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The Best 12 Volt Solar Battery Chargers for RVs, Cars & Boats

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best 12 volt solar battery charger

Nowadays, more and more vehicle, boat, snowmobile, and RV owners are trading their loud generators for solar-powered battery chargers. This is because using solar charging products is more eco-friendly, energy-saving, and efficient. The best 12 Volt solar battery charger is noise-free, does not come with moving components, and does not produce any hazardous emissions.

The only thing that users need to ensure is turning the solar panels towards the sunlight, and from there, they can delight in a renewable energy source.

However, getting a suitable model for your application is not always easy. This is especially true if you’re not knowledgeable about the must-have features of a solar battery charger.

Please note that there are several valuable factors that you need to inspect when buying a suitable solar-powered 12V battery charger. Three of the most critical buying criteria you need to check out include:

  • Wattage: If you prefer a battery charger that can ensure quick charging, it is crucial to choose engineered units with higher wattages. Consider how much power you need in a period of time.
  • Charge Protection: Ensure that the solar battery charger is equipped with a blocking diode that can provide utmost protection against overheating and overcharging. Features like discharge and battery drain prevention are also nice to have.
  • Portability: Some solar battery charger options are designed to be larger and heavier, but they can only be installed in a fixed spot. So, if you plan to use one for outdoor applications like camping, lightweight and portable versions are more suitable for you because they are easy to transport.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of the most recommendable solar 12 volt battery charger models available on the market.

A buyer’s guide is also provided after the review section so that you can compare each product’s features, pros, and cons. Hopefully, you’ll find the detailed buyer’s guide in this article helpful for your final buying decision.


Best Overall


✅ Portable and energy-saving option
✅ Easy installation process
✅ Comes with a pair of battery clips


Premium Choice

Sunway Solar Solar Panel Trickle Charger

✅ IP44 weatherproof
✅ Contains battery alligator terminal clamps
✅ LED indicator and suction cup


Editor’s Pick

Battery Tender Solar Battery Charger

✅ Weatherproof
✅ For storage space without power access
✅ Built-in temperature compensation sensor


Top-rated 10 Volt Solar Battery Charger Reviews

1. ECO-WORTHY L02EP5BB18V-1 Solar Trickle Charger

  • Size: 8.07 x 9.25″
  • Weight: 0.76 lbs
  • Pmax: 5W

This 12 Volt solar panel battery charger is an eco-friendly, portable, and energy-saving option to consider. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including camping, long travels, and other outdoor work. We didn’t have a difficult time installing this device, and it does not require high maintenance on our part.

Moreover, this is a worthwhile investment, considering we can use it as a trickle maintainer or charger for 12-Volt batteries of tractors, cars, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. It has worked fine for our Toyota.

The kit also includes a pair of battery clips and a cigarette lighter adapter. The distinctive design of this device and its top-quality clips help users inhibit the potentiality of short circuits.

One of its prominent features is the built-in blocking diode. This essential feature is intended to ward off reverse discharge. Such a vital function does not merely sustain the battery’s lifespan but also prolongs its usage. So, we don’t have to worry about draining our batteries.

On the downside, this solar powered 12V battery charger has cables that aren’t very long. I had to add an extension to set things up properly. Other than that, this item has served me well.
  • Easy installation process and low maintenance
  • Ideal investment for a wide range of applications
  • Engineered with an integrated blocking diode
  • Comes with a pair of battery clips and a cigarette lighter adapter
  • Portable, eco-friendly, and energy-saving option
  • Its cables aren’t very long
To sum things up, this 12V solar trickle charger is a smoking deal. We prefer this one over other options because it is portable, eco-friendly, and does a great job of helping us save energy.

2. Sunway Solar 1.5W Solar Panel Trickle Charger

  • Size: 5.05 x 13.98″
  • Weight: 1.37 lbs
  • Pmax: 1.5W

We were looking for a premium quality solar car battery charger with overcharge protection, and we came across this device. We like its compact, lightweight, and maintenance-free design. This solar battery charger is outfitted with an amorphous solar panel, which means that it can work excellently even during cloudy days.

