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The Best Stakes for Solar Lights to Beautify Your Garden

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best stakes for solar lights

Installing outdoor lighting can certainly add more value to any dwelling place. So, shifting to solar lighting systems can be a beneficial move for most homeowners and wise consumers. Solar stakes are commonly designed to offer more versatility to homeowners. You can mount them effortlessly both in the ground or you can set them up on fence tops.

And, the delightful news is that they come in many different styles, so you could choose the one that perfectly fits the location where you plan to install them. The best stakes for solar lights generally come in various colors as well. Hence, to give you more ideas and options to look into, continue reading the post below.

Best Overall


✅ Lightweight
✅ Corrosion-resistant
✅ Easy to assemble


Premium Choice

Shepherd’s ShepHooks Stakes

✅ Can hang solar lights
✅ Easy to put together
✅ A great companion for any occasion


Editor’s Pick

Bebrant Plastic Spikes

✅ Add height to lights
✅ A piece of cake to assemble
✅ Features a more durable built


Top 6 Stake for Solar Lights Reviews

1. EVOSUMMER Plastic Ground Spikes

  • Quantity: 8
  • Material: ABS
  • Height: 8.25″

We were looking for top-quality, yet affordable ground stakes for solar lights, and a friendly neighbor recommended this brand to us. We bought one pack to replace the broken stakes for our pathway solar lights. It was our first time assembling a ground stake, and luckily, we didn’t have a hard time installing these replacement stakes. We only had to connect these ground solar stakes and the connector.

The package includes all the required materials for easy assembly. But, what makes these solar stakes a great buy is that they don’t limit their applications. One can utilize them for most landscape solar torch lights, pathway lights, and any light poles with an inner diameter of 0.83-inches. Be sure to check the inner diameter of your solar light first to ensure that this option is the right match.

Built as rust-proof with an IP65 waterproof rating, these sturdy solar stakes can resist all kinds of weather conditions. They are engineered using solid ABS plastic materials so that they could repel corrosion. I like these solar stakes because they appear built to last, yet they’re pretty lightweight. These items are unrivaled in terms of durability.

On the cons, these solar stakes were shorter than we expected. They still worked fine, so I don’t consider their height a deal-breaker.
  • Ideal to use for several different applications
  • Easy to assemble, even for beginners; all materials included
  • Can tolerate all kinds of weather all-year-round
  • Corrosion-resistant, lightweight ABS plastic material
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Shorter than expected
Overall, these solar light ground stakes are easy to assemble and ideal for homeowners looking for high-quality yet reasonably priced light stakes.

2. Shepherd’s Hooks ShepHooks Stakes

  • Quantity: 4
  • Material: ABS, Steel
  • Height: 7.5-35″

It’s nice to install light stakes that can beautify our garden and landscapes, especially when there is a special occasion. These garden stakes are ideal options because we can adorn any outdoor area and creatively hang our solar lights and mason jars. We used these items in my sister’s garden wedding, and we’re satisfied with how they turned out when put together.

Designed with collapsible or adjustable hooks, these lights are a cinch to adjust in terms of height. The hooks work excellently for their purpose, too. Just be sure that you handle them with extra care when installing them where preferred or needed. After the wedding, we put these stakes in our backyard to make it look nice-to-behold at night.

Not to mention, these garden stakes allow us to use them for several different applications. So, we find them a practical investment.

These items are manufactured using super durable powder-coated steel material with reinforced ABS, so even if they’re frequently used outdoors, they will work just fine.

The assembly process can be done in a few minutes, so there’s no need to hire a professional to do the task. We consider these garden stakes very dependable companions whenever we have to prepare for special events. They help us turn an ordinary-looking outdoor spot into a more stunning one.

However, these garden stakes seem not ideal for holding something bulkier. We noticed that they can’t hold anything heavier than two pounds without wobbling. Keep this in mind when putting them together to avoid any damage.
  • Designed with collapsible or adjustable hooks
  • Can hang solar lights and mason jars
  • Built using durable powder-coated steel material and ABS
  • A great companion for any occasion
  • Easy to put together
  • Not for holding something heavier
As a whole, we use these solar lighting stakes for special occasions. They are easy to put together and look aesthetically appealing wherever installed.

