the same old unexciting activity for everyone.

Since these solar floatable pond or pool lights do not require electricity to operate, you can save more money on power bills. More importantly, you won’t cause any pollution or hazard in the environment. You are also safe from any electrocution problems since they don’t have wirings.

The lotus top design is lovely and the floating effect greatly enhances the overall appearance of swimming pools, outdoor spaces, and ponds. These solar pool devices are furnished with vibrant and color adoring effects. In the same way, you’ll adore these RGB color-altering LEDS as they float.

You cannot deny that these solar flower pool lights give off warm and cozy illumination at sunset. But, after long term use, the flowers seem to fade. Well, probably, this is just a natural occurrence since all items fade after extended usage.
  • Leading-edge top design
  • Great for multiple applications
  • Excellent for decorating ponds and swimming pools
  • Offers colorful embellishing effect
  • Environmentally-friendly and energy-saving
  • Flowers tend to fade after long usage
To wrap up, these lotus-designed solar lights for ponds and pools are made with ingenious top design. So, they are perfect for decorative applications.

9. Biling Solar Pond Lights

Oftentimes, we find it tricky to look for the right solar lights around pool. That is primarily because there are several important features that we need to inspect. And, if you’re not knowledgeable, then exhaustive research is a must. Fortunately, these solar powered pond lights can satisfy your needs and style.

This product comes with an easy installation process. You can set up these pond solar lights by sticking them into the ground, or you may utilize some screws to affix the solar panel on the wall. The screws are already included in the package. The heads of these solar lights are 90-degrees, and you can adjust them to light up the place flawlessly.

In line with this, the solar panel can be adjusted in a 180-degree mode to allow ample sunlight exposure. The oceanic design of this product makes it perfect for land, underwater, and other outdoor applications. With IP68 waterproof and dustproof features, this model can endure inclement weather and other outdoor elements.

Interestingly, if you need to light up underwater pools, these pond solar lights are safe to be fully submerged in water. The submersible lights consist of six LED bulbs in each fixture and three pieces of lights.

There are dual lighting modes, and these are the gradual change/gradually flash that alters every 5 seconds. The other one is steady on mode.

Obviously, well-improved and fascinating colors are unmatched. These solar pond lights are risk-free investments because they are supported by a one-year after-sales service. The customer service support is responsive to customers’ queries and concerns, so you’ll be worry-free.

I find it inconvenient when trying to uncover how to get these pool solar-powered lights to flash. I wish the manufacturer has provided a clearer instruction on how to do so.
  • Equipped with more improved solar panel
  • Offered with one-year after-sales service
  • Easy two-way assembly methods
  • Feature oceanic and waterproof design
  • Deliver more enhanced and captivating colors
  • Instructions on how to get the lights to flash should have been clearer
At my best guess, this product seems to be one of the top options if you go for upgraded and enchanting colors.

10. Sunenvoy s510 Solar Lights Outdoor

Similar to Techko solar pool lights, these options are among the most reliable picks if you aim for a wonderful light effect. You don’t need to search elsewhere if you want an awesome star pattern impression on the ground. These LED solar outdoor lights are desirable for decoration purposes too.

It is nice to know that using these solar devices allow you to save more energy. Since they are purely powered by the sun’s energy, you won’t require electricity at all. So, that makes it beneficial for the environment we live in, and at the same time, pocket-friendly too since you don’t increase your electricity bills.

For easy installation, just refer to the user manual. No wires or special tools are required for setting them up. Hence, the installation process is a DIY job.

You don’t need to monitor these solar devices over and over since they automatically light up at night and turn off at sunrise. Charge them for about 8 hours for them to illuminate for roughly 10 hours.

With sturdy overall construction, these solar devices can promise extended durability. Regardless of how harsh the weather condition is, they don’t easily break as they are designed with a weatherproof and waterproof IP65 rating. However, be sure to keep the solar panel clean so as not to affect its charging efficiency.

It is slightly disappointing to see that these outdoor solar-powered lights work inconsistently. Some of them work well, while others might not.
  • Easy installation method
  • Fascinating and wonderful light impression
  • Does not require electricity and self-contained
  • Built for long-term durability and function
  • Great to use for different types of weather
  • Inconsistent lighting function
Finally, we can safely assume that these solar powered outdoor devices are the best bang for the money. When it comes to beautiful and captivating illumination impression; these are practical investments that won’t put your money to waste.
Outdated Products

SOLMORE Solar Deck Lights (Outdated)

It is a must to invest in top-quality solar lighting for pools. If you seriously do not wish to waste time, effort and money, always go for a reputable brand. Just like this product, it has excellent features and functions that you can ever ask for in a solar pool lighting system. This version can add a more luring adornment to any outdoor space.

