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How Long Does It Take to Heat a Pool With Solar Panels?

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

how long does it take to heat a pool with solar panels

How long does it take to heat a pool with solar panels? On average, solar systems can make your pool warmer by 2.0 to 5.5 degree Celsius a day, and the number differs depending on your location. For example, people in South California may need 3 days to heat their pools from 23 to 29℃, but New Yorkers may need a week to do the same.

Additionally, to learn more about this topic, let’s go through the info discussed below.

How Long Does It Take to Warm Up a Pool

It often takes several days to heat a pool using solar power. In truth, several factors could affect the pace of warming up your pool. Using a pool cover can significantly help minimize heat loss in the winter and at night. This approach enables an accelerated heating process when utilizing solar panels.

It’s worth noting that heating your pool can also depend on the amount of heat absorbed per day. If there’s no adequate heat coming from the sun on a particular day, it won’t be easy to achieve the preferred temperature to heat the pool.

Not to mention, the size of your solar system will also impact how fast to warm your pool will be. Some firms recommend opting for at least 80 percent of the surface area of your pool. Generally, the bigger your solar system, the faster the heating will be.

Lastly, note that solar pool heating systems do not work identically. The amount of heat and the sequential upturn in pool temperature rely on the design of the system and the type of control system utilized.

Heating a Swimming Pool With Solar Panels – How Does It Work


Solar pool heaters are famous for being cost-effective options for heating swimming pools without ruining your budget. They work like a charm in reducing your electricity bills and help extend your swimming sessions. More importantly, they remarkably help augment the value of your property.

Nonetheless, how does heating pool with solar panels work?

Solar pool heaters are more beneficial options than electric and gas-operated heaters because they can take advantage of solar power rather than consuming expensive fuel. This means that so long as they can absorb sufficient sunlight and are equipped with a premium quality pump, they are good to go.

Using solar panels to heat pool works by the process below:

  • The pool water is led via a series of valves to the solar collectors.
  • In this process, debris in the water is filtered out before being sent to the collectors.
  • As the pool water slowly moves up, it is warmed by the energy of solar power.
  • From there, the warmed pool water goes back to the pool. Finally, your warm pool is all set for you! This cycle will continue until your swimming pool has been heated to the preferred temperature.

Heads Up: To unveil more about what makes solar pool heaters efficient and sustainable options, you might want to check out this video:

How Warm Will Your Pool Get if You Use Solar Pool Heating Systems

Unheated swimming pools generally are above 70 in temperature during spring and fall seasons. On the other hand, heated swimming pools are above 80 degrees during these seasons. More or less, solar heated pools would be 8 to 12-degrees hotter compared to unheated pools situated in the same region.

Is Heating Your Pool With Solar Panels a Wise Decision


Yes. Using solar heat systems can provide you with plenty of benefits; some of these include:

1. Save more money

In recent years, the price of solar power systems has dropped immensely. This means that they are no longer the type of investments only suitable for rich people. You can consult solar manufacturers in your area and get a quote to have an idea of what you’re getting into.

You’ll initially spend a bit more; however, if you compute the savings you can enjoy for the coming years, the benefits gained will outweigh the initial cost.

2. Straightforward to set up

Solar pool heaters are not complicated to install. Homeowners only need basic DIY tools and enough strength or help to lift heavy equipment. In short, you don’t need to be a licensed professional to carry out the task.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Since solar pool heaters are environmentally-friendly, you are guilt-free because you don’t add to the toxic elements that harm our planet. Propane and gas pool heaters primarily depend on fossil fuels, which we should avoid due to climate change.

4. Low maintenance

Solar pool heating systems can work for approximately 20 years without much maintenance or servicing required.

Best of all, their routine maintenance tasks are smooth sailing to handle. In general, keep track of the pool’s chemicals, the solar collector, and the filter.

The Bottom Line

Warming up your pool with the help of solar panels is undeniably a practical approach. This is because it uses green energy, helps reduce electricity consumption, and extends your swimming sessions.

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How long does it take to heat a pool with solar panels? In summary, the time it takes to warm up a pool using solar heating systems will depend on several factors listed above.

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