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The Best Solar Lamp Post to Illuminate and Adorn Your Areas

Written by K. Miller / Fact checked by J. Fussell

best solar lamp post

Solar post lights, unlike traditional post lights, are energy-efficient. This is because they use the sun’s power instead of electricity. Plus, solar lamp posts usually contain LEDs, which can provide extended illumination for many years. For these reasons, it’s easy to see why this lighting source has become popular.

If you need more ideas about choosing the best solar lamp post for your needs, continue reading this article. We have listed some of the top-rated solar lamp post options that you can check out below. There’s also a buying guide with answers to common questions regarding this type of solar LED lights.


Best Overall

Greluna Solar Lamp Post

✅ Easy to install
✅ 2 brightness levels
✅ Work time more than 6 to 8 hours


Premium Choice

Gama Sonic Anchor Lamp

✅ Designed with an EZ anchor base
✅ Auto work mode function
✅ Perfect option for DIY enthusiasts


Editor’s Pick

Sterno Home GL42309

✅ Energy-efficient
✅ 1-year warranty
✅ Warm white LEDs


Top 9 Solar Lamp Post Reviews

1. Greluna 67″ Solar Lamp Post

  • Material: ‎Alloy Steel
  • Height: 67″
  • Brightness: 25-50LM
  • Color Temp: 5000K

For buyers fishing for exquisite solar powered lamp posts lighting, this option is worth a try. It is a newer 67” version and does not require electricity to operate. There are two levels of brightness for you to pick from, low and high levels. Make sure that you fully charge the solar lighting units to enjoy long-lasting work time.

Besides, this solar-powered vintage post light is wireless. This means you can set it up where you desire. Installing it is plain sailing. Since it is built with an automatic operation mode function, it executes its job well without maximum supervision.

We’re glad that we can delight in an extended lighting performance that can last for over 6 to 8 hours. These solar lamp posts are not solely ideal for adorning our landscapes, but also in heightening the safety and security of our outdoor areas.

My family can take pleasure in a peaceful ambiance at dusk. Our visitors also enjoy unwinding in our outdoors where these solar fixtures are installed. Ordinary days and nights were transformed into more special ones since the day we set up these solar lamp posts.

Although we have tried drilling more holes and utilized tent stakes to anchor this solar light, it did not provide the required stability. So, we ended up anchoring this solar garden lamp post with heavy rocks.
  • Easy to install and completely wireless; no electricity necessary
  • Comes with two brightness levels to select from
  • Feature dusk-to-dawn operation mode
  • Ideal for decorating and increasing safety in outdoor spots
  • Work time can extend to more than 6 to 8 hours
  • Anchoring this solar lamp post may require heavy rocks
This solar lamp post light fixture is the right bet for decorating and increasing safety in outdoor spots.

2. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Anchor Lamp

  • Material: ABS Poly-resin
  • Height: 78″
  • Brightness: 130LM
  • Color Temp: 5000K

Solar LED lamp posts like this one are manufactured with an EZ anchor base. Hence, you can set it up on many surfaces, excluding concrete.

The EZ anchor system is ideal because it keeps the light on the ground. The integrated indicator will point out when the post level is secure and balanced.

Additionally, we find this kind of solar street post lights a great accessory for decorative outdoor illumination. They look wonderful in our outdoor area, and they light up the outdoors efficiently. Since these are designed with an auto work mode function, they are convenient to use and low maintenance.

Their main source of energy is sunlight. They are furnished with a lithium-ion battery pack that charges when the solar panel absorbs ample sunlight.

Interestingly, they can illuminate your place and at the same time transform the atmosphere into a cozier and more secured one. These are wireless, so setting them up is surely a breeze. For DIY enthusiasts like me, these solar lamps are splendid.

On the other hand, the charging speed of this model will differ depending on weather conditions. It won’t charge if there’s a lack of sunlight on the solar panels. Avoid installing the solar lights in shady spots.
  • Designed with an EZ anchor base
  • Great accessory for decorative outdoor illumination
  • Built with an auto work mode function
  • Furnished with a top-quality lithium battery
  • Perfect option for DIY enthusiasts
  • Charging efficiency is affected if placed in shady locations
In summary, these solar powered lamp post lights are the real deal. The EZ anchor base feature of this item is what makes it a more prominent option than others.