Indeed, this solar battery maintainer became our best buddy in managing battery draining problems regardless of the seasons. Surprisingly, it performs better than expected in impeding reverse charging, thanks to its high-quality blocking diode feature.

As proof of its durability, this option is designed with IP44 weatherproof and splash-proof features. It also has suction cups that enable a smooth sailing mounting process.

The kit also contains battery alligator terminal clamps and a cigarette lighter adapter. It is even built with a blinking LED charge indicator that is quite useful when we’re charging.

We can use this solar battery charger for any 12-Volt rechargeable battery. Since the time we purchased this device, our adventures with our watercraft became even more fun-filled and hassle-free.

The major complaint I have on this solar 12Volt battery charger is that the plastic casing it comes with is not super sturdy as advertised. It seems incapable of withstanding extreme heat. I found it not durable enough to provide the shield the device requires when placed under extreme internal car temperatures.
  • Works like a charm in impeding reverse charging
  • Features a versatile, compact, lightweight, and maintenance-free design
  • Built with IP44 weatherproof and splash-proof features
  • Equipped with an amorphous solar panel
  • Contains battery alligator terminal clamps and a cigarette lighter adapter
  • LED indicator and suction cup
  • The plastic casing is not incredibly durable
Right to it, this solar 12V battery charger is a great money and energy saver. Engineered with convenient and practical features, this item is a perfect companion for our adventurous activities.

3. Battery Tender 021-1163 Solar Battery Charger

  • Size: 17.8 x 17.8″
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Pmax: 5W

This CE-approved 12V solar charger is a reliable companion for outdoor use. We find it very practical to have for off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and trickle charging.

It is built with a 5W solar panel that comes with an integrated three-step microcontroller. This vital feature guarantees ultimate protection for the battery against damages due to overcharging.

Furthermore, this solar-powered battery charger is also designed with spark-proof and weatherproof features to add more durability to the device. Another great feature of this solar charger is the built-in temperature compensation sensor. Since we prefer a dependable solar charger for battery maintenance, this option is a suitable solution for our requirements.

Compared to other available alternatives, this device works wonders in providing superior protection against reverse polarity. It does not give us a headache about dealing with storage space without power access.

Plus, this item is very easy to carry around. It doesn’t weigh a lot, which is why I have it in my car.

Regardless, please note that this solar power 12 volt battery charger does not function as a set-and-forget type of device. It is necessary to run the vehicles periodically; otherwise, the battery will get drained.
  • With a solar panel that comes with an integrated three-step microcontroller
  • Features a weatherproof and spark-proof design that’s easy to carry
  • Protects against reverse polarity
  • Recommended for off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and trickle charging
  • Comes with a built-in temperature compensation sensor
  • For storage space without power access
  • Does not work as a set-and-forget solution
By and large, this 12 Volt solar charger is a second-to-none option because its solar panels come with an integrated charge controller to avert overcharging.

4. Topsolar Solar Panel Kit

  • Size: 13.4 x 18.9″
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Pmax: 20W

We’re currently based in the UK, and our location often experiences cloudy days. So, we had to search for solar battery chargers that can still charge even during bad weather days, and we’re pleased to discover this unit. The good thing about this device is that it can provide the utmost protection to our batteries. We love how lightweight and portable this unit is; its small size makes it easy to carry around.

Additionally, this solar battery charger is engineered using an incredibly durable aluminum frame and tempered glass. Such materials are proven to last longer compared with plastic.

We find this item great to maintain 12V batteries in boats, battery-operated gates, RVs, marine vehicles, cars, and cabins.

More importantly, we bought this product because it is ideal for remote power use and backup power. Since we had this device, we no longer have to be troubled on long trips since our batteries are kept charged. Luckily, this is not burdensome to install. Hence, it is ideal for first-timers like us.

