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The Solar Tube to Ensure Natural Light All Year

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar tubes

The best solar tubes are deemed the best options for buyers wanting to add a little lighting with more efficiency.

Did you know that these tubes are specifically designed to distribute indirect light inside different types of homes?

However, while these lighting units are highly recommended, with limitless options available on the market, getting the right model for individual requirements can be tricky.

For this reason, we have listed some of the top-rated solar tubes sold today. Let’s start checking out their unique features, and compare the brands to see how they differ. Hopefully, our picks can give everyone an idea of what to look for.


Best Overall

Solar Blaster Solar Light

✅ Made with a trim design
✅ Contains the installation guide
✅ Particularly designed for sheds


Premium Choice

Natural Light TSF-10

✅ Certified by NFRC
✅ Can light up 150 square feet
✅ Maintenance-free product


Editor’s Pick

VELUX TMF Sun Tunnel

✅ Low-profile roofing materials
✅ Use for hurricane-prone locations
✅ Flexible tunnel and an acrylic dome


Top-Tier Solar Tube and Skylight Reviews

1. Solar Blaster Solar Light for Shingled Sheds

  • Weight: ‎3.29 pounds
  • Height: 7″
  • Material: Spun aluminum

Are you planning to install a solar tube light for home? Luckily, there’s no need to worry about solar tube costs because this option is one of the most affordable ones. This light tube is particularly built for sheds. Unlike other solar products, this version is not troublesome to set up. The product includes the installation guide upon purchase.

What we liked about this sun scope is that it emits natural light to shingled-roof sheds. The transparent dome is set up on the roof. This captures the sunlight that is delivered to the shed via a short reflective tube. The reflective tube is linked to a diffuser situated inside the ceiling of the shed.

In particular, we find this lighting tool a great solution to getting natural sunlight. Since the time we had it installed in our dark shed, it has brought a relaxing difference to our place. The transparent acrylic dome is unrivaled in accumulating more sunlight to light up our shed. And we noticed that it’s quite durable against terrible weather conditions.

Best of all, what makes this model a more prominent alternative is its trim design that flawlessly weaves into the shingles. Its way of allowing ample sunlight to be delivered into our shed is impressive too.

However, the smaller size of these tubular lights might be a disadvantage for larger homes. You might need to install more of them to accommodate bigger spots that need to be lit up in the daytime.
  • Particularly designed for sheds
  • Does not force buyers to spend lavishly
  • The kit contains the installation guide
  • Features a durable transparent acrylic dome
  • Made with a trim design
  • Smaller than other sun scopes
Ultimately, this tubular skylight is highly recommended for homeowners who need to light up their shingled-roof sheds.

2. Natural Light TSF-10 Tubular Skylight Kit

  • Weight: ‎15 pounds
  • Height: 48″
  • Material: Aluminum

As a homeowner in Florida, what we want to ensure is having wonderful natural sunlight into our home. So, we discovered this 10-inch sun scope that is primarily built for flat roof applications. This 10-inch tubular skylight can light up to 150 square feet, and it is equivalent to 300W. This is a perfect option for us because it is approved for Florida code requirements.

Not to mention, the kit contains a domed prismatic diffuser and 4-feet tubing. Crafted using super durable components, this tubular skylight can withstand inclement weather conditions.

It also includes the assembly instructions, and we are impressed because it is certified by NFRC for its energy efficiency. Since we prefer using clean energy products, this sun tunnel made our life easier.

This light tube kit is regarded as one of the most outstanding models for solar powered lighting for flat roofs. Homeowners who wish to go for maintenance-free tunnel lights will find this alternative a smart purchase. Once assembled, you won’t have any other serious matters to deal with.

More importantly, your investment is in good hands because this product is manufactured by one of the most trusted solar lighting systems brands. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting, one of them is that some lights are meant for a specific application only.

This tubular skylight is only intended for flat roof applications. So, be sure to be well-informed about this downside before you make the final buying decision.
  • Can light up 150 square feet and withstand harsh weather
  • Certified by NFRC for its energy efficiency
  • Specifically engineered for flat roof applications
  • Designed with a domed prismatic interior diffuser, 4-feet tubing; has instructions
  • Approved for Florida code requirements
  • Maintenance-free product from a good brand
  • Limited to flat roof applications only
As a whole, solar tube skylight reviews can confirm how functional and practical this solar tube is for flat roof applications.