3. Bebrant Plastic Spikes

  • Quantity: 4
  • Material: ABS
  • Height: 8.3″

We had tall solar light stakes installed in our outdoor landscape areas that we wanted to replace after a typhoon hit our region. So, we found these ground stakes and decided to have them as replacements. Like the old ones we had, these plastic spikes for solar torch lights are easy to assemble and work like a charm. They also look dazzling where we placed them.

Compared to the previous version of these stakes, their upgraded version features a sturdier built. We highly regard these products as excellent and economical solutions for our outdoor lighting needs. These plastic spikes for solar flame torch lights will be good options for homeowners looking for affordable alternatives.

We find these stakes ideal for solar torch light to provide them with more height. They work as an excellent extension for bringing the torches up above our tall plants in our landscape area. Such replacement spikes could fit and stand up to be hammered into the soil using a rubber mallet.

Nonetheless, these replacement ABS ground stakes are only suitable for any landscape light poles that come with a diameter of 0.83-inches. This is why it is critical to measure the inner diameter of your solar lights first before getting this product. We forgot to do this and had to use tape around the edges of the spike to make it thick enough to provide the precise fit.
  • A piece of cake to assemble
  • Features a more durable built
  • Serves as excellent and economical solutions
  • Add height to lights
  • Practical replacement for old and broken ground stakes
  • Only for lights with 0.83-inch diameter
In general, for people searching for a practical and easy-to-assemble replacement for worn-out and broken ground stakes, these options are worth a shot.

4. Blulu Plastic Ground Spikes Stakes

  • Quantity: 16
  • Material: ABS
  • Height: 8.25″

It is common for many homeowners to have issues regarding how to fix solar light stakes. But, the good news is that with the correct replacement stakes, the task can be done in a snap. These ground stakes are ideal for landscape light poles that are designed with an inner diameter of 0.84-inches. These items worked perfectly for our applications.

It was our first time replacing our broken garden solar light stakes; even so, we didn’t have a painful experience installing these ground stakes. We only had to connect the stake and the connector, and the job was accomplished in a few minutes.

These ABS plastic ground stakes are adequate for long-lasting use. In my opinion, these are money-saving. The plastic ground spikes can resist corrosion; they are lightweight and well-suited for outdoor applications.

The kit contains a sufficient quantity for replacements, enough for extended use. These tools are suitable to use for most solar lamps. They help make ordinary days and special events become more unique and stunning.

These rust-proof plastic spikes are also weather-resistant and waterproof. So, even when there’s an inclement outdoor condition, we are worry-free that they will remain okay.

On the flip side, one customer ordered sixteen spikes but only received half of them. Although this type of incident is not common, the seller could do better regarding product delivery.
  • Painless to assemble or install wherever needed or preferred
  • Well-suitable for diverse outdoor applications
  • Manufactured with a durable overall construction
  • Lightweight and has enough stakes for extended use
  • Missing components in delivery
Conclusively, these decorative solar light stakes are smart investments since they are perfect for various types of weather and can deliver their promise.

5. ORK Path Light Replacement Stakes

  • Quantity: 8
  • Material: ABS
  • Height: 8.26″

These replacement stakes for solar pathway lights are worth a try because they are highly recommended for a broad range of uses. We find them ideal to utilize for landscape solar torch lights and candy cane pathway fixtures. Of course, since we like to ensure that we invest in products that feature a solid construction, these ground stakes caught our attention.

Such lightweight and corrosion-resistant spikes for garden lamps are hassle-free to assemble. The package includes all the required accessories for assembly. All you need to do is link the ground stake and the connector, and your solar light stake will be all set to work. Best of all, these ABS plastic ground stakes are solid enough for any type of weather conditions.

Moreover, they come with an IP65 rating. Rest assured that they will remain functional even under rugged outdoor applications. Since we prefer something that can last for an extended period, this option is perfect for our requirements. More importantly, we didn’t need to spend more as they are reasonably priced.

We find these items convenient and practical to use for parties and holidays. Such light stakes serve a critical function when fixing our solar lights during special events.