3. Sterno Home GL42309 Outdoor Solar LED

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Height: 80″
  • Brightness: 50LM
  • Color Temp: –

This LED lamp post light is surprisingly sturdy enough to combat inclement weather conditions. Its vintage design is captivating and makes our place look more elegant in daytime and nighttime. Since it is powered by the sun, we don’t have to worry about increasing electricity bills.

Also, the kit contains warm white LEDs that come with 60 lumens. This means that homeowners can be guaranteed increased brightens in their outdoor areas. This convenient and retro-inspired solar lamp is equipped with an amorphous solar panel that operates on batteries charged by sunlight.

This LED light bulb is a great way to illuminate your outdoor areas at dusk without spending extravagantly. The kit includes cement and wood screws to allow different anchoring options. Amazingly, these solar lamps operated well even when there was a series of cloudy and rainy days in our area.

This product is supported by a one-year warranty program. So, in case you encounter any issue or defect with the product received, you can directly address the matters to the seller.

The minor issue we have encountered was installing this solar lamp post. The installation process took a little while. We needed to drill holes in the cement to precisely secure the solar-powered fixture. Luckily, once installed, it worked well for its purpose.
  • Tough enough to fight off inclement weather conditions
  • Energy-efficient with vintage style
  • Warm white LEDs with a 60-lumen output
  • Supported by a one-year warranty program
  • Can work on cloudy and rainy days
  • Equipped with an amorphous solar panel and installation screws
  • Not easy to install
Overall, if my friends ask for outdoor solar lamp post lights that are brighter and built with practical features, I’d recommend this option.

4. Greluna 72″ Solar Lamp Post

  • Material: Metal
  • Height: 72″
  • Brightness: 15LM
  • Color Temp: 6000K

For shoppers planning to purchase solar lantern posts for home outdoor convenience, safety, and decoration, this option is worth checking out. Since it is solar-powered, it won’t add up to your electricity consumption. You can also utilize it for several distinct applications.

This classical solar lantern is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Built with a super sturdy construction, it can repel frost, heat, and water. So, even if this solar lamp post is installed outdoors, it won’t be easily damaged by rugged weather conditions. Having it installed in your outdoors can safely light up your path.

Plus, first-time users won’t have trouble installing this solar lighting post because it is wireless. This also reduces the likelihood of accidents.

This solar street lamp is operated by a solar-charged AA replaceable battery. See to it that the device is fully charged if you wish to enjoy extended illumination all through the dusk. The solar lights come with 15 lumens, which are ideal for emitting soft illumination. We installed this solar lamp post in our garden, and they look great.

On the weak point, this solar post light for the garden comes with a small base. This makes the solar-powered lamp slightly tippy. We had to affix it to something, otherwise it would blow over in a robust wind. Hopefully, the manufacturer can do some upgrades on the base of this solar lamp post.
  • Appropriate for home outdoor convenience, safety, and decoration
  • Features a classical and eco-friendly design with soft illumination
  • Safe and easy installation process
  • Can resist frost, heat, and water
  • Energy-efficient and ideal for a broad range of applications
  • Comes with a small base
This outdoor solar lamp post is a beast. Its sophisticated design, convenient and useful functions make this solar lighting device a smart purchase.

5. Kemeco ST4311AHP Solar Lamp Post

  • Material: Glass, Metal
  • Height: 77″
  • Brightness: 130-145LM
  • Color Temp: 3000K

While looking for energy-saving solar light posts for driveways, I came across this option. Built with well-improved 12 SMD LED, this solar lamp post can light up at 130 up to 150 lumens.

The level of brightness will largely depend on the weather conditions and your geographical area. So, be sure that it is situated somewhere exposed to sunlight. As for the planter, it is necessary to fill it with some stones, soil, and plants. Just follow the setup procedure, and you’ll find the installation method safe and painless.