3. VELUX TMF 014 0000 Sun Tunnel

  • Weight: ‎26.5 pounds
  • Height: 30″
  • Material: Aluminum

When planning to purchase a tubular skylight, it pays off if you’re going to conduct thorough research. And, since we researched the top-rated sun tunnel options, we came up with this brand. This 14-inch sun scope features an acrylic dome, flexible tunnel, and a cutting-edge pitched metal flashing.

It is interesting that the flexible tunnel of this tube light allowed us to assemble it painlessly around the attic barriers. When it comes to diffusing sunlight in shorter tunnels, this solar tube can work like a charm. We don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, but we got this daylight pipe because we found it a heavy-duty unit for its purpose.

Keep in mind that this sun tunnel is precisely crafted to be assembled on low-profile roofing materials and shingles. We consider this tubular skylight a good investment because it serves as our great buddy in generously lighting up our housing space during the day.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of light this sun tunnel generates will, as with any tubular skylight, vary with the time of day and the amount of sunlight. So, what I am trying to say here is that having realistic expectations is a must. Thankfully, this tube light is perfect for our tiny windowless bathroom.
  • Ideal to use for hurricane-prone locations and short tunnels
  • Built to be assembled on low-profile roofing materials and shingles
  • Helps make housing space properly lit up during daytime
  • Features cutting-edge pitched metal flashing
  • Manufactured with a flexible tunnel and an acrylic dome
  • The amount of light emitted varies
All factors considered, this solar tube light is recommended for homeowners residing in hurricane-prone locations. As for its overall build, this sun scope is reliable to have at home.

4. Solar Blaster SBLT-CNX-067 Solar Tube Skylight

  • Weight: ‎3.44 pounds
  • Height: –
  • Material: Spun aluminum

There’s no denying that sun tunnels are eco-friendly and energy-efficient; however, the right tube skylight options are oftentimes a bit challenging to find and may cost more. The good news is that this light tube works excellently for its purpose but does not cost an arm and a leg. It’s good to know that lighting up the inside of our container is no longer a serious struggle nowadays.

For buyers looking for a tubular skylight kit that is designed for Conex brand containers, this is worth checking out. It is painless to set up, and once installed, you could see and feel the difference it can bring inside your dark container. The user manual is included in the kit.

The kit also contains two exterior acrylic domes that are assembled in aluminum trim. Once on the roof, the transparent dome will begin capturing more light, and this will be transmitted to the container via the short reflective tube. This tube is linked to the diffuser within the ceiling of the container.

As for durability, this sun scope is dependable. The spun aluminum material used is.080 in thickness. This means that the tubular skylight can work for an extended period regardless of the weather conditions in your area. On the drawback, this sun tunnel is slightly hard to find if you intend to buy it in local stores. So, it might be more hassle-free to browse this item online.
  • Lights up the inside of containers with natural sunlight
  • Includes a user manual upon purchase
  • Highly recommended for Conex brand containers
  • Built using premium quality aluminum material
  • Less complicated to install
  • Sometimes difficult to find in local stores
Lastly, this solar tube skylight is a beast. It executes its job outstandingly and is capable of transmitting sufficient light for containers during the daytime.
Outdated Products

Natural Light 13 Inch Solar Sky Light (Outdated)

According to solar tube lighting reviews, the assembly process of this solar tube is a breeze to carry out even for beginners. You’ve got to deal with some learning curves; however, once that’s done, the rest of the job is no-hassle. Interestingly, it’s even possible for this tubular light to bring in night light.

In addition, once purchased, the kit already includes the sealant, hardware, and tools required for assembly. This 13-inch sun tunnel version is crafted with black flashing, a domed prismatic in-house diffuser, and 4-feet tubing. Take into consideration that this item is intended to suit fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs. Built using high-quality materials, it is heavy-duty enough to endure all types of weather conditions.

We find this light tube a good deal because it is certified by ENERGY STAR. That means it is energy-saving, and that is a great advantage on our part. We can finally be freed from paying steep electric bills. Besides the operating cost, compared to regular framed-in sun tubes, this solar tube does not contribute to heat gain or loss.