Regardless, these replacement plastic stakes for pathway lights come in small sizes only. Hence, if you have larger and heavier solar fixtures, these options might not be the best fit for your requirements. Be sure to know the measurements of your solar lights before getting one.
  • Can repel corrosion; lightweight and affordable
  • Engineered with premium quality construction material
  • Highly recommended for parties and holidays
  • Rated with an IP65 waterproof grade
  • No sweat to put together
  • Comes in a small size
To sum up, these replacement plastic stakes for path lights are innovative options to consider because they are ideal for broad applications and can tolerate harsh outdoor conditions.

6. RIGHT+LEFT Plastic Ground Spikes

  • Quantity: 10
  • Material: ABS
  • Height: 8.25″

These DIY solar light stakes are good options to go for because they feature an upgraded design. This version features an inclined angle that allows users to install them easily. Aside from this, the draining design is intended to guarantee that no water would be accumulated inside the solar lights. Such a feature cannot be found in other available options.

Apart from this, these replacement stakes are straightforward to assemble. We hadn’t tried installing ground spikes before, but, fortunately, the installation process was plain sailing. Rust-proof, waterproof, and sturdy, these items are highly recommended for outdoor applications. They are tough enough to endure inclement weather conditions.

What’s more, these upgraded ground stakes are lightweight and built using solid reinforced ABS plastic material. Surprisingly, they are tougher than we expected. They were easy to push in the ground and get back out. As for the price, these items are some of the most affordable options available.

Interestingly, these ground spikes also work excellently in holding our garden edging down. We are satisfied with this purchase because they work exceptionally for our solar torch garden lights. Our landscape area was transformed into a more special hang-out place without the need to spend extravagantly.

On the downside, I’m not sure these items would be able to replace square stakes. Users who want to use them for this purpose should consult the manufacturer before purchase.
  • A breeze to install with an inclined angle
  • Designed to prevent water accumulation
  • Excellent to use for outdoor applications for an extended period
  • Lightweight and affordable, engineered using top-quality build material
  • Good for holding garden edging down
  • Unclear whether they can replace square stakes
On the button, these ground stakes are undoubtedly second-to-none replacements. If they are not precisely the right size, users will have no worries because they are pretty easy to modify.
Outdated Products

WeTest Plastic Ground Spikes (Outdated)

We couldn’t find metal stakes for solar lights in a nearby local store, so we decided to order these plastic ground spikes online. We are delighted to share that this product did not disappoint us. These stakes are made of solid ABS plastic material that makes them corrosion-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Besides, these ground spikes for cane pathway lights are effortless to put together. So, we didn’t need to hire a professional to install them for us. We want to make our outdoor spots more stunning, especially during special occasions and holidays. These ground stakes significantly help us in creating a lovelier and warm ambiance, specifically at night.

These IP65-rated and rust-proof ground stakes are solid enough to stand the test of terrible weather conditions. So, even if they are frequently used outdoors, we have peace of mind that they won’t easily get damaged. Their high-strength overall construction gives us the confidence that they will work superbly for an extended period.

Take note that these light stakes are appropriate to use for solar patio fixture poles that are built with an inner diameter of 0.79 to 0.82 inches. This is why you need to gauge the inner diameter of your solar-powered fixtures first before buying one.

The minor flaw of these ground stakes is that their size is too small for Costco solar-powered fixtures. Other than that, these items can work outstandingly and can get the job done with little effort on our part.
  • Helps create a more gorgeous and warm atmosphere
  • Allows easy assembly process
  • Crafted using high-strength ABS plastic material
  • Rust-proof and designed with an IP65 waterproof grade
  • Ideal for special events, gatherings, and parties
  • A bit small for Costco solar-powered lights
Ultimately, these ground stakes for cane pathway lights and torch lights are the real deal. They are reliable in helping homeowners create a cozier and warmer outdoor atmosphere.

SERE Plastic Ground Spikes (Outdated)

These replacement landscape light stakes are specifically designed for solar light poles that are built with an inner diameter of 0.31-0.39”. They can guarantee the right size for supporting solar lights to ensure a better range of illumination. Since we prefer lightweight and super durable solar torch light spikes, these items are a perfect match for our requirements.