Equipped with 3x Ni-MH 2300mAh rechargeable batteries, this solar lamp post has an auto work mode. You only need to turn on the button underneath the solar panel’s roof to operate it. This model is designed to allow a less complicated installation process. You have no wires to deal with, so even novices can do the setup task.

Having these solar lamp posts installed in our pathway gave us so much satisfaction. We find their 6 to 8 hours of work time outstanding. Built using ripple glass panels and a cast-aluminum metal lamp, this LED light bulb does not call for maximum maintenance.

Unfortunately, extremely low temperatures can affect this item’s battery capacity. Other than that, I have no complaint.
  • Easy to install with no wiring
  • Great illumination performance for roughly 6 to 8 hours
  • Emits energy-saving outdoor illumination
  • Can work automatically
  • Calls for little to no maintenance
  • Low temperatures can affect battery capacity
  • Brightness depends on the location and the weather
To conclude, this solar lamp post with planter stays lit the entire night and emits adequate illumination to provide both decoration and security to our pathway.

6. SUNGATH Outdoor Solar Lamp Post

This solar street lamp post is constructed with a high-quality steel lamp arm. Its retro design appears timeless in our outdoor spots. The classic lantern design is great for different adornment applications. We like the way this solar lamp post generates a warm atmosphere for different outdoor locations at home and in the workplace.

Furthermore, this item is an upgraded version. If you’re going to look at it closely, you will notice that the solar panel is larger, comes with better quality, and can charge more efficiently. The light duration is 6 to 8 hours, provided that the batteries are full.

Luckily, we were able to set up this solar-powered lamp post without much trouble. Since it is wireless, we can simply install it where we preferred and where we thought needed. We’re glad to have such a convenient and practical solar lighting system in our landscape area.

On the flip side, the product description states that this solar lamp post emits white or clear illumination, which is contrary to what we observed when it lights up. This item emits a yellow glow. Fortunately, this isn’t a deal-breaker, considering it works well.
  • Built with top-quality steel lamp arm
  • Furnished with larger, better quality, and upgraded solar panel
  • 6-8 hours of work on full batteries
  • Features a timeless and vintage lantern design that creates a warm atmosphere
  • Can bring diverse decorating options
  • Convenient and easy to install with no wiring
  • A slight error in the product description
In general, this vintage-looking solar yard lamp post is an excellent option that I can’t ignore. Its distinguished features and more upgraded functions are certainly satisfying.

7. Lovus SF-001 6000k Solar LED Post Lights

While looking for post mounted solar lights, I came across this wonderful option. It is wireless, environmentally friendly, and can be mounted almost anywhere. You can mount it in two distinct methods. The kit includes the pier mount adapter that is ready for use for both pier mount and posts mount. I did not have any problem setting things up.

As for the control system, this wireless solar post light will work automatically at night, switch off and charge in the daytime. Since its source of energy is solar, you don’t need to worry about steep electricity bills. Built with tough plastic material and anti-oxidation die-cast aluminum, it is durable enough to repel rust and diverse weather conditions.

In addition, it is outfitted with a premium quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel. It comes with a 25% photoelectric conversion efficiency that allows quick charging. Rated with an IP65 waterproof grade, it is suitable for outdoor environments. It appears sturdily engineered and looks stunning wherever installed.

The minor gripe that we have observed on this solar lamp post is its smaller size. We did not expect it to be smaller in person. Fortunately, it’s capable of delivering its promises. Some users might want to install more of them to achieve the desired level of brightness.
  • Wireless, eco-friendly, and can be installed almost anywhere
  • Automatic and cost-saving
  • Built with a high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • Work well in diverse weather conditions and outdoor environments
  • Allows straightforward dual installation options
  • Engineered using anti-oxidation die-cast aluminum and tough plastic material
  • Smaller than expected
This solar lamp post is a wise investment. Its durability, functionality, and satisfying performance can please many customers.