The price of this solar battery charger is slightly costlier compared to other options offered by other famous brands. Anyhow, we think that this isn’t a deal-breaker since it is okay to spend a bit more in exchange for premium quality solar charging products.
  • Ideal for remote power use and backup power, even in cloudy weather
  • Plain sailing to install
  • Can provide complete protection to our batteries
  • Small in size, lightweight, and portable
  • Crafted with super sturdy aluminum frame and tempered glass
  • For boats, RVs, marine vehicles, and more
  • A bit more expensive than other brands
All in all, this solar-powered battery charger is dependable for keeping a marine battery charged in the summer and even during winter.

5. SUNER POWER BC-6W 12V Solar Battery Charger

  • Size: 10.43 x 16.73″
  • Weight: 2.73 lbs
  • Pmax: 6W

This solar car battery charger allows us to power our batteries anywhere. It works flawlessly in generating electricity to trickle-charge batteries, provided there is enough sunlight available. Unlike other solar products, this option features a more durable, stronger, and upgraded ABS frame. The kit contains battery clamps and a cigarette lighter socket as well.

The one-way quick connector design of this device allows us to connect and disconnect without much struggle. There’s no need to recognize positive and negative parts; that’s how simple it is. You can quickly plug and play.

This solar battery charger is equipped with a highly efficient crystalline solar panel that executes a stellar job. The portable, low-maintenance, and lightweight design of this option is also impressive.

Fundamentally, this 12V battery solar-powered charger is renowned for deterring reverse charging and the depleting of batteries. Since it works with solar power, we don’t need to deal with expensive electricity costs. The sturdy build of this device ensures us that it will last long.

There’s no question about how outstandingly this solar battery charger works. However, incorrect installation of this device will void its warranty. If you’re not confident about setting it up yourself, contact a professional.
  • Highly efficient crystalline solar panel, battery clamps, and cigarette lighter socket
  • More durable, more robust, and upgraded ABS frame
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy and fast to connect and disconnect
  • Helps prevent battery depletion and reverse charging; great for trickle charging
  • Low maintenance and no electricity cost for users
  • Incorrect installation will void the warranty
Ultimately, this 12 volt solar battery charger kit can be our dependable partner in hampering reverse charging and draining batteries without spending more on electricity.

6. SOLPERK 12V Solar Trickle Charger

  • Size: 4.92 x 13.98″
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs
  • Pmax: 1.8W

It’s nice to know that buying a solar charger for 12V deep cycle battery is no longer inconvenient today. This solar-powered battery maintainer and charger is ideal for snowmobiles, boats, trailers, ATV, RV, etc.

What made us purchase this item is its capability to charge in any weather conditions. It can charge the battery with minimal current and can offer excellent maintenance for automobile batteries.

This solar-powered battery charger is engineered to be rainproof, windproof, and weatherproof. Even though it was our first time setting up this device, we didn’t experience a tiring installation process because it was relatively easy to install. It can charge on rainy and cloudy days and works excellently for deep cycle batteries.

Since it is made with a blocking diode, it consistently averts battery reverse charging and discharging. The interfaces allow users to plug and play easily. It does not call for additional maintenance, and there’s no electricity cost for us to settle.

The green indicator of the device illuminates when charging. This product is also covered with a sturdy ABS plastic case for more protection.

On the downside, the alligator clips seem a little flimsy. I recommend handling them carefully to avoid breakage.
  • Ideal to use for deep cycle batteries and many types of vehicles
  • Helps obstruct battery reverse charging and reverse discharging
  • Features rainproof, windproof, and weatherproof design with ABS case
  • A breeze to install and zero maintenance
  • Charges batteries with small current and maintain them
  • No electric cost; green indicator available
  • Seemingly flimsy alligator clips
To conclude, this solar deep cycle battery charger is a smart purchase because it can outstandingly charge batteries with a small current, and it’s exceptional in maintaining automobile batteries.

7. Topsolar 12 Volt Solar Panel Battery Charger

  • Size: 7.48 x 13.39″
  • Weight: 0.48 lbs
  • Pmax: 20W

This 12V solar car battery charger review aims to inform buyers that this model is worth a shot. In particular, we picked this option because it is a breeze to install, easy to carry around, and features a waterproof design.