This 13-inch daylight pipe can light up a total area of 300 square feet. What’s more, it is equivalent to 500 watts. Turret extensions and tile roof flashing kits are available, but you must purchase them separately.
  • Contains the sealant, hardware, and tools required for assembly
  • 500w light for 300 sq ft that’s easy to install
  • Tough enough to combat rugged weather conditions; no heat loss or gain
  • Features a domed prismatic interior diffuser that can bring in night light
  • Built with top-quality roof and exterior parts
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR
  • Does not come with turret extensions and tile roof flashing kits
To wrap up, this solar tube review reveals that this sun scope is unmatched in allowing a good deal of natural light without producing a lot of heat.

VELUX TGR 010 0000 Tubular Skylight (Outdated)

I checked out several sun tube reviews and found out that Velux sun tunnels are some of the most preferred options. To make the long story short, my husband and I bought one and have it installed at home. In my opinion, this tubular skylight is unparalleled in providing more than 90% of natural sunlight indoors.

This sun tunnel is built with a 99.99% silver reflective layer. It features a low-profile flashing that fits well with the roofline. Certified for its high efficiency by ENERGY STAR, this solar tube is beneficial in that it’s a money and energy-saver for budget-conscious homeowners.

This daylight pipe is particularly engineered to be set up on shake and shingle roofs with 15 to 60-degree pitch. With this incredibly sturdy acrylic rigid sun tunnel, we have no worries about instant damage. I find this tubular light’s super durable components to be excellent features worth appreciating.

Contrary to what was stated in the product description, this light tube is not that easy to install. My husband tried but had no luck accomplishing the assembly task. So, we decided to hire a professional installer instead, but sadly, hiring one is quite pricey. Fortunately, the solar lighting tool was successfully set up, so we’re satisfied even when we spent a bit more.
  • Provides more than 90% of natural sunlight indoors
  • Features a low-profile flashing and a silver reflective layer
  • ENERGY STAR labeled for high efficiency
  • Built using super durable acrylic rigid sun tunnel
  • Recommended for shake or shingle styles of roofs with 15 to 60-degree pitch
  • Requires hiring a professional solar tube installer
In general, I think one of the reasons why Costco shoppers frequently pick this tubular skylight is because of its heavy-duty components and exceptional lighting performance.

Natural Light Energy Systems Tubular Skylight (Outdated)

My family and I always dreamed of enjoying natural sunlight in a few rooms in our house that have only one window. So, we’re glad that we picked this sun tunnel for our bathroom, stairway, and kitchen areas.

Since this model is Energy Star qualified and NFRC certified, we are guaranteed that it’s going to work more efficiently in saving energy. According to countless tubular skylight reviews, this brand is worth buying.

We decided to shift to using solar electricity because we no longer wish to increase our electricity bills. Since the time we set up the sun tunnels at home, we never had problems with natural daylight all year round. The installation method for this tubular light is plain sailing. There’s no need to hire a professional installer to do the job.

Additionally, this DIY solar tube kit is watertight and won’t require maximum maintenance. It’s engineered with a distinctive condensation release system that is meant to impede moisture buildup and avoid damaging the tubular lights. Hence, we can rest assured that they are meant to last for an extended time and service.

This skylight kit comes with a built-in UV protection feature to safeguard clothing, rugs, and furniture from fading. So, we are worry-free about damaging different and important stuff at home. On the flip side, this sun tunnel is not sufficient to light up larger rooms.
  • Ensures natural sunlight in the home all year round
  • No maintenance required, watertight with an easy installation process
  • Does not cause fading to furniture, clothing, and rugs
  • Helps inhibit moisture accumulation
  • Certified for its energy efficiency function
  • The coverage area might not be enough to work for larger rooms
Overall, this skylight tube review asserts that this sun tunnel option is a reliable choice. It can work more efficiently and appears built for several years of usage.