8. Home Zone ELI0993V Solar Lamp Post Light

For shoppers who want solar pole lights in their garden or other outdoor spots at home, it’s a smart move to take a closer look at this item. This outdoor solar-powered lamp post is highly recommended for enhancing outdoor areas with elegant accent lighting. Its height is extendable up to 65 inches with the included steel pole.

Engineered with an automatic-on sensor, this solar fixture lights up automatically at night, switches off and charges at sunrise. You see, there’s not much supervision on your part.

To add, you can select from dual modes of brightness: 60 lumens or 30 lumens to perfectly fit the illumination effect. We like this model’s effortless and fast installation procedure with no electrical wiring needed. To set up, you just need to utilize the mounting screws and anchors.

Assuredly, wherever you wish to install them, they will look stunning day and night. Backed up by a one-year no-hassle warranty program, your investment is safe. Any issues regarding the product purchased can be directly addressed and resolved by the seller anytime.

One demerit found in this solar-powered lamp post is its construction material. The plastic in the light head should be thicker or replaced with metal.
  • Supported by a one-year no-hassle warranty program
  • Can be extended up to 65 inches in height
  • Two modes of brightness to suit your preference
  • Engineered to ensure excellent dusk-to-dawn performance
  • Easy to install with screws and anchors
  • Ideal for upgrading outdoor spots with elegant accent illumination
  • The manufacturer should make the plastic thicker or replace it with metal
All in all, for home adornment and security, this solar street light is a sure buy.

9. Melunar 69″ Solar Lamp Post

Our family prefers the brightest solar lamp post that can provide us with a serene and relaxing ambiance at night. To our surprise, this option exceeded our expectations. Whether the switch is high or low, this LED solar fixture operates automatically at dusk, turns off and charges in the daytime. This version is furnished with four solar panels to ensure optimal sunlight absorption.

Furthermore, this 69-inch solar lamp post is built with dual brightness modes for users to pick from. See to it that the solar lighting unit is fully charged so you can enjoy extended lighting at dusk. Plus, you can set this lamp post up in a few minutes without any special tools.

Essentially, this solar vintage street light is manufactured with an IP45 waterproof rating. It can fight off heavy downpour, extreme heat, and snow. Regardless of the outdoor conditions, you can be at peace knowing this solar fixture can withstand all of those.

The classic look and modern design of this solar patio light make it a great addition to any type of home or workplace. Buyers will fall in love with its welcoming glow in lighting up their dwelling place and other outdoor areas.

When securing this solar lamp post on the ground, be sure to look for all possible means to secure the base. This is to ensure that the solar garden light becomes more stable and not easily carried away by a strong breeze and other extreme outdoor conditions.
  • No tools required for installation
  • Features classic look and modern design with four solar panels
  • Lights up various outdoor locations
  • Provides a soothing atmosphere at sunset
  • Combats heavy downpour, extreme heat, and snow
  • Designed with dual brightness modes and automatic operation
  • The base needs to be carefully secured
Ultimately, we find this solar-powered LED lamp post a second-to-none accessory for our driveway and garden.
Outdated Products

Solar Smart Creations Solar Lamp Post (Outdated)

While shopping at Costco, I met a friend who told me about this solar lamp post from Solar Smart Creations. As you can see, the lamp design looks vintage and elegant, so decorating and lighting your outdoor spaces becomes easier and more convenient. The triple solar heads style makes this solar fixture unique-looking.

This solar street light is designed with an auto sensor feature, which means you don’t need to operate it manually as it works by itself. The pole is sturdy enough since it is CE certified, waterproof, and made using aluminum die-cast material. You just need to ensure that it’s placed securely on the ground.

Moreover, it features a UV-coated lamp head. The solar panels are situated on top of the fixtures, and each of them comes with four solar cells. The AA rechargeable 3.2V/800 mAh Ni-Cd battery it is furnished with executes a great charging job, so sufficient lighting at night is guaranteed.

Undeniably, this solar fixture shines brightly and can provide the spot where you put it some elegance and ample illumination. If required or preferred, you can adjust the height up to 72 inches.

