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The Best Solar Blankets for Salt Water Pool

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar blanket for salt water pool

Undeniably, many people prefer swimming or diving in a heated swimming pool unless you’re a fan of chilly swimming activities. However, are you aware that aside from using the conventional gas heater or electric heater, the best solar blanket for salt water pool can do the job more effectively and economically?

Yes, that’s right. A solar blanket can increase and hold the water temperature of above ground, in-ground, and Intex pools. Solar blankets help significantly reduce electric expenses, reduce water loss, minimize the need for chemicals, and augment heat retention.

In this post, we will discuss some of the most top-rated solar blankets for salt water pool options. We will also tackle the most valuable factors when picking the right blanket for your needs.

Hopefully, the options listed below can narrow down your choices to get the best alternative for your swimming pool.


Best Overall

Intex 29024E Solar Cover

✅ Material is thick and heavy-duty
✅ Made with central drainage holes
✅ Easy to use and store design


Premium Choice

Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover

✅ Easy to store and maintain
✅ Helps keep the pool clean
✅ Can be trimmed easily


Editor’s Pick

Blue Wave NS510

✅ Specifically designed
✅ 6-year warranty offer
✅ Great value for the money


Top 7 Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool Reviews

1. Intex 29024E Solar Cover

  • Size: 16′
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic
  • Thickness: 8 mil

At first, we were surprised by the holes in this solar cover. But, contrary to what others claim, such holes do not make the solar blanket defective. The holes are meant to eliminate air from beneath the blanket to aid it in laying flat onto the water.

More than that, compared to other products, this cover executes a superb job of keeping the pool water warmer. Our pool is located in a slightly shaded area, and surprisingly, this cover increases the pool temperature even on chilly days.

At first glance, you’ll notice that this cover is one huge piece of bubble wrap; even so, it does not pop as immediately as packaging bubble wraps. Even if we stomp or step on it, to our surprise, it doesn’t pop instantly! We love how thick and heavy-duty the material is.

We prefer solar blankets that aren’t bulky. And, we love this cover because it is a cinch to set up, use and store when we need to put it away. Our pool stays clean and free of any filth because the cover shields it from unwanted elements too.

Surely, there is no doubt that this cover is made from sturdy material. For all that, it seems not intended to last for more than a couple of years of frequent usage. Still, it is a great choice considering it is not that expensive.
  • Made with central drainage holes to impede rainwater from pooling on the cover
  • Does a superb job of keeping the pool water warmer
  • The material is thick and heavy-duty
  • Comes with easy to use and store design
  • Straightforward to set up and lightweight
  • Helps safeguard pool from unsightly debris and dirt
  • Seems not built for an extended period of usage
Overall, this solar blanket is worth the small investment every two years; however, don’t expect it to last for a very long time than that.

2. Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

  • Size: 16′ x 32′
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Durable resin
  • Thickness: 12 mil

This solar cover for inground pool 16×32 is crafted using a super sturdy resin material. It is adept at blocking unwanted filth and debris in swimming pools. Indeed, this solar blanket is second to none when it comes to preventing 95% of water evaporation in the pool.

As you can see, it is built with a very appealing blue design, so it looks pleasing to the eyes. And, it comes with countless tiny air bubbles that are intended to captivate and transmit heat from the sun to your salt water pool. So, if you prefer warming your pool to enjoy a spa-like experience, this option is worth a try.

Much like an 18×36 solar pool cover, we are amazed at how easy it is to cut this solar blanket to our desired fit. Since the time we purchased this solar blanket, our pool water is kept warm and clean all the time.

What’s more, we can enjoy a more pleasurable swimming experience with loved ones and friends. It is less hassle to put on and take off as well. Maintaining this blanket is smooth sailing, and storing it when not in use is convenient too.

However, after a long period of use, the tiny bubbles of this solar blanket began falling apart and leaving tiny pieces of plastic in the pool. Well, I guess this is to be expected since we have been using the blanket for an extended time.
  • Helps keep the pool clean and free of debris and filth
  • Does wonder in reducing water evaporation
  • Manufactured with a very appealing blue design
  • Can retain the heat in the pool more efficiently
  • Can be trimmed easily to obtain the precise fit
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • The tiny bubbles began falling apart after an extended period of use.
Ultimately, this solar blanket is a great catch. If you wish to keep your salt-water pool warm all through the night up until the next morning, this is the best option for you.

