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The Best Solar Gate Openers for Different Types of Gates

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar gate opener

Do you find it bothersome every time you need to open or close the gate manually? Then, you might want to consider installing the best solar gate opener at home or in the workplace. This practical device can make it more convenient for you to enter and leave your home without stress.

Unlike other gate openers that use electricity, solar powered gates can continue operating even without electricity. Hence, you’re worry-free even if there’s a power outage in your area, and you won’t need to consume or spend on electricity. So long as you have efficient solar panels and batteries, you can enjoy 24/7 power access that won’t cost anything.

If you’re planning to invest in solar gate systems, there are a few vital factors you need to search for, and these include:

  • Highly-efficient solar panels

With solar panels, solar gate openers can get power from the sun. This is why it’s critical to invest in highly-efficient solar panels that come with superior power generation rates and a larger capacity. This way, you can produce more power in less time.

  • Weight Capacity

A solar gate opener’s weight and load capacity will determine the amount of load it can handle. For this reason, buyers need to go for options that are engineered with a superior load capacity.

  • Materials

Whether or not a solar gate opener will last long primarily depends on the type of materials used to manufacture it. So, before choosing one, learn more about the materials a solar gate opener is made of. This way, you can have an idea if it’s built to last or durable enough to withstand various elements outdoors.

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the most recommended solar-powered gate openers and exhaustive shopping guides that you can refer to. You will also learn more about solar gate openers so that you can precisely figure out if installing one is suitable for yourself.

So, let’s get the ball rolling!


11 Best Solar Powered Gate Opener Reviews

1. GHOST CONTROLS TSS1XP Solar Single Gate Opener

This solar gate opener kit is a practical option because it works efficiently even without electricity. It’s designed for gates that are bulky, up to 900 lbs. and as wide as 20 feet. A programmable remote controller opens the gate from a thousand feet range.

Buyers looking for effortless installation methods, noise-free operation, and reliable performance will find this device worth a shot. This brand is famous for easy setup methods, so hiring a professional won’t be necessary if the user guide is appropriately considered. Moreover, it is already equipped with a 10W solar panel that is sufficient for recharging the battery.

This single gate opener kit is user-friendly since it contains all the necessary components and accessories for a DIY setup process. The package contains the control box with a system controller, a standard three-button remote controller, one 10W solar panel, a battery harness, and a set of tube gate brackets. It’s a perfect option for starters because everything they need is right inside the box.

On the flip side, the price tag of this solar gate opener might not be suitable for all types of budgets because it’s expensive. Nonetheless, considering this Ghost Controls gate opener’s enticing and beneficial features, the buyer is still a winner in the end.
  • Designed for 20-feet wide and bulky 900 lbs. gates
  • Programmable remote controller up to 1,000 feet range
  • Easy to install, functions quietly and reliably
  • Equipped with a 10W solar panel
  • Includes the required main components and accessorie
  • Not budget-friendly
Overall, this Ghost Controls solar gate opener is a bit expensive, but it’s an excellent choice for buyers who require a solar gate opener designed with a superb range.

2. Mighty Mule ‎EZGO-SOLAR Automatic Gate Operator

This solar swing gate opener is an excellent choice for all gate types, like a chain link, wood, vinyl, ornamental, panel, or tube gate that measures 16-feet long and weighs 550 pounds.

Automatic gate openers like this are a great solution to consider for homeowners who find it annoying to get off their cars to open or close the gate. It does not require an electrician or welder because installing this device is DIY stuff.

Compared to other solar gates available today, this model features a property tax credit, making it a popular solar gate opener on the market. As an all-inclusive kit, it already contains a 10-watt solar panel that supplies power to a battery. Interestingly, it comes with a user manual and DVD that help users make the setup process less burdening and time-consuming.

Without any doubt, shoppers searching for eco-friendly solar gate opener alternatives that can ensure superior performance will benefit from this version. It guarantees 24/7 power access that ensures more convenience in entering and leaving homes.