These ground spikes are made using corrosion-resistant and lightweight materials. Thus, they won’t get easily damaged even when exposed to hazardous outdoor elements. We consider them great companions for our garden fixtures for an extended period and have never worried about keeping these spikes outside.

These light stakes are uncomplicated to assemble since we only had to link the stakes and connectors.

The kit already contains the necessary hardware for assembly, and the stakes feature an elegant design. Due to this, it becomes easier for users to match them to different lights. In our case, we were able to bring a massive difference to the way our landscape area looks. Since the time we installed these light stakes, we have enjoyed a nice view at dusk.

On the whole, I can’t find anything to complain about regarding this product. So far, it has served me exceptionally well.
  • Lightweight and able to enhance the looks of landscapes
  • The kit includes all the necessary tools for assembly
  • Features an elegant design that can match different lights
  • Can fight off corrosion and other damaging outdoor elements
  • The installation process is a breeze
  • None so far
Chiefly, these solar light ground stakes stand out among other options. They are unparalleled in terms of durability and functionality.

What to Look for When Buying Stakes for Solar Lights


When buying the stakes for solar lights, some critical factors should be considered before taking the final plunge.

Here are some buying tips for you to check out:

  • Sturdiness and Construction Materials

Since your solar stakes will be mostly utilized outdoors, durability should be guaranteed. Look for materials like ABS plastic and steel, which are sturdy and lightweight. You should expect to replace your solar stakes after two to four years of frequent use.

  • Multiple Sets

There are available solar stakes for lights that come in multiple sets. These kits are more economical and generally easy to install since the package already includes the necessary accessories or hardware for an easy assembly process.

  • UV Protective Coating

It is essential to inspect if the solar stake comes with maximum UV protective coating. This is because the solar stake will be installed outdoors and will be exposed to extreme sunlight. A maximum UV protection feature can increase the product’s longevity and durability.

  • Creating a Personal Touch to your Place

Search for solar lighting stakes that express your personality and what you love. Many available options can surely make your outdoor areas more impressive, especially during special occasions.

Solar stakes can help you make decorating your outdoor spots easier because you can decide how to set them up in a way that matches your style. They are helpful in installing solar lights, particularly when you want to adjust their height and install them in any outdoor spot.

  • Waterproof Ratings

Since your solar stakes are set up outdoors, exposed to different weather conditions, and generally set up in the ground, it is best if they come with waterproof ratings.

As you know, if the solar stake is waterproof, then it won’t be prone to rust formation, corrosion and can withstand various outdoor elements.

  • Diameter

Solar stakes are often made to fit lights with a certain diameter. To avoid frustration and get the most out of your purchase, check the diameter of the stakes and make sure it’s compatible with your solar fixtures.

In some cases, users who bought the wrong stakes can adjust them to fit their lights. If you cannot find any products that meet your diameter requirements, read reviews of different stake options to see if anyone mentions successful customization.

  • Customer support

Some manufacturers offer after-sales support to their customers. This may not only include help with technical problems but also the returns of products and refunds. Buyers who are risk-averse should check out stakes with this advantage.

How to Make Replacement Stakes for Solar Lights


Here are the steps when making replacement stakes for solar-powered lights:

Use wood, metal, or any material of your choice. You may consider buying rebar stakes that are usually sold at local hardware stores or online.

For example: You may utilize a 5/8-inch dowel wood. Cut the wood into 9-inch to 10-inch pieces.

After you cut the dowel wood, use a hammer to hammer it into the soil where you intend to install the solar lighting unit. Make sure that the wood is inserted in a straight position.

You may now remove the worn-out stake from the solar-powered fixture.

Lastly, you may now insert the new wood in its place.


More and more homeowners shifted to using solar lighting systems because of the many benefits they could offer. They are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

Installing them is smooth sailing. You can stick them in the soil where the sun shines and allow them to work automatically at dusk. Undoubtedly, the best stakes for solar lights enable you to enjoy the benefits of solar lights.

These solar lighting devices are commonly affordable and easy to operate. Hopefully, the ideas we shared in this post can help you choose the most suitable stakes for your solar lights.

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