ODL TS10ASPHE Tubular Skylight Kit (Outdated)

Undoubtedly, all homeowners prefer the best solar tube skylight. But, sadly, not all available options are made equal. My family and I were searching for functional solar tubes, and we ended up buying this item made by ODL. This renewable energy alternative can be set up on an asphalt-shingle roof erected from roughly 14-degrees to 45-degrees. It is ENERGY STAR approved, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Compared to other tubular lights, this ODL tubular skylight kit is designed with a long tube that measures 48 inches. Since the tube is long and flexible enough, it could instantly accommodate and fit into the roof, regardless of the roof’s length and design. Also, this sun tunnel is built with a composite construction that’s intended to combat harsh elements.

We are pleased with the bright light that this light tube produces. The kit also comes complete. Loaded with practical and impressive features, we highly regard this sun scope as a practical, energy-efficient, and convenient choice. For homeowners who wish to create a naturally dispersed glow at home, this sun tunnel can work excellently to achieve that.

Designed with patented optics, this ODL tubular skylight kit is great at minimizing irksome glare effects. The UV-shielded dome is also designed to be incredibly sturdy for long-lasting use. However, this tubular skylight kit’s roof flange should be more adjustable to fit more roof types.
  • Perfect for asphalt-shingle roofs
  • Energy star certification
  • The kit comes complete
  • Features a long tube and flexible tubing
  • A practical, energy-efficient, and convenient choice
  • This solar tube’s roof flange could be better
All in all, this solar tubular skylight can be the solution to fixing lighting problems in any home. It is also highly recommended if one’s top priority is to save energy.

Solar Blaster Solar Light for Metal-Roofed Sheds (Outdated)

If you’re going to explore lots of solar light tubes reviews, you’ll discover that Solar Blaster is a credible brand. What we liked about their sun tunnel is that it is built with useful features yet it’s not priced costly. Since we have a limited budget for our solar lighting systems at home, we find this item pocket-friendly.

Moreover, we have a metal roof at home, so this version is perfect for our requirements. We like the way it transmits natural light for our metal-roof shed. When we had it installed, we didn’t have to worry about dark rooms. Setting it up was simplified, thanks to the exhaustive assembly instructions included in the kit upon purchase.

Manufactured using high-quality components, this tubular skylight looks like it’s specially built to stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions. This design utilizes an acrylic dome to feed light into a superiorly reflective tube. This tube is directed into a diffuser affixed on the shed’s inner ceiling. The outcome is an amazingly bright natural light source.

Keep in mind that when installing this sun scope, you need to utilize the included template. This one will be used for cutting a hole for the light. From there, you can set up the dome and the tube.

Still and all, compared to other tube lights, this solar tube’s small size does not allow it to transmit extensive light. Hence, if you intend to light up large spots, a single sun tunnel like this might not be enough.
  • Transmits natural light to any metal-roofed sheds
  • Comes with exhaustive assembly instructions
  • Priced more reasonably than other available options
  • Built using high-quality components
  • Manufactured by a reputable company
  • Its small size does not produce extensive light
Surely, this solar tube is budget-friendly with practical features and high performance.

Velux TMR 014 0000 Sun Tunnel (Outdated)

We chose this brand for our solar tube because this company is known for producing eco-friendly, money-saving, and energy-efficient solar lighting products. Their tube lights are highly recommended for homeowners who dream of making their housing space brighter using a natural light source. We’re satisfied with the performance of this solar tube as it made a huge difference in our residence.

Touted as one of the top-rated solar tubes, this Velux sun tunnel is ideal to utilize for rooms that have flat ceilings. In our case, we installed one each for our bathrooms and hallways. The rigid tunnel and modern pitched metal flashing design are meant to ensure the best angle for collecting direct sunlight.

Aside from installing this tubular skylight in your hallways and bathrooms, you can also set it up in your walk-in closets. The flexible and rigid pieces can be linked with some HVAC silver tape. The flexible units are good at dispersing the light and emit a warmer yellowish illumination. Meanwhile, the fixed units emit a bluer color of illumination.

My family and I salute this solar light fixture because it is stellar in illuminating adjacent hallways and dusky rooms.

Just keep in mind that while the installation method of this light kit is not that complex, there are lots of steps needed to accomplish it. For that reason, you need a significant amount of patience to carry out the assembly process.
  • Eco-friendly, money-saving, and energy-efficient option
  • Comes with a contemporary pitched metal flashing design
  • Helps make housing space brighter
  • Ideal in rooms that have flat ceilings
  • Features a rigid tunnel
  • Assembly requires a lot of steps
Unquestionably, this solar tube option is the real deal in terms of energy efficiency and helping us save more money in the long run.