On the other hand, some customer reviews claim that this solar gate opener is not weatherproof. Hence, it might not be stellar in tolerating heavy rains and other inclement weather conditions unless users weatherproof the device. Luckily, this device does not have any severe flaws in performance that make it a less preferred choice by shoppers.
  • Excellent choice for all types of gates up to 16 feet long and 550 lbs
  • Comes with a user manual and DVD for an effortless installation process
  • No welding or professional electrical work
  • Equipped with a 10-watt solar panel and a tax credit
  • Eco-friendly alternative and ensures exceptional performance
  • Might not withstand rugged weather conditions
On the whole, this solar automatic gate opener is unmatched in terms of suitability for all types of gates.

3. GC GHOST CONTROLS TDS2XP Solar Swing Gate Opener

This heavy-duty solar gate opener can serve as a worthwhile investment for homes, offices, gardens, and farms. It requires a 12-volt battery, comes with a higher load capacity, and is highly recommended for any dual swing gate with a 24-feet opening. Best of all, it features a unique GhostCode technology for additional security, which only allows authorized persons to have access to it.

Furthermore, this solar dual gate opener is engineered with a separate lockable battery box to minimize possible acid leakages that can impair the system control board of the device.

The kit comes complete with all the required fasteners and hardware for the entire setup process, and there are no electrical connections and welding needed. Depending on how the device is used, it’s likely to last for three to four years.

Besides, this Ghost solar gate opener is heavy-duty enough to control a 300-pound gate, thanks to its top-quality overall build. It can work with two-part swing gates and offers a 1000-feet controlling range. This control system is designed with a three-button remote that lets users utilize two distinct ghost codes and enjoy more convenience.

For buyers who would like to install a heavy duty gate opener for their large gates, this version can serve that purpose. It is already equipped with a 10W solar panel, but if users prefer to extend this capacity to 30 watts, it’s possible to do that. It’s indeed pricey, but it comes with unique features that can guarantee the safety of any property.
  • Ideal pick for homes, offices, gardens, and farms; no welding or electrical work
  • For dual swing gates with 24 ft openings; can last 4 years
  • Features GhostCode for additional security and safety for users
  • High load capacity and 1000-feet working capability
  • Comes with a separate lockable battery box and extendable 10-watt solar panel
  • Includes the required installation fasteners and hardware & remote
  • High price to purchase
In a nutshell, this solar automatic gate is priced higher, but its security features are reliable. It’s incredibly durable and can provide convenience for users.

4. TOPENS AD5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit

For shoppers looking for premium quality solar-powered gate openers that are suited for 550 lbs. or 16-feet dual swing gates, this version is a must-try. This extendable device is famous for delivering superb performance for medium-weight gates. Since it’s durable, it can serve its purpose for an extended period and does not call for much maintenance.

This solar gate opener is not burdensome to set up; no high volts electrical connections, welding, and special tools are needed to install it. Moreover, it’s suitable for many different applications and types of gates used for farms, houses, workplaces, etc. The kit includes the required installation hardware and DIY instructions to finish the setup process in a few hours.

This device’s brackets and intelligent design allow pull-to-open or push-to-open operation, enabling the door to open inwards and outwards. The best thing about this solar gate opener is that it can operate on its own without requiring AC electricity.

For homeowners who’d like to add more security and safety to their properties, the technology of this solar gate opener is impressive. It’s already equipped with a 20-watt solar panel and an extensive range of accessories like an ET24 electric gate lock, a TKP3 wireless keypad, an M12 remote control, and more.

Regardless, some customers report that this device may require a long solar charging process. This model also requires a 24-volt battery that users need to purchase separately since it’s not included in the kit.
  • Can deliver superb performance for 550 lbs. or 16-feet dual swing gates
  • Low-maintenance, durable, extendable, and built to last
  • DIY installation process with hardware and guide; allows multiple applications
  • For inward- and outward-opening doors, no AC or special tools required
  • Equipped with a 20-watt solar panel and accessories like an M12 remote control
  • May require an extended solar charging process
  • Battery not included
By and large, this solar powered driveway gate opener is an intelligent purchase since it features a clever design, is extendable, durable, low maintenance, and allows multiple applications.

5. Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator

For those who wish to try DIY gate openers, this solar-powered device is worth the investment. It’s user-friendly because it already includes detailed installation instructions, a DVD, and limitless 24-hour tech support access.