Since the panel is waterproof all over, it can ensure long-lasting usage. So long as there is a sufficient amount of sunlight, this device will produce power to trickle charge your batteries.

Such a lightweight solar trickle charger is adept at providing superior circuit protection. Aside from safeguarding the battery from reverse charging and overcharging, it could also shield and stimulate the reverse connection of the circuit.

The kit contains the complete accessories for assembly, so installing this device is painless even for first-timers. This solar panel battery charger does not necessitate full maintenance.

It certainly helps us save more money and electricity at the same time. We find this unit ideal for charging all 12V batteries and deep cycle batteries. When it comes to maintaining 12Volt batteries, this device works exceptionally to deliver its promise. This solar battery charger is safe to use for trucks, tractors, cars, snowmobiles, boats, and RVs.

Notwithstanding, the connector cables of this solar battery charger are thin and flimsy, so we’re always worried about them snapping in a single bump or drop. It would be better if the manufacturer upgraded these unreliable connector cables.
  • Guarantees superior circuit protection
  • Easy installation, low maintenance, and no energy expenditures
  • Easy to carry around and waterproof
  • Appropriate option for all 12Volt rechargeable batteries
  • Safe for many vehicles
  • The connector cables are thin and flimsy
This solar battery charger is the real deal. It’s suitable for all 12V rechargeable batteries and seems specifically designed for extended usage.

8. MOOLSUN 12V Solar Battery Charger

  • Size: 6.96 x 15.59″
  • Weight: 0.86 lbs
  • Pmax: 10W

We were planning to invest in a premium quality 12V solar battery charger kit, and according to several customer reviews we’d read, this option is one of the best.

Portability and high efficiency are what make this solar battery charger a wise investment for buyers. It is built with a solar panel with a 10W output; it’s lightweight, super thin, and so convenient to take anywhere.

What’s more, since it was our first time using a solar charging item, we found this model uncomplicated to utilize. Even when we were traveling in a remote area, this solar battery charger did not fail in keeping our batteries charged. Just like other top-rated versions, this one is constructed with reverse diode protection.

This device is a popular option because it is regarded as one of the best power resolutions for all batteries. As you can see, it is manufactured with anti-discharge, waterproof, and scratch-proof features. We are happy that we can now save energy and make better use of limitless sunlight anywhere.

The solar panel is crafted using PVC fabric, and it is PET laminated as well. But, we noticed that over time, the fabric trim disintegrates from extreme UV exposure. So, this version might not be ideal if you are residing in areas with scorching weather conditions.
  • Deemed one of the most excellent power resolution for all types of batteries
  • Portable, efficient, lightweight, thin, and convenient to utilize
  • Reliable charger even when you’re in remote locations
  • Built with anti-discharge, waterproof, and scratch-proof features
  • Engineered with reverse diode protection
  • The fabric deteriorates from extreme UV exposure
This solar battery charger offers excellent value for our hard-earned money. We consider it as one of the most unrivaled power resolutions for all kinds of batteries.

9. POWOXI Solar Battery Charger 12 Volt

  • Size: 8.86 x 14.84″
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Pmax: 10W

Since I prefer a low maintenance, highly efficient, and sturdy solar car battery charger with regulator, I find this model a great purchase. Interestingly, this unit is built with a top-quality crystalline silicon material, so its efficiency is 20%. It can absorb more sunshine and does an excellent job of converting this into a 12V DC current to charge 12Volt batteries adequately.

This version is ideal for outdoor use since it can withstand low and high temperatures; it is built with a premium quality ABS casing and is weatherproof.

Also, this solar charging device is reliable in preventing battery damages. This is all thanks to its built-in blocking diode that impedes reverse discharge. It is also outfitted with an indicator light that makes it effortless for us to comprehend the working condition of the unit.

Since it is designed with a cigarette lighter and an alligator clip, it enables easy plug and play. It comes with four powerful suction cups and performs well in maintaining 12V batteries and deep cycle batteries.

