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How to Build 3D Solar Panels? – Guide for DIYers

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

how to build 3d solar panels

Many of us are searching for eco-friendly power-generating sources that could supply us with sustainable energy sources without breaking the bank. At present, one of the most recommendable options is installing 3d solar panels systems in a compact space. But, do you know how to build 3d solar panels?

Building your 3d solar towers is not as difficult as you think. To do so, you only need to ensure that you arrange the panels in a zigzag pattern. The zigzag pattern concept is ideal for exposing the solar panels to direct sunlight even when they’re located or installed in a small space.

To learn more about DIY 3d solar panel systems, continue reading the rest of this article.

What are DIY 3D Solar Panels


In 2012, a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced the 3d solar panel concept. This is the reason why such a concept is also called the 3d solar project or MIT solar tower.

A carpenter named Zack Bennett has taken the 3d solar panel concept and began working on it. With a couple of years of continuous trial and error experiments, he has created a DIY 3d solar panel system that you can position in a cramped or small backyard.

This power generation device can produce up to twenty times more energy. You can position a 3d solar panel system anywhere, and it’s straightforward to handle. Its unique design can also create a stunning décor in your place or backyard.

Furthermore, this energy-saving device comes with solar panels organized in a zigzag pattern that minimizes wastage of the sun’s energy. More and more people nowadays prefer a 3d solar panel system because it has all the plans and concepts to help you become more energy independent.

How to Build 3D Solar Panels


Conventionally, when firms assemble solar panels, the panels are arranged consecutively on the earth or surface. Indeed, this consumes a considerable portion of a given lot area. This type of solar panel assembly is pretty expensive since you’ll require a large and open area.

And, installing DIY 3d solar panels comes to the rescue as they’re ideal for organizing and staking the panels in a vertical position rather than in a horizontal one. With a 3d solar panel system, the panels are piled up one above the other in the form of a zigzag.

Fundamentally, this technique exposes the panels for captivating optimal solar power with the least space.

You could effortlessly construct a solar panel tower yourself by building a tower mounting system. This technique will allow you to affix standard solar panels to it. However, we strongly suggest that you do this process with extra care since this type of mounting system is experimental and risky if not set up correctly.

Fortunately, if you’re aware of what you’re doing, it won’t be too complex to stack standard solar panels in this type of 3d accordion mounting bracket. Likewise, arranging them in a vertical position won’t be too much of a hassle for you.

Take note that by going vertical, the solar panels will accumulate more sunlight when the sun is closer to the skyline. This way, it will produce a more uniform output in the long run. It’s essential to know that such uniformity is held even when shadows or clouds obstruct the components of the solar panels or when seasons change.

What Benefits Can You Get If You Use a 3D Solar Panel System

  • Minimize energy consumption: Undoubtedly, going solar comes with countless financial benefits. It remarkably minimizes your monthly energy consumption and bills, and it could even increase the total value of your property. Hence, to save more dollars, it’s not surprising why more and more homeowners consider DIY solar projects.
  • Save space: The best thing about a DIY 3d solar tower is installing it in an area of less than ten square feet. This is because it’s more compact than the conventional flat panels. As a result, you can build your own 3d solar panel system in just two to four hours without the need to spend more.
  • Offer sustainable energy: What’s more, with less than five hundred US dollars, it would generate sustainable solar energy for years after the installation. This energy-efficient device works like a disaster-saving power generation source. Once installed in your backyard or any small place, it can supply you with excellent backup power when you especially require it.
  • Minimize expenditures per kilowatt-hour: Additionally, with the aid of bifacial photovoltaic modules, the expenditures per kilowatt-hour are minimized. Your 3d solar panels can also supply the highest energy generation and won’t necessitate as many panels as the conventional flat panels.
  • Allow easy installation: Some power generation systems are too complicated to install and don’t prove to be a dependable energy source; fortunately, this isn’t the case for 3d solar towers. They are relatively a breeze to install.
  • Provide more power during seasons: Lastly, if you’re worried about whether this power-generating device will provide you with more power, you don’t need to be troubled anymore because it won’t fail you. During the winter months, morning or evening, your 3d solar panels will continuously work for their purpose.


It’s essential to learn how to build 3d solar panels because these devices will excellently function in any area. Essentially, by consuming less space, this solar tower still helps you set aside some bucks on your energy expenses.

What makes 3d solar towers great alternatives is that they’re eco-friendly and serve as a disaster-saving energy generation source. With only a tiny space, you can install them easily, unlike other complex power-generating systems. These devices work outstandingly and continuously during winter months, morning or evening periods.

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