It’s suitable to use for different types of 16-feet long and 550-pounds single gates such as tube, wood, ornamental, panel, chain link, and vinyl. Many homeowners who have used this model find its clearance range and weight capacity quite exceptional compared to other similar options out there.

Not to mention, this model is compatible with a long-lasting marine or automotive 12V battery with efficient charging capability. Its solar-capable design makes it work with the Mighty Mule FM121 5W solar panel or FM123 10W solar panel. More importantly, this unit’s dual sense mechanisms match the UL325 6th Edition Standards for increased safety and protection.

The package contains one single-click remote, AC transformer, required hardware, a control box, and more. This means that there’s no need to purchase other essential tools when setting up this solar gate opener, as it’s an all-inclusive kit.

It’s undoubtedly convenient to install an intelligent device like this because there’s no need to get out of the car to open the gate manually. Be that as it may, I wish there was a beep when I pressed the open button; I like to know when the gate’s about to open.
  • Includes installation instructions, DVD, and limitless 24-hour tech support access
  • Works with a marine/automotive 12V battery & 2 Mighty Mule solar panels
  • Certified for its additional safety and protection features
  • Includes one single-click remote, AC transformer, required hardware, control box, etc.
  • Exceptional clearance range and weight capacity
  • Suitable for 16ft gates of different materials
  • No beep sound to tell users the gate’s opening
Ultimately, installing this device won’t require hiring solar powered gate opener installers because it’s a DIY task; apart from this, its safety and protection features are unique.

6. TOPENS DK1000S Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

The intelligent design and security technology of this commercial solar gate opener guarantees maximum safety and multiple protections. The open and closing direction is plain sailing to switch so that first-time users won’t have a problem; users can refer to the magnetic limit switch. Meanwhile, the easy-to-adjust midway mode allows the gate to open for a few feet only.

This device seems built to last because it features a dustproof, waterproof, and highly-efficient design, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Many buyers prefer this solar sliding gate opener because it doesn’t produce noise while operating, is solar compatible, and helps homeowners save more energy.

This device is highly recommended and an excellent option for a ranch, residential, courtyard, commercial, and farm applications.

Aside from these, the reverse and built-in stop modes are pretty convenient in safeguarding homeowners and their properties if there’s obstruction. This solar gate opener also comes with a convenient manual release key for operating the gate manually when users lose the remote controller or encounter power interruption.

Unlike other available alternatives, this low-maintenance solar device is not intricate to install, and it’s compatible with all types of driveway and sliding gates.

All the same, some customers who have purchased this solar sliding gate opener complained about its lack of battery. Fortunately, this minor gripe does not change the fact that this model is one of the best choices available at present.
  • An intelligent design with maximum safety and multiple protections
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and highly-efficient; midway and reverse/stop modes
  • Noise-free operation, solar compatible, and energy-saving
  • Wide compatibility with different gates and settings (farms, yards,..)
  • Manual release key in case of power cuts and loss of remote
  • Easy to install and switch opening & closing directions
  • Does not include a battery
As a whole, for buyers looking for the top-tier solar powered sliding gate opener that’s designed with intelligent features, this item is a smoking deal.

7. Mighty Mule MM560 SGL Opener Single Gate Kit

Countless solar powered gate opener reviews assert that Mighty Mule is one of the top-rated solar gate opener manufacturers. Hence, buyers who want a sure investment can benefit from this device because it’s built with stellar features like dual sense technology that guarantees the safety of everyone. This model is usable with a 10-watt or 5-watt solar panel and is a perfect option to protect any property, family members, and pets.

Additionally, this product is an appropriate option for all indoor or outdoor gates, whether intended for commercial, farm, or residential uses.

As for durability, this model is sturdy enough to handle an 18-feet long and 850-pound heavy-duty gate, so it appears excellent for long-lasting use. Users can program the device to close gates a few minutes after opening them; such a feature ensures more convenience for users who are always on the go.

For shoppers who would like to enhance the curb appeal of their property, this innovative gate opener can be a perfect companion to achieve that purpose. It’s a breeze to set up and does not require previous installation experience; the kit comes complete with the required installation hardware and accessories.