Modern and cool solar swimming pool lighting devices are more preferred nowadays. That is precisely how this model is built. Users can luxuriate in unlimited power sources without paying excessively for electricity bills because these lights are solar-powered and automatically work on their own.

As you can observe, the overall build of these solar pool devices are durable. As a matter of fact, they are engineered with an IP68 waterproof rating, which means that they are sturdy enough to combat harsh outdoor elements and weather conditions. That makes them perfect for outdoor applications.

With their heavy-duty built, you can rest assured that they can stand the test of time and won’t get easily damaged. These units are quite easy to install too. You just have to screw them or affix them flat on the ground or vertically. There are no complicated cables and wires to deal with.

So, if you want to transform the current look of your pool area and other outdoor spaces, these options are surefire investments to go for.

Be that as it may, it is a bit annoying that these solar pool lighting options appear to run out faster than expected.
  • Eco-friendly with automatic operation function
  • Offers unlimited power source without increasing your power bill
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty built and IP68 waterproof grade
  • Modern and cool design
  • Run out faster than they should
Lastly, if your purpose is to add more decorations, safety, and sufficient lighting in your pool area or other outdoor spots, you can give these sun-powered pool lights a try.

GAME 3546 Solar Underwater Lights (Outdated)

Many buyers who have used these solar powered underwater pool lights prefer them for their capability to display a ceaseless cycle of multicolored light. More than that, these solar-powered pool devices are easy to install, and you can hang them anywhere you prefer. Such units are also built with a rechargeable battery.

You won’t get dismayed if you intend to utilize these solar units for in and out of water usage. They are tightly sealed, and you can rest assured that there would be no leaks when replacing the batteries.

Provided that these solar lights are fully charged at daytime, they can run for roughly eight hours. Take in mind that the charging efficiency may be dependent on the weather condition.

If you think that your pool area needs some sorts of an upgrade, then these underwater lights can do that for you. Having them installed can convert a dull-looking pool into a very colorful, interesting, and captivating sight in the darkness.

Undeniably, you, your guests, and all children around will surely be impressed. Alternatively, you can even set them up in a confined space like a Jacuzzi too. This way, you can de-stress and relax while enjoying your me-time.

So, if you are fishing for a less expensive yet high-quality solar pool lighting system, these products are worth the shot. You won’t get tired of glancing at a marvelous light show. Your special occasions will also become more fun-filled and worth remembering for.

Anyhow, these underwater pool sun-powered lights are too small. Perhaps, you can achieve the kind of illumination and excitement you’re aiming for if you’re going to install a lot of these solar devices in your pool area. But, if you only install a few of them, good luck!
  • Ideal for in and out of water application
  • Delivers endless cycle of multicolored light
  • Easy installation process
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • Transforms the pool area into a very captivating view at night
  • The size is smaller than others
Overall, you won’t go wrong if you get these underwater light show options for your pool area. Everyone can have the opportunity to get high on the incessant cycle of multicolored light at a very affordable price.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Powered Pool Lights


Since there are countless solar powered pool lights sold on the market, it is essential to compare the different models. This way, you can check the must-have features to look for in a solar-powered pool light.

Here are some of the valuable features and buying considerations for the top-tier solar powered pool lights that you need to check out:

Durability and Quality

When buying the right solar lighting systems, it is necessary to ensure if the product is durable to stand the test of time and inclement weather conditions. Search for sturdy components that can endure rugged outdoor applications. Some options are intended for floating on the pool, so they are solid and long-lasting.

As for the product’s quality, consider reading customer reviews to get some ideas if the option you’re considering is heavy-duty and functional.

Easy Installation

Choose models that are easy to install when purchasing solar lights. Luckily, the majority of solar lighting systems today are a piece of cake to set up. Since they are designed as wireless, they are safe to use, and no need for electricians to do the installation job.

Weatherproof and Waterproof

Pick solar pool lights that can adapt and deal with different elements present outdoors, as well as altering weather conditions.

This is for you to guarantee that they can function and serve you for a long time.


It is practical to select solar pool lights that are meant for a broad array of applications. For example, buy solar energy products that can be hung on the trees or float on the pool.

Color Selections

Solar lighting systems are available in many distinct colors. If you have a specific solar pool light model in mind; check out the available colors, so they could blend well where you plan to install them.


It is critical to compare the different solar pool light models available. But, first, you need to figure out the amount you’re willing to spend on your solar lighting system.