3. Blue Wave NS510 14-mil Solar Blanket

  • Size: 23′ x 24′
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Plastic
  • Thickness: 14 mil

This blanket makes use of solar heating to augment the water temperature by up to 15-degrees F. Due to this, regardless of the weather, we can be worry-free because it allows the pool to stay warmer through cloudy days and chilly nights.

If you cut this cover to fit your pool accurately, it remains down nicely, even during windy seasons. We adore its capability to keep the pool temperature roughly 10 degrees warmer than with it off.

Just like when buying a 20 mil solar pool cover, this 14-mil solar cover for pools is reliable enough to deliver its promise. It is particularly designed to help conserve energy. It can fit all types of budget since it comes with a great value and is backed up by a 6-year warranty offer.

Similar to other costlier options, this solar cover is manufactured with superior durability and can resist water evaporation quite well. Not only that, it can work efficiently in reducing heat loss.

It is worth mentioning that the reduction of evaporation is not solely eco-friendly, but it can also save users time and money. Its super sturdy build materials make this solar blanket heavy-duty enough to combat degradation brought about by chemicals and UV rays.

Notwithstanding, it would have been better if this solar cover comes with a protective plastic sheeting for storage. This can offer more protection to the solar blanket when it’s not in use.
  • Specifically designed to help conserve energy
  • Great value for the money
  • Comes with a 6-year warranty offer
  • Built with incredible durability and resistance to water evaporation
  • Works astonishingly in reducing heat loss
  • Does not come with a protective plastic sheeting for storage
Chiefly, this solar blanket comes with great value and works efficiently for its purpose. It is also unmatched when it comes to keeping debris and dirt out of the swimming pool.

4. Sun2Solar Clear 27-Foot Round Solar Cover

  • Size: 27′
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Durable resin
  • Thickness: 16 mil

Just like the Sun2solar rectangular solar cover, this round solar cover version is a good catch too. This item is particularly made to help save more on heating costs.

To add, the transparent color enables the sun’s ultraviolet rays to infiltrate deeper into the swimming pool to ensure warmer water temperature. So, even if you wish to stay longer in the pool, you can do so without feeling cold and uncomfortable.

We never had any regrets about investing in this cover because it works more efficiently than expected. This is proven to be the type of solar blanket that allows users to take advantage of the free heat of the sun resulting in warmer pool water.

Looking at it closely, you’ll see that it is made of a sturdy resin material that appears to last long. The tiny air bubbles are the ones that trap and transmit heat from the sun to your salt water pool. It cannot be questioned how sterling this cover is when it comes to its heat retention capability.

Besides keeping the pool water warmer, this cover is easy to adjust according to users’ desired and required fit. Additionally, it is a breeze to put on and take off, so storing it when not in use is not a pain in the neck. Our pool remains clear and clean since this solar blanket also keeps away various sorts of dirt.

On the other hand, this solar cover appears too big for Intex 18 foot pool. It requires a lot of cutting, but luckily, trimming and modifying it to obtain an accurate fit is not troublesome.
  • Ensures warm water for a great experience
  • Helps users save more on heating expenditures
  • Built with a sterling heat retention feature, thanks to tiny air bubbles
  • Can be adjusted to desired or required fit
  • Painless to put on and take off
  • Too big for Intex 18 foot pool
All things considered, this 16 mil solar pool cover is the real deal. With it, you can save more on your heating expenses and you can enjoy a warmer pool regardless of the weather condition in your area.

5. Blue Wave NS445 12-mil Solar Blanket

  • Size: 12′ x 20′
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Plastic
  • Thickness: 12 mil

This solar cover for in-ground pool is built with a 12-mil-thick cover that is superb at keeping heat trapped in swimming pools. This product is backed up by a 5-year warranty making it a risk-free investment for swimming pool owners.

What makes this solar blanket a smart purchase is that it comes with an environmentally-friendly, money and time-saving design. It utilizes passive solar heating that is meant to augment the pool’s temperature by up to 15-degrees F. Personally, we picked this brand because of its innovative heat source feature.