On the other hand, the potential setback users may encounter with this device is the gate’s slow operation. Fortunately, it operates slowly but surely!
  • Engineered with dual sense technology and works with a 10W or 5W solar panel
  • Can handle an 18-feet long and 850-pound heavy-duty gate
  • Appropriate option for all types of indoor or outdoor gates
  • Programmable to close after a few minutes of opening the gate
  • Ideal device for commercial, farm, or residential uses
  • Hardware and accessories for DIY setup
  • Slow operation
Chiefly, this solar farm gate opener is the best bang for the money because its convenient features, top-quality build, and design can satisfy buyers’ requirements and expectations.

8. Fister Automatic Solar Gate Opener with Remote Complete Kit

This heavy-duty solar gate opener features premium quality and an incredibly sturdy build; it has an IP55 waterproof rating and is engineered using stainless steel. Hence, it can tolerate inclement weather conditions, making it the right choice for outdoor applications. This solar device is worth the time and money for shoppers who want a solar gate opener installed on their driveway, fence, farm, palisades.

Designed with AC/DC power modes, this unit is an excellent option for those who especially require a gate opener but lack electricity access at the gate’s side. This solar gate opener includes a single transformer, two solar panels, and two 7 AH batteries; best of all, it can be powered by 110 V AC or solar power. Not only that, another feature that makes this model worth installing is its dependable limit switch.

Many users who have tested this solar gate opener’s practicality were satisfied with how this device works. There’s no need for them to get out of their cars because the device comes with a 50m range remote controller that automatically opens and closes the gate. Such an intelligent feature helps users delight in an adjustable operating time and pedestrian mode.

Additionally, this solar gate opener ceases moving when there’s obstruction. However, according to some solar gate opener reviews, some customers who have purchased this device had a slightly tricky time installing the unit. So, we strongly suggest reading the instructions carefully or consider watching solar gate opener installing videos.
  • Features premium quality and sturdy build with waterproof stainless steel
  • Excellent choice for driveway, fence, agricultural, palisades gates
  • Built with AC/DC power modes with an integrated reliable limit switch
  • Includes remote controller, transformer, solar panels, and batteries
  • Adjustable operating time & pedestrian mode
  • Automatically stops when there’s obstruction
  • Some users find it a bit complex to set up
Lastly, this solar-powered gate opener is an A1 choice considering its built-to-last design, suitability to multiple applications, and functional features when opening and closing gates.

9. ECO-WORTHY Dual Swing Gate Opener

This gate opener works just as well as my solar gate opener Harbor Freight model. In particular, this ECO-WORTHY automatic swing gate opener is a practical and convenient option for workplaces, garages, farms, and residential security.

In fact, this swing gate opener features a super durable build that makes it perfect to utilize for heavy-duty 1320-pound and 16-feet gates. Designed with an IP66 protection rating, it can resist any damaging elements outdoors, making it ideal for rugged outdoor applications. Many homeowners who have tried this device are impressed by its reliable and long-lasting performance and changeable auto-close time feature.

This smart gate opener also comes with a remote controller with a 50m range and allows users to enjoy multiple opening methods– manual, code lock, or remote controller.

What’s more, it features an integrated reverse and stop mode that is very useful in the event there’s an obstruction. The kit contains all the necessary items needed for the setup process, including two pieces of 7AH batteries, so buyers don’t need to buy some accessories separately.

Anyhow, some customers complained that the remote controller of this solar gate opener is quite sensitive to interference. Luckily, this minor setback does not cause any severe issues in terms of performance.
  • Recommended for workplaces, garages, farms, and residential security
  • Durable and ideal for heavy-duty 1320-pound and 16-feet gates
  • Perfect for outdoor use and comes with IP66 protection against harmful elements
  • Features 50m remote controller range and optional multiple opening options
  • Reverse & stop mode with changeable auto-close time
  • No need to purchase accessories
  • The remote controller is pretty sensitive to interference
All in all, for buyers searching for a functional and dependable solar gate opener Tractor Supply product, this brand is a suitable alternative to that.