The potential setback you might encounter with this solar battery charger is the short extension cord. In our case, we had to purchase an extension lead to expand the length of the wires from the control unit to the battery. Hopefully, the manufacturer can consider lengthening the cord for better use.
  • Durable, low maintenance, and highly efficient
  • Equipped with an easy-to-understand indicator light
  • Not complex to use
  • Designed with four powerful suction cups
  • Significantly helps prevent battery damage; for 12V and deep cycle batteries
  • The extension cord is short
Chiefly, when it comes to ease of use and efficiency in absorbing more sunlight, this option is king. We highly recommend it for RV, boat, and trailer owners.

10. Paladin Solar Car Battery Charger

  • Size: 9.65 x 12.68″
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Pmax: 2.4W

We were looking for solar battery charger options at ScrewFix but ended up picking this model. This is a good catch because it serves as a portable backup for motorcycles, trailers, boats, RVs, and more.

Its weather-resistant design can withstand potentially hazardous elements. The solid plastic casing can combat extreme weather conditions such as sleet and rain.

Moreover, it is outfitted with mounting suction cups, so the solar panel is smooth sailing to affix on the dashboard and windshield. We only needed to connect it to our 12 Volt battery using the included battery clamps and allow it to charge. Installation is a cinch, and this unit is maintenance-free. This solar battery charger is built with an amorphous solar panel that charges in low or direct sunlight conditions.

With its integrated blocking diode, this device is dependable in impeding reverse charging that could ruin the battery’s performance. We’re delighted to have an eco-friendly solar charging product like this.

On the negative side, this solar-powered battery charger might not operate in some vehicles when the ignition is turned off. If this is the case, you may connect it directly to the battery with the aid of cables and alligator battery clamps.
  • Equipped with mounting suction cups for easy installation
  • No maintenance; cables and alligator clamps available
  • Highly recommended for a broad array of applications
  • Engineered with an amorphous solar panel
  • Designed with weather-resistant feature
  • Prevents reverse charging
  • Might not operate in some vehicles when the ignition is turned off
In summary, this solar battery charger performs splendidly in maintaining 12V batteries for RVs, motorcycles, and cars. Its wide application makes it a worthwhile investment.
Outdated Products

Aeiusny 12V Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger (Outdated)

We ended up purchasing this marine solar battery charger kit as our farm equipment. Compared to other solar battery chargers, this version is designed with a superbly high conversion rate.

It is built with a mono-crystalline solar panel that can provide a 20% photoelectric conversion rate. This feature is vital in converting radiant energy into electric power and keeping it inside the battery.

Transporting it is not burdensome because it is portable and lightweight. This version produces current to trickle charge batteries, provided that it accumulates sufficient sunlight. This product is a great choice to maintain 12 Volt rechargeable batteries safely. You can use it for boats, RVs, cars, marine applications, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lots more.

What we like most about this solar-powered battery charger is that it allows us to charge our batteries with ease and convenience. It is manufactured with a charging indicator light that illuminates from 20% to 100% when the panel is positioned in the sun.

Plus, it is engineered with a reverse diode that works to keep the battery from discharging back to the board at dusk.

While this unit is rainproof and windproof, you should avoid immersing it in water. In addition, I wished the manufacturer considered making the suction cups a bit larger. They are slightly too small to obtain an excellent seal on bad windows.
  • Engineered with a higher conversion rate
  • Features sturdy, portable, and lightweight design
  • Designed with charging indicator light
  • Perfect alternative for any rechargeable 12V battery
  • Versatile and protects against discharging
  • Can’t be immersed in water
  • Small suction cups
In general, this solar battery charger is a good catch considering it comes with a high conversion rate, and it is ideal for safely maintaining 12 Volt rechargeable batteries.

Renogy 12V Solar Panel Battery Maintainer (Outdated)

Buying the right 12V solar battery charger at present can be challenging as there are many available alternatives to choose from. Fortunately, we discovered this solar trickle charger that works outstandingly. It is designed with an incredibly efficient solar panel that excellently charges in all daylight conditions. This version is outfitted with DC adaptors that enable direct battery connection.