Nevertheless, securing the pole to the ground might not be ideal for first-timers. You’ll need to carefully figure out how to precisely secure the base. We researched first and found several ways to creatively secure it on the ground.
  • Comes with CE certified, waterproof, and aluminum die-cast pole
  • Manufactured with an auto sensor feature
  • Outfitted with AA rechargeable 3.2V/800 mAh Ni-Cd battery
  • Features a UV-coated lamp head
  • Built with an elegant triple-head design
  • Up to 72 inches tall
  • Securing the pole to the ground is slightly difficult
In summary, this solar lamp post is worth the money. Unique design and excellent performance are what make this product a wise choice for us.

NyxFan JSM-001 Solar Post Lamp (Outdated)

Since we prefer a modern solar lamp post, this option made by NyxFan caught our attention. The 50-lumens warm white LEDs are so impressive because they’re capable of diffusing bright illumination. To add, they offer a distinct glow that beautifully lights up any home and other outdoor areas.

As for the overall build, this solar garden light is all-weather resistant, heat-resistant, with IP45 waterproof grade. It also works as a dusk-to-dawn light that won’t increase your energy consumption. The functional light sensor is enclosed inside.

If you want a whole night of adequate lighting, make sure that you fully charge this solar light. Wherever you decide to install this solar lamp post, it will look great because it is suitable to be used in any outdoor area. Setting it up is child’s play. Just refer to the user manual.

We purchased this solar lighting device because we’d like to use more eco-friendly outdoor lighting products, and we are satisfied with this solar light’s performance. We no longer need to spend more using gas or electric-operated outdoor lighting systems.

Still and all, while we can’t say anything negative about the way this solar pathway light performs, the plastic tabs could be better. We had to be gentle with them while changing batteries to prevent breakage.
  • Serves as a beautiful decorative post light to any outdoor spaces
  • Weather-resistant, heat-resistant with IP45 waterproof grade
  • Made with a functional light sensor
  • Easy to set up with user manual
  • Better alternative to gas and electric-operated outdoor lighting
  • Fragile plastic tabs
Solar lamp posts like this one can work as an outstanding replacement for gas and electric-operated outdoor lighting. I like it for this reason.

Westcharm 3-Head Solar Lamp Post (Outdated)

We’re currently residing in the UK, and our new home has a huge garden. So, we decided to buy this triple-head solar-operated lamp post with a planter. It is our first time installing solar lighting systems at home, but we’re happy that the assembly process is not a hassle. No intricate wiring is required, so the installation method is a DIY task.

The three lanterns of this solar-powered lamp are covered with beveled glass. This version provides 360-degree lighting for up to eight hours if fully charged. Besides, the six bright white LEDs per head operate automatically at night, switch off and charge at daybreak.

As for the build, this solar light is engineered with rust- and weather-resistant aluminum with a sturdy powder-coated black finish. Thus, the overall appearance looks sophisticated and attractive wherever installed. Just be sure to position this solar lighting unit in a location with plenty of direct sunlight. From there, allow the sun to do the rest of the work.

We love how this solar lamp post allows us to plant our favorite plants or flowers in the planter. By the way, to ensure a more permanent structure, we decided to utilize the ground mount. We’re delighted to have this solar lighting system at home as it significantly improved the way our outdoor areas look.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for solar outdoor lamp posts that are affordable, this option might not be suitable for you. It is priced much higher compared to other similar options.
  • Automatically lights up at dusk and off at sunrise
  • Allows easy assembly procedure
  • Rust and weather-resistant aluminum with a sturdy powder-coated black finish
  • Comes with a planter and a ground mount
  • Provides 360-degree lighting that could last for about 8 hours
  • Not for those with a limited budget
For buyers who like to remarkably upgrade outdoor spots with impressive illumination and fresh greenery, this multifunctional solar-operated lamp post is worth a shot.

Derynome Solar Post Lamp (Outdated)

The best solar lamp post light isn’t always pricey. This one, for instance, is affordable, energy-efficient, and durable. This decorative and functional solar-powered lamp post with a planter is suitable for various outdoor locations.