10. ECO LLC DC House EM3 Solar Gate Opener

The top-tier solar powered gate opener should be engineered using premium quality materials, and the delightful news is that this option can satisfy that requirement. This device is a must-try for those searching for auto gate opener kits that can handle 660-pound and 8-feet single swing gates. It features 202 stainless steel that can withstand corrosion and other bad weather conditions.

The kit comes complete with the necessary accessories to complete the setup process. It is built with IP66 waterproof grade protection and can ensure long-lasting protection and performance; hence, it could stand the test of time. It also includes a remote controller with a 50m range, and the device allows users to choose from diverse opening options such as manual, code lock, or remote controller methods.

In addition, once purchased, buyers can have a highly-efficient solar panel and limit switch. Best of all, it allows users to modify their conventional manual gate into an automatic one without the need to alter its initial design. Plus, there’s no denying that going solar can help homeowners set aside more bucks on their energy consumption.

Still and all, compared to other available options that are a cinch to set up, some users have complained about this device’s slightly tricky installation process. According to them, the user guides merely provide limited directions; as a result, research may be necessary.
  • Constructed using top-quality 202 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Perfect option for a 660-lb. and 8-feet single swing gate
  • Includes a remote controller with a 50m range and different opening options
  • Comes with an IP66 waterproof grade protection
  • Equipped with a highly-efficient solar panel, limit switch, and required accessories
  • Automate traditional gates while saving energy bills
  • Some users reported that the user guide is lacking in details
In summary, this durably engineered solar gate opener is worth a shot for homeowners who would like to invest in solar devices ideal for rugged outdoor use.

11. CO-Z Solar-Powered Sliding Gate Opener

For farms, businesses, and homeowners planning to buy a solar-powered automatic side gate opener, this item is a great option to get started, even though it’s a bit pricey. It’s operated by a 150-watt DC motor, features an exceptional 14 Nm torque, and can sleekly move gates that measure 40 feet and 1100 pounds, ensuring outstanding performance.

This solar gate opener can respond to a remote controller within a 100-feet range. It also features a wireless keypad and Bluetooth compatibility that enables the gate to close automatically, plus the Infrared sensors can ensure that vehicles and family members are safe. It also allows a 3-feet-wide space in the pedestrian mode for more convenience while walking or parking.

This solar device is built with intelligent modes that let users customize and save their performance preferences. It is straightforward to set up and can serve homeowners for several years with proper use and care. This device also accommodates driveway lamps and alarms for more safety and security.

It’s also worth mentioning that CO-Z gate wirings and motors are engineered from solid copper, enabling this device to give more stable performance and an extended lifetime.

Overall, this brand is a popular choice for solar gate openers, but buyers should expect to pay a bit more because it’s priced higher than other options.
  • Can guarantee powerful and exceptional performance and more convenience
  • Remote controller with a 100-feet range, IR Sensors, wireless keypad, and Bluetooth
  • Designed with intelligent modes and 14 nM torque, usable with lamps and alarms
  • Easy to install, 3-feet-wide space for pedestrian mode
  • Powered by a 150-watt DC motor and constructed using all-copper electronics
  • Can handle 40-feet, 1100-lb gates and last a long time
  • On the pricey side
Finally, this automatic slide gate opener kit is a wise investment for buyers who want a high-quality build, powerful performance, and intelligent features.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Gate Openers


Are you wondering about solar vs electric gate openers? For this guide, let’s take a closer look at the fundamental features you need to search for in a solar gate opener.

Our comprehensive buyer’s guide aims to assist you in choosing the right solar power gate opener with vital features at a cost-effective price.

Here are some of the valuable features you need to inspect:

Efficiency of the solar panels

Highly-efficient solar panels make it easier for solar-powered devices to obtain solar energy from the sun. To determine if a solar panel is efficient enough, you should inspect its power generation rate and capacity.

A solar gate opener can generate more power quickly if it’s equipped with highly-efficient solar panels.

Weight Capacity

You can determine the amount of load a solar gate opener can handle by inspecting its weight and load capacity. Always invest in an option that is built with a superior load capacity. Sizing up is always more practical than settling for a lower load capacity. In addition, determine the weight of your gate and see if the opener can handle it.