In the same way, this item is made with a super durable build. This is why it could tolerate extreme heat from the sun, and it is designed with UV radiation resistance. That said, you can be at peace knowing that it is not prone to deteriorate sooner than expected.

This product works like a charm in preventing up to 95% of chemical and pool water evaporation. The innovative cells contained in this solar blanket are the ones that work effectively to retain warmth to ensure effective heat retention during cloudy days and summer nights.

Additionally, since we are very particular when it comes to top-quality solar covers, we chose this option. Luckily, it does not disappoint us with its attractive blue color, the chemicals last longer as well.

On the cons, if you are short on budget, you might find this product a bit expensive. But, if you are looking for the top-rated solar blanket for salt water pool, this won’t fail you. In short, it is fine to spend a bit if the quality is guaranteed.
  • Supported by a 5-year warranty offer
  • Comes with an environmentally-friendly, money and time-saving design
  • Utilizes passive solar heating to augment pool’s temperature by up to 15o F
  • Famous for its innovative heat source feature
  • Can combat ultraviolet radiation and withstand extreme sunlight
  • Priced higher than other available options on the market
Lastly, this solar blanket is pricier than other options out there; however, when it comes to quality, durability, and functionality, this is unbeatable.

6. Sun2Solar Blue 15-Foot-by-30-Foot Oval Solar Cover

Unquestionably, when buying a premium quality solar blanket for your pool, you need to consider the pool solar cover thickness. Luckily, this option is thick enough to endure long-lasting use.

Furthermore, this solar cover works outstandingly in protecting our pool. At present, we no longer need to worry about undesired debris and dirt from entering our pool. It inhibits up to 95% of pool water evaporation as well.

More importantly, you can trim this solar blanket to ensure the desired or required fit. With it, obtaining the exact fit is as easy as finding a sharp pair of scissors and a top-quality marker. Plus, you won’t lose all the warmth produced all through the day if you invest in this product.

We noticed that since the time we used this solar blanket in our pool, it warmed up our pool by 5 degrees. And, even when it was our first time to use this product, we didn’t have any problem setting it up and removing it when we needed to store it.

Nonetheless, this solar cover seems to be a little larger than 12 x 24. Fortunately, this isn’t a serious issue to deal with since you can trim this solar blanket to get the precise fit that you desire or require for your application.
  • Impedes up to 95% of pool water evaporation
  • Thick enough for long-lasting using
  • Helps to protect your pool from undesired debris and dirt
  • Can be easily and uniquely trimmed and shaped
  • Can guarantee unrivaled heat retention feature
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Appears slightly larger than 12 x 24
In summary, this solar cover is a wise buy. It is durable enough that it won’t get easily damaged and doesn’t need to be replaced every season the way less expensive options do.

7. In The Swim 2040D Rectangle Pool Solar Blanket

Using this solar cover certainly helps us save more time and money. It is a good value for the money considering it is supported by a 7-year manufacturer’s limited warranty offer.

We chose this cover because it can immensely decrease heat loss and reduce the amount of debris that gets in the pool water. What’s more, it lessens chemical loss and water evaporation. Interestingly, this cover has been proven to increase the water temperature up to 8 to 10 degrees in about a week of consistent sunlight.

Ever since we set up this solar cover, we endlessly enjoy longer bonding and swimming moments with family and friends. Even when it’s cold at night or somewhat chilly; we can swim more comfortably and enjoyably because the pool gives us a spa-like experience.

As mentioned, since this solar blanket offers an additional shield against unwanted elements, so our pool remains pristine clear and free of any unsightly filth and debris. Maintaining the pool is no longer as time-consuming and exhausting as in the past.

This solar cover features a heavy-duty build; nevertheless, avoid exposing it to extreme and direct sunlight all year long to protect it from degrading sooner than expected. This is also to extend its longevity.
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty offer
  • Decreases heat loss and the amount of debris that gets in the pool water
  • Lessens chemical loss and water evaporation
  • Can increase up to 8-10 degrees in about a week of consistent sunlight
  • Provides the pool water with a warmer and a more comfortable temperature
  • Prone to deteriorating if exposed to extreme sunlight all year long
In general, the quality of this solar cover is admirable. We find the thickness quite heavy-duty and reliable in serving its purpose so long as it’s not exposed to the extreme sun all year long.
Outdated Products

Thermo-Tex 2831632 Solar Pool Cover (Outdated)

This lightweight yet high-quality designed cover surely can satisfy your requirements. You won’t regret investing in this item since it is backed up by a 3-year warranty program.