You can utilize it for electric fences as a solar fence charger, RVs, accessory batteries, SUVs, and boats. This unit is user-friendly and does not call for optimal maintenance. You can plug it into the battery 24/7 without any worries because it is designed with a built-in safety protection feature.

Compared to using non-solar charging products, this solar battery charger has made our outdoor adventures even more trouble-free. Even when we’re away from home, we are worry-free about depleting batteries because charging them became more accessible, quicker, and without spending on electricity.

Please remember that it’s necessary to disconnect the trickle charger maintainer from the cigarette lighter port or battery when starting the engine or driving the car. This is because electric surges from the alternator can cause damage to the trickle charger maintainer.
  • Guarantees easy and quick installation process
  • Works exceptionally with electric fences, RVs, accessory batteries, SUVs, and boats
  • Comes with built-in safety protection
  • Outfitted with superbly efficient solar panel for sufficient charging
  • An excellent means to save on electricity expenses
  • Electric surges from the alternator might ruin the trickle charge maintainer
On the whole, this solar battery trickle charger and maintainer is a popular choice. It allows us to charge batteries efficiently in all daylight conditions, and it guarantees maximum protection for our batteries.

What to Look for When Buying 12 Volt Solar Battery Chargers


At first glance, solar-powered battery chargers typically look identical due to their installation components and solar panels. Nonetheless, they are pretty distinguishable from each other.

To help you spot the differences and buy the appropriate version for your requirements, consider going over the buying guide below:

  • Wattage

Did you know that a solar-powered charger’s energy production is delineated in wattage? Most products come with different wattages to satisfy the specific requirements of buyers.

Hence, if you search for quick charging, it is a must to invest in solar battery chargers designed with higher wattages.

  • Applications

Generally speaking, solar-powered chargers can charge several types of batteries. Thus, it is unnecessary to purchase a new charger for each type of battery.

While it is true that this is a typical feature, it is still crucial to ensure that the charger you’re getting has this attribute.

  • Charge Protection

For a fact, this is a prevalent feature in most solar-powered battery chargers. While these devices generally have blocking diodes that aim to ward off overheating and overcharging, it is still vital to check customer reviews.

It is beneficial to pick options that many customers recommend in terms of their charging protection capabilities.

If possible, look for a solar car battery charger with charge controller.

  • Durability

When picking a solar battery charger, ensure that it is shielded with an aluminum frame and tempered glass. This is because other construction materials are not as sturdy as these materials.

  • Portability

A lot of solar battery charger options are designed to be lightweight and portable. Other alternatives are bulky and large and thus, can only be set up in a fixed location.

Hence, if you are looking to purchase a solar charger intended for camping and other outdoor activities, lightweight and portable options are more appropriate for you.

Do 12-Volt Solar Battery Chargers Really Work

So long as you’re utilizing a solar-powered battery charger for its intended application, it works. Please note that solar battery chargers do not usually come with multiple amperage settings, which means that they solely provide a minimal amount of current to the battery.

What are the Materials That Make a 12-Volt Solar Charger More Durable

As mentioned in the buying guide, some solar-powered chargers are safeguarded with aluminum frames and tempered glass materials. Meanwhile, some options that are built using plastic materials are deemed less sturdy.

However, one major perk of plastic materials is that they make the solar battery charger a less bulky item. As you know, this is quite important and convenient for outdoor adventures such as camping.

How Long Will a 100-Watt Solar Panel Take to Charge a 12V Battery

We can safely assert that a 100W solar panel producing 1 amp of current would take approximately five to eight hours to charge a 12-volt battery fully.


Conclusively, the best 12 Volt solar battery charger is an efficient and quick device that sufficiently charges up your batteries. Whether it is your solo portable battery for outdoor adventures or your car’s battery, this device can be used wherever you are. Hence, it is an energy-saving and effort-saving companion to have.

However, there are countless options available nowadays, and they all come in different features and price ranges. With the information we provided, hopefully you can pick the option that meets all your requirements.

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