We didn’t use any solar-powered lighting devices before, so we don’t have much knowledge on how to set up one. But, surprisingly, we were able to install this solar fixture correctly. The assembly process period only took less than 20 minutes. We love that this solar light emits consistent and long-lasting lighting for the entire backyard.

This outdoor solar garden light adds a classic look to our outdoor area. The illumination is not too blinding but just adequate to illuminate the area where it was installed. This option can withstand heat, is built with an IP45 waterproof rating, and can guarantee exceptional performance.

Thanks to its automatic operation mode, we don’t have to look after this solar lamp post frequently. Without any doubt, this alternative is an A1 addition to the lights in our outdoor spots.

To those looking for outdoor lighting systems that enhance security, this solar lamp post won’t be able to provide that. It diffuses decent illumination, but I would not rely on it for protection.
  • Features a functional and decorative pole light with planter
  • Affordable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance
  • Diffuses consistent and long-lasting power for the entire backyard
  • Can be assembled in less than 20 minutes
  • Heat-resistant with an IP45 waterproof rating
  • Illumination provided is glare-free
  • Not recommended for security purposes
To wrap up, this solar post lamp looks captivating in the driveway. Apart from this, it was pretty simple to set up and works excellently.

Kanstar 65″ Solar Lamp Post (Outdated)

This outdoor solar light post does not merely upgrade our outdoor space but also secures it. This vintage-designed lamp post is an eco-friendly, money-saving, and energy-efficient option. Its design and color perfectly suit both classic and contemporary homes.

What’s more, this solar lamp post is built with an easy-to-adjust height. So, we find it ideal wherever we decide to install it. We have one installed in our yard, driveway, and patio. Seeing our outdoors properly illuminated and decorated helps us feel more relaxed at night.

To add, this solar-powered LED lamp is designed with a sensor that operates automatically at night. And, since we have a very busy schedule at work, this solar lighting system is perfect for us. They light up automatically in the evening, switch off and charge in the daylight. So, we don’t need to worry even when we go home late at night.

Primarily, you can install this solar fixture using two methods. It can be planted through a stake, or you can affix it through a base. It does not have any electrical wires, so you don’t need to hire an electrician to install it.

Meanwhile, there have been claims that some users had problems with the way this solar lamp post charges. We were thinking this might be because the solar panels are not positioned where they could take in plenty of sunlight. Luckily, we haven’t encountered this issue.
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, and money-saving
  • Manufactured with an adjustable height
  • Features a stunning vintage design
  • Can be installed using two methods without wiring
  • Designed with a sensor that works automatically at night
  • There have been reports about charging inefficiency
Chiefly, you can consider this option as a super bright solar lamp post. It is intended for adorning, lighting up, and securing outdoor spots.

Gama Sonic GS-109S-B Lamp Post (Outdated)

This solar powered outdoor lamp post light is designed with superbly durable and innovative technology. Such a solar lighting device is expected to last for 10 years. Amazingly, it forms a 360-degree light circulation of a standard incandescent bulb.

Without question, this solar-powered LED light is great value for the money because it can help homeowners like us save more on energy costs. It’s surely an exceptional alternative to gas or electric-operated outdoor lighting. We’re glad we considered it.

More than that, since it does not come with any electrical wiring, installing this solar lamp post where needed and desired is no sweat. Engineered with a photocell sensor, it could discern light and operate automatically once the night comes, turns off and charges by itself as the sun rises. This means that it won’t ask you to look after or maintain it more often.

Manufactured with weatherproof powder-coated cast aluminum materials, it is built to last. Additionally, the plastic dome lens enables the light to penetrate while remaining effortless and faster to clean up.