Likewise, this product is crafted with ultraviolet-stabilized polymers and can fight off premature deterioration due to pool chemicals and extreme sun exposure. This is user-friendly in that it is straightforward to set up in minutes. It is a piece of cake to put on and take off even for beginners.

We picked this solar cover for pools because we find it efficient in trapping more sunlight inside our pool. As a result, we can enjoy warm water whenever we go swimming regardless of the weather condition.

Meanwhile, if your in-ground pool comes in a rectangular shape with a dimension of 16 feet, this cover is a great alternative for you. As for the price, this is one of the most reasonably priced options that worth a shot. Its quality seems built to last, and its performance can exceed your expectations.

On the downside, this solar pool cover feels slightly stiff. This might be deemed as inconvenient at times, but we think that as long as it does not affect its performance and quality, then we are good.
  • Supported by a 3-year warranty program
  • Manufactured with UV-stabilized polymers that withstand deterioration
  • Minimizes chemical consumption, water evaporation, and pool’s heating costs
  • Built with a lightweight design and easy setup process
  • Does a great job of trapping more sunlight inside
  • Feels a little stiff
In a nutshell, this Thermo-tex solar pool cover is an excellent choice. It is reliable in terms of extending our swimming season and it can reduce our pool’s operating expenses too.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool


The thickness of a solar pool blanket is a very vital factor in providing for your needs. If you intend to retain as much heat as probable, and you prefer your swimming pool to be warm, a thicker solar blanket can do the job.

When picking one, anywhere between 12 and 16mil should be fine to ensure the warmth you require for your pool. Moreover, depending on your requirements, a thicker blanket might prove to be more advantageous.

If you wish to reduce your chemical needs or consumption during swimming season, a blue 16mil blanket can provide the most excellent protection. In doing so, your chemicals will be more effective and can last a while.

Meanwhile, if your purpose is to obtain the warmest water possible, an 8 to 12mil blanket is the most recommended since this comes with outstanding heating attributes.

Apart from these, if you want a better chance of infiltrating the blanket and warming your pool, you can opt for a clear solar blanket, as this is a great option for that application.

Regardless of which thickness or color you pick, one thing is sure, and that is you will personally witness the huge distinction in the chemical need and temperature in your pool water.

For a fact, this is one of the reasons why a solar blanket for salt water pool is a smart investment that generally pays off for itself several times throughout its use.

Do Solar Pool Blankets Really Work for Salt Water Pool


Yes. You can utilize solar blankets for any type of swimming pool. Whether you intend to use them for fiberglass, saltwater, vinyl liner, chlorine, concrete, or mineral water; such products are safe, effective, and work excellently for what they are designed for.

Solar blankets for pool water are specifically manufactured to sustain the temperature in the pool, trap heat throughout the evening and the very next day.

It is interesting to note that with a solar pool blanket, even cloudy days won’t greatly minimize the temperature. This is how efficient they work for different types of pools.

In addition to the above list, we also have a list of the top solar rings for the pool to warm up your swimming pool.

How Long Should a Pool Solar Blanket Last

The good news is that solar blankets for salt water pools are built to deteriorate gradually. You only need to replace it when it starts to peel off, and when the bubbles start to fall off of it.

It is good to note that most solar blankets are designed to be durable that they could last for up to 3 years, though some swimming pool owners prefer to replace them more often.


To conclude, if you are wishing for a warm and spa-like pool experience, investing in the best solar blanket for salt water pool can be one of the most effective, economical, and convenient solutions.

While such a product won’t be able to heat your above-ground or in-ground pool as much as a conventional gas heater or electric heater will, any type of solar blanket can work efficiently in keeping more water and keeping more heat in your swimming pool. In addition, there are other options for using solar energy to heat your pool, you can find out more details here.

Considering the effectiveness, affordable pricing, and lifespan of top-quality solar blankets, these products are undeniably very smart and worthwhile investments.

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