Natural Light 13 Flat Tubular Skylight Kit (Outdated)

We found this light tube at Lowe’s. We got it because it can cover 300 square feet, which is a wide lighting coverage for our area. We love this light kit because it can give off ample lighting without increasing our electricity bills. As for durability, this sun tunnel is hurricane-tested.

Since this tubular skylight kit is built with a high-impact acrylic dome, it can endure any rugged weather conditions. We are confident that we made a smart buying decision because this solar tube is approved by ENERGY STAR.

Hinging on assembly, this sun tunnel is equivalent to 500 watts. We now prefer using solar lighting systems than artificial lighting because we’d like to do our part in preserving our planet. More importantly, we can take pleasure in generous lighting in the daylight without the need to use electricity.

One of the main reasons why this tubular skylight kit is one of the top options is its capability to disperse adequate lighting in a desired spot at home. This is the main selling point that lured us to get one for our dwelling place. Installing this sun tunnel is not so intricate and time-consuming.

Regardless, this solar tube is merely engineered for a flat roof flashing that’s built using asphalt. Note that you need to determine the type of roof you have, so you can pick the right solar tube model for yourself.
  • Can ensure wide lighting coverage with up to 500W
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Money-saving and environmentally-friendly solar lighting alternative
  • Designed with acrylic dome
  • Hurricane-tested for durability
  • Straightforward to install
  • Only designed for a flat roof flashing built using asphalt
In summary, this solar tube is a practical investment for homeowners who always dream of thrifty electricity consumption.

Velux TMR 010 0000 Sun Tunnel (Outdated)

Compared to other solar tubes, this sun scope is deemed one of the top-selling options because of its excellence in emitting whiter and brighter light output.

This Velux sun tunnel is ideal to be installed in shingles. We didn’t have problems assembling this sun tunnel because it allows quick and easy installation. The assembly process merely took approximately two hours without professional carpentry skills needed.

This tube light is built with a highly reflective rigid tunnel. This is the reason why it could deliver the highest quality of day lighting into any home. Plus, this 10-inch daylight pipe is incredibly durable to use for hail-prone areas.

Having a few of these tubular skylights installed in our home, we are pleased with how our dwelling place became brighter. Best of all, the pitched metal flashing design, as well as the rigid tubing, provides the best angle for collecting natural light from all directions. Take note that this solar tube is best to use for spots that have flat ceilings. For example, you can put them in hallways, closets, and bathrooms.

Even so, this sun tunnel comes in a smaller size. Hence, if your goal is to sufficiently light up a bigger area in your home, this size might not help you achieve that. Users may consider installing more of these natural light energy systems to obtain the desired lighting. Or, consider buying larger options.
  • Gives off whiter and brighter light output
  • Quick and painless assembly method
  • Highly recommended for shingles and flat ceilings
  • Features a highly reflective tubing or rigid tunnel and metal flashing
  • For hail-prone locations
  • Not for lighting up larger areas
Generally speaking, this solar tube is A1 for providing the best angle for collecting natural light from diverse directions.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Tubes


Most solar tube kits come in diverse sizes and shapes. In the same way, they are designed for different applications and are set up on different types of roofs.

To add, most solar tubes are specifically built with an ample amount of lighting to appropriately illuminate an area.

Here are some of the buying tips you need to check out:

The Type of Roof

Take note that not all solar tubes are appropriate for all types of roofs. Most high quality sun tunnel options available today are manufactured merely for roof types that are engineered using asphalt.

Nonetheless, if your roof is constructed with metal or tile, it is possible to make them compatible with the aid of a flashing adapter.

Fortunately, a huge amount of these tubes come with one as a component of the kit. Please note that you’ll need a flashing adapter if your roof is designed with a slope between 15 to 60 degrees.

Flexible or Rigid

The two types of sun tunnels available include those that are flexible and rigid. You might want to pick the appropriate natural light energy systems for your home depending on the distance you prefer the light to transmit.