In doing so, there is no need to waste time and effort since you only have to search for solar-powered pool lights that suit your budget.

Be reminded that it is not wise to decide based on cheap price tags solely. Think of the long-term effect of your purchasing decision. In the end, quality is still what matters.

By and large, be sure to consider these buying guides when purchasing the most appropriate solar lights for your pool. This way, you can ensure a worthwhile investment.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a solar pool light?

Solar-powered pool lights are best known for being innovative and energy-saving solar products. Similar to other solar lighting options, these fixtures are decorative. They can beautifully transform the overall look of outdoor areas.

You can also install them for indoor use, for example: indoor swimming pools and bathtubs. Nowadays, more and more buyers pick them to upgrade the entire appearance of their aboveground or in-ground pools.

Nonetheless, these sun-powered fixtures are not meant to offer a superior level of brightness. In short, they can only provide coziness and warmth to an outdoor space.

These solar devices can offer fascinating scenery to watch since there are models with a variant of colors. Hence, they can offer a fantastic light show that everyone will find impressive.

Most solar lights designed for indoor and outdoor use are built with automatic sensors. They are great investments if you wish to save more energy, time, and money. You can depend on them for effortless operation and convenience.

These solar fixtures can also be beautiful additions when there are special occasions. Such solar-powered lights are manufactured with durable materials that are floatable and can be tossed.

How does it work?

Solar-powered lights for swimming pools operate in a breeze. These solar devices won’t give you a hard time in terms of the assembly process because there are no wires or cables involved.

You only need to position the solar swimming pool lights in a location that you wish to highlight and adorn, particularly your outdoor or indoor swimming pools.

However, before charging, see to it that the switch is turned on. When done, these solar devices will charge automatically at daylight and light up automatically at nightfall.

On average, they illuminate for a minimum of six hours at dusk. Even so, the work time largely depends on the device’s model, brand, and charging status.

Meanwhile, some models could operate for a minimum of 8 hours. Nevertheless, in the winter, solar devices can work for a shorter period and run longer in the summer.

Besides, since they are wireless, setting them up anytime and anywhere is no hassle. Solar swimming pool lights can also ensure more flexibility as you can utilize them for various occasions.

What are the different types of solar powered pool lights?

You won’t be able to find several types of pool solar lights when it comes to the way they function. These solar lighting systems operate through the use of the sun’s energy.

Such solar devices are built with a solar panel intended to round up energy and then keep the power to the battery. Fundamentally, they accumulate energy from the sun at daytime, and afterwards, they light up at dusk automatically.

Most of the solar lighting models function automatically, so no frequent supervision is required. To illuminate the swimming pool, these sun-powered fixtures will automatically light up at sunset to provide the sufficient lighting you need.

Moreover, since they operate with the help of the sun’s energy, you don’t need to use electricity for them to work. Solar lights run for free and are free of any electrical hazards. More importantly, they can offer an endless source of power.

Please be guided that floating pool lights can light up a swimming pool roughly 15 to 20 square meters that make them practical for chlorinated water and marine water. Fundamentally, the scope of lighting can differ from one manufacturer to another.

That said, it is essential to inspect the differences based on color transformation, designs, features, number of illumination colors that could make each model distinct from another.

It is also recommended to weigh your options based on price range, weatherproof ability, if they are sold in a pack, automatic operation, operation basics, color-altering features, number of light colors, etc.

Why do you need solar pool lights? (Benefits)

Solar lighting systems designed for pools can offer a lot of perks. So, if you are interested in investing in the best solar powered pool lights, you can be guaranteed that they are smart investments.

Let us look over the advantages we can enjoy if we have solar pool lights installed in our place:

  • Practicality and Versatility for Outdoor Applications

Premium quality solar lights for pools are designed to be practical and versatile since they can be set up wherever you prefer. These items are also ideal to use for many different purposes.

You can let them float on pools, while other available models can be hanged on trees. Additionally, you can either use them for lighting or decorating purposes.

These solar lighting devices can transform the entire place into a very stunning view. So, if you have special occasions to hold, adorning your outdoor spaces with these impressive solar lights will make the place more welcoming.

  • Straightforward Assembly Process and Low Maintenance

Fortunately, installing solar lights for pools is no sweat to accomplish. Since the assembly process can be done by a novice, you don’t need to pay an electrician to do the job for you.

There are no intricate wires or cables to manage, so they are also safe to use even when kids are around. You won’t have problems wherever you prefer to install them.

Furthermore, pool solar lights do not require high maintenance. These products are designed as self-contained, so they operate by themselves. You don’t even need to supervise them over and over.