Please note that no charging will take place if the solar panel is placed in shady areas. This is because without sufficient sunlight absorption, the charging efficiency of the solar panels will be greatly affected. The expected light output won’t be achieved without a full charge.
  • Built with innovative solar technology
  • Cost-saving 360-degree light
  • Made with weatherproof powder-coated cast aluminum
  • Does not necessitate electrical wiring for the setup procedure
  • Crafted with a photocell sensor that discerns light
  • Plastic dome lens for light penetration and easy cleaning
  • No charging will take place if there’s a lack of direct sunlight
As a whole, this outside solar lamp post is king. What sets it apart from other available alternatives is its stellar and innovative patent solar technology.

What to Look for When Buying Solar Lamp Posts


There are so many solar lamp posts available on the market today. This is why picking the right solar light model for yourself can be tricky.

Due to this, it is helpful to compare the available options based on your requirements to come up with the best possible decision.

Here are the buying factors you need to look at:

  • Durable Design

Solar lamp posts differ in terms of their build materials. Some options are built using steel, aluminum, plastic, or a combination of these.

Be sure to select the build material that could last for extended usage. Check if the solar lights are tough enough to resist scratch, corrosion, UV, and rust.

It is critical to examine the solar lamp post’s IPX rating. This refers to the waterproof capacity of the product.

The higher the IPX grade is, the higher the level of water and other liquid protection it can provide.

Pick options that are durable enough to tolerate extreme heat and rains.

  • Brightness and Light Output

When comparing solar lamp posts, you must inspect their light output and brightness. Light output is linked with the level of brightness that the light of the solar lamp post can offer.

Examine the lumens. Higher lumens mean brighter light produced.

  • Appearance

Pick options made with designs that are based on your place’s decoration and theme.

This way, the solar lamp posts won’t only illuminate your place, but also embellish your home or workplace.

  • Run Time and Recharge Time

Check the work time and charging time of the solar lights. Charging time refers to the number of hours the product requires to obtain its maximum capacity.

Meanwhile, the run time refers to the total number of hours that a solar lamp can work at dusk. Note that this is figured out by the charging efficiency as well.

Of course, it is better to select options that offer shorter recharge time but can operate longer.

  • Warranty

A product that is supported by a warranty is a good option.

This is because in case there is a product defect or any related issue, you can directly contact the seller for a replacement or refund.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Will My Solar Lamp Post Really Be As Bright As A Normal Lamp Post

Yes, solar lamp posts can be very bright. If you prefer a lantern with incredible illumination, consider buying the right solar lamp post lights with over 150 lumens.

Or, you might want to buy several solar-powered lamp posts to light up a broader section of your outdoor area.

Can the Solar Lamp Post Be Charged And Used Inside

For lightweight solar lamp posts, it is possible to bring them indoors to charge them. You can do so by positioning them near windows, or you can utilize standard light bulbs.

Alternatively, you can charge them by utilizing solar power banks or your laptop if the lights are manufactured with a USB charger.

How to Safely Change the Lamp’s Battery


Utilize batteries of the same chemistry and physical size when replacing batteries.

Carefully open the solar lamp by unfastening its top. Many solar fixtures have their batteries and solar panels sheltered in their top sections, right on top of the bulb.

Meanwhile, some solar fixtures do not have screws. Refer to the user manual on how to access the battery.

To ensure your safety, see to it that the light is turned off before you touch the batteries inside the housing.

Then, you may remove the batteries from the housing. Put in the same type of battery. Switch the fixtures back on to inspect if the new batteries are working.

The batteries might be drained if the solar powered light does not turn on. In this case, consider leaving the solar lamp under the sun for some time before you test it again.

Do Solar Lamp Posts Come with Light Bulbs

Yes. Solar-operated lamp posts are manufactured with light bulbs. Usually, they come in the form of LED lamps to ensure that they can help save more energy.

In addition to this, these types of bulbs are graded for their heavy-duty performance and extended service.


We hope that you have learned some useful information about the essential factors you need to consider when buying the best solar lamp post.

Having this solar lighting solution installed can truly make life more convenient since it is ideal for decorating and lighting the way.

The solar power sources can also dissuade burglars and other intruders without increasing your power consumption.

Consider the product reviews and shopping tips we have shared in this article so you can come up with the most appropriate decision for your requirements.

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