For example, a rigid sun tunnel can diffuse more illumination since it can provide a straight path down to the room. But, these options are usually pricier.

Meanwhile, a flexible sun tunnel is typically more recommended for houses with flat roofs and is ideal for short distances only.

Weather Conditions in your Area

The best sun tunnels are generally UV-protected. Hence, it is unnecessary to worry about sun damage within your residence.

Nevertheless, if you reside in a location with harsh weather conditions like extreme winds and snow, a more durable option is recommended.

Fortunately, plenty of solar light tubes have been all-weather-tested so that they can tolerate inclement weather conditions.

Fundamentally, you need to ensure that the solar tube’s dome is built using polycarbonate.

The Size of the Room

It’s worth noting that solar tubes that are sized differently are adept at transmitting distinct amounts of illumination.

Hence, it is important to consider what room you wish to illuminate. For instance, gauge how large your kitchen, bathroom, living room is per square meter.

In doing so, you can determine what size tube you will require. For example, for industrial places, a tube between 18 to 21 inches is required.

In general, a 10-inch light could commonly illuminate around 150 square meters.

Where Should Solar Tubes be Placed


Generally speaking, the common spots where solar tubes are placed include stairways, laundry rooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets.

When looking for premium quality solar tube kits, it matters to consider the light collection dome location in your house’s roof.

Chiefly, this is quite important because it can allow more natural light to penetrate and be collected in the solar tube.

Once this factor’s determined, you can envision the light source’s brightness in the room. You’ll be able to enjoy your solar tube even more with a suitable placement.

Also, ask yourself if you prefer to position the light tubes in the same spot as your electric light fitting.

I suggest setting up the solar light tube in the middle of the room to ensure more light coming in.

Also if you like to picnic by RV or boat, here we have a list of 12 volt solar battery chargers. Don’t forget to refer to the MPPT charge controller to create a complete solar system for your vehicle

How Many Solar Tubes Do I Need

Sun tunnels are a lot smaller and can be set up in many different areas on a house’s roof. If you’re thinking about the number of solar tubes to put in your house, you can install more for better results.

Consider buying the biggest solar tube you can. And, you can set up 1 to 2 solar tubes in the middle of your room.

Alternatively, installing a few smaller solar tubes that are evenly spaced around the room is also a good idea.

The best thing about solar tubes is that they are appropriate to use for any room. And, they won’t appear out of place.

How to Install Solar Tubes

It is essential to consider that installing solar tube lights can vary from one model to another. In short, it’s not a one-size-fits-all rule.

Aside from this, many distinct designs only fit asphalt shingle pitched roofs while others are meant for flat roofs.

Due to this, it is strongly suggested that you pick the suitable light according to the type of roof your house is built with.

From there, all you need to do is to carefully adhere to the specific guidelines that are written in the product’s user manual.

You might want to check out some videos showing how to install solar tubes as well. You can get more ideas from doing so.

Are Solar Tubes Better than Skylights

Solar tubes work as light tubes. They are also referred to as sun tunnels. Essentially, these tools function as tubular forms of skylights that are engineered using acrylic or polycarbonate materials.

They are specifically designed to work by capturing the sun light that’s reflected down on a rigid or flexible metal sheet tube. From there, it gives off illumination in the interspersing lens that is situated in a room’s ceiling.

As for the solar tube’s sizes, the options range from smaller to larger versions, and some come in 14-inch or 10-inch sizes.

A skylight, on the other hand, is made using an acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass set of windows that are set up on the roof of the house.

A skylight generally comes with a frame and is linked to the house’s roof. As for the sizes, skylights are made with a large rectangular-shaped area, or 12-inch by 12-inch squares.

Which type is better depends on your preference. Skylights are harder to set up and are more costly, but they offer a nice view of the sky, which solar tubes don’t have.


To sum up, it pays off to look into the things that you should search for when comparing the best solar tubes.

The solar tube models we have included in the list are some of the chart-topping alternatives sold on the market today.

Surely, installing a premium quality solar tube can effectively light up a location in your home without spending extravagantly. These products are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and require little to no maintenance.

We hope that you can come up with a more insightful final buying decision by checking out the product reviews and shopping guide we have shared.

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