Just check them occasionally and wipe with a neat and dry rag to eliminate dust and dirt.

  • Nice-to-behold Light Show

These types of solar outdoor lighting can offer a fun-filled light show to the whole family and visitors. You can opt for colorful lighting options that would light up your surrounding at night in a more colorful way.

Indeed, having these solar lights installed can make your garden, patio, and landscape more fascinating to behold without trying too hard.

  • No Additional Electricity Needed

Besides the fact that solar powered pool lights are exciting to watch at dusk, they are energy-efficient. They are great at providing additional adornment without making your electricity bills higher.

As you can see, you can efficiently illuminate and decorate your outdoors, but you don’t have to spend lavishly on your energy consumption.

Since they don’t require electricity, you can protect the environment as well. They don’t produce any pollution or harm. That makes them eco-friendly, so they are also perfect for eco-conscious consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes top-quality solar pool lights?

If you are buying peerless solar lights designed for pools, then you’ve got to start your search on trusted manufacturers. That is because once the brand is reputable, then you would have no worries.

Hence, if you are clueless about the most trusted brands that manufacture top-quality solar powered lights for swimming pools, the following are some of the most credible ones:

  • BeTIM
  • GAME
  • Biling
  • POP

Often, these brands sell slightly pricier products than their competitors. However, this should not be the reason for you to hesitate to buy them because when it comes to quality, these manufacturers are reliable and won’t fail your expectations.

Most often than not, you will need to spend a little more at first, but you can enjoy lasting benefits for the long term.

Are LED pool lights worth it?

Owning a swimming pool could cost a lot of money. The maintenance will force you to spend lavishly. So, if there is an efficient way of how you can save, why not consider it?

LED pool lights are designed with lower average wattage. That is why they are economical options. Compared to an incandescent bulb, LED lights merely cost pennies when they run.

Pool LED lights are worthwhile investments. Initially, you’re likely to spend more; however, if you will do the Math, you will realize that they can help you save more in the long run.

Depending on where you currently reside, your state or local government may even grant you some cash rebates for using energy-saving lighting systems. But, you need to check this with your local utility first.

Can a pool light electrocute you?

Oftentimes, it is not the pool light that causes the trouble but the electricity that runs through to other equipment. Electricity circulates through the bonding wire that links all the metal parts together, such as the slide legs, pump, handrail, lights, dive stand, and heater.

For a fact, it is the erroneous grounding or bonding that causes several swimming pool electrocution occurrences. Swimming pool lights do not bring about any potential danger.

Substantially, most issues originate from faulty bonded or grounded lights, and not from the lights that are incorrectly powered. This could transmit electricity through a swimming pool light even if it is not turned on in daylight.

Please be guided that anything that has electricity flowing to it and underwater is a potential danger.

How to use it?

Setting up solar swimming pool lights is a cinch as there are no special instructions when installing them. Users or homeowners only need to install these solar devices in their desired locations.

At first use, just make sure that you turn the switch on so that the solar devices can be charged and automatically turn on at dusk.

Where can I buy?

Solar pool lights are easy to find nowadays. You can select from many different options like Home Depot, Hardware Stores, Clean Energy Product Stores, and Home Improvement Stores.

However, if you wish to find the best deals, you can start your search on Amazon, which is known for being one of the largest online shopping sites where nearly all products you need can be found.

At Amazon, you can find many credible brands that smart worldwide consumers trust. And, it is the perfect site to visit if you want to find the different models of top-quality solar pool lights.

Are swimming pool solar lights difficult to care for and maintain?

As already mentioned previously, pool solar lights do not call for optimal maintenance. You only need to clean them using soft, neat and dry rag to get rid of any sorts of filth that could affect the manner how the solar devices charge.

The good news is that there are no unique or specific maintenance instructions once the solar devices are set up.

How to properly store solar swimming pool lights during the coldest season?

You can set aside the solar-powered fixtures in their original packaging during winter seasons. But, first, it is essential to wipe them clean using a neat and dry rag. Primarily, there is no complicated storage instruction to consider when it comes to storing solar pool lights.


The best solar powered pool lights are practical, cost-effective, safe and energy-saving additions to residential properties and workplaces. Having them installed can enhance the overall look of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Premium quality solar lighting systems execute a very important role in lighting up our surroundings; thus we can rest assured that our place becomes safer and more secured. All these we can achieve without the need to spend more on electricity.

Refer to the product reviews and buying guides we have posted in this article, so you can get some ideas on the best options available today. Hopefully, the information we have shared can help you make the right purchasing decision.

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