There’s no denying that we prefer solar gate openers that can last for an extended time and tolerate harsh weather conditions. For this reason, it’s vital to inspect the materials used for the solar gate opener you’re eyeing to buy. Undoubtedly, picking options made using premium quality materials is beneficial because they’re built to last. Stainless steel is a good choice, for example.

You might also want to compare the materials from different brands so that you can choose the most durable automatic gates.

The Type of Solar Gate Opener

Gate openers are engineered to serve many different purposes. You can choose from the different types of gate openers: single swing, single slide, dual swing, and dual slide gate openers.

The right type of solar gate opener for you will depend on your preference and intended purpose.

Control Options

Solar gate openers are generally designed with three control methods. Some versions use remote controls that can control multiple gates. When buying this type, it’s essential to inspect the remote control’s range.

The second option is the one designed with a code lock, which is beneficial if you misplaced or lost the remote control. The downside of this feature is that you need to get out of your car to enter the code.

The last option is the model with a manual key. To make this work, press the key that’s placed near the gate when you enter or leave your place. This option is ideal when there’s no power in the system.

Setup Process

You can install most solar gate openers without hiring professionals nowadays. Some options are also low maintenance. In general, they are similar to DIY projects that do not involve intricate processes.

Some Additional Features

Solar gate opener kits are highly recommended for starters since they already include the essential items and accessories for the setup process. Some kits contain batteries, remote controls, etc.

It’s more convenient and less stressful when all the items you need are already included in the kit. However, complete kits won’t be low priced solar-powered sliding gate openers.

How Much Sun Does a Solar Gate Opener Need


Typically, solar gate openers call for an ample amount of sun exposure, particularly a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. This way, they can efficiently absorb sufficient power to execute their purpose.

If your place is in a shady location or surrounded by many trees or buildings, then your solar gate opener is more likely to be in trouble. It’s essential to ensure that the panels are correctly installed in areas where they could captivate more sunlight.

How Long Do Gate Openers Last

Generally speaking, premium quality solar-powered gate openers last for two to four years. A few factors that could affect the longevity of a solar gate opener include the quality of materials used in engineering it and how you use it. Sometimes, the weather conditions in your current region can also have an impact on their lifespan.

How Do You Install a Solar Gate Opener

Different solar gate opener brands and models come with different setup methods. Nonetheless, in general, they are relatively smooth sailing to install, like other DIY projects.

Please note that each solar gate opener version usually comes with a step-by-step setup process. All you need to do is refer to the user guide on properly setting up your solar-powered gate opener. Look for models with mounting hardware, so you don’t have to make extra purchases.

Heads Up: When installing a large gate with an intricate design, we strongly suggest consulting or hiring a professional to work on the project.

Can I Use a Non-solar Gate Opener With a Solar Panel

If you go for a solar-powered dual gate opener, you need to check if it is labeled as solar compatible or comes with a solar panel.

Installing a regular gate opener with solar power would require diverse components, and it could be on the expensive side too.

Can Solar Gate Openers Open All Gates

The answer to this question can be yes and no. This is because the answer mainly relies on the solar gate opener’s specs. If your solar gate opener is designed with a superior weight rating or load capacity, it can open most gates.

It’s worth mentioning that some versions are ideal for specific gate types like dual swing gates.

What Are the Different Methods of Charging Solar Gate Openers

Most solar-powered gate openers are designed to work or operate with the help of solar panels. Nonetheless, many models are equipped with main power adaptors or AC adapters.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, installing the best solar gate opener at home or in the workplace is not complex and can be a cost-effective decision. Besides the convenience you can enjoy, you can also set aside more dollars because a solar gate opener does not consume electricity. Not to mention, you are guilt-free because these devices are eco-friendly options.

Moreover, when you search for solar gate openers, you might also be interested in solar fence chargers, or you can increase the life of your solar battery by using this maintenance device. Hope these various options will help you.

However, as discussed, there are several vital factors you need to consider before buying and installing solar gate openers. Hopefully, the product options we have reviewed and the comprehensive buying guides shared above can help you select the suitable model